Somat for dish­wash­ers is a fair­ly pop­u­lar brand, but not as adver­tised and well-known as the same Fin­ish. And it’s not worse in qual­i­ty and much cheap­er. Of course, there are reviews and not very good ones, but, in fair­ness: what prod­uct are 100% of buy­ers sat­is­fied with? There is no such thing in the world!

In our review, you will learn first-hand what non-hand wash­ers say about it, learn a brief his­to­ry of the brand and read our con­clu­sions from the reviews.

A little about the manufacturer Henkel


Yes, exact­ly the same famous Henkel! The name “Somat” con­fus­es many buy­ers, since it is prac­ti­cal­ly unknown. And to see who the man­u­fac­tur­er is, they don’t always guess and hasti­ly con­clude that it’s not worth the risk and it’s bet­ter to take some­thing more seri­ous. Henkel is an old Ger­man com­pa­ny with 340 fac­to­ries in 70 coun­tries.

It was found­ed back in 1876 and was orig­i­nal­ly aimed at the pro­duc­tion of wash­ing pow­ders. The most famous prod­uct on our mar­ket is Per­sil. So, now you know that there is noth­ing doubt­ful about this name.

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Tablets for dishwashers Somat, reviews

Mari­na, Tver

Good tool, you can take it!

Advan­tages– price, qual­i­ty, excel­lent laun­der­ing

Flaws- the tablet is packed in a film, it is incon­ve­nient to unfold

We bought a dish­wash­er three years ago. At first, I took deter­gents only sep­a­rate­ly: pow­der, salt and rinse aid. It worked out much cheap­er that way.

But over time, from the fact that the funds do not end at the same time, you get a lit­tle tired. If you for­get to take some­thing in time, the wash is delayed. So I start­ed look­ing for pills.

I found Somat on a pro­mo­tion and one tablet came out only 9 rubles. I tried it and have no regrets!

Wash­es per­fect­ly, wash­es away even soot. And most impor­tant­ly, a con­ve­nient size: quite small. There are such huge and uncom­fort­able ones that get stuck in the com­part­ment. In gen­er­al, I rec­om­mend!

somat tablets

Natalia, Stavropol

Very sat­is­fied, great! At this price, it’s a fairy tale!

Advan­tages- wash­es every­thing!

Flaws- with­out smell

Bought the prod­uct for only 400 rubles! To be hon­est, I used to take only expen­sive pills, because it was scary to harm a new type­writer. But, over time, I still began to look around and look for an alter­na­tive. Still, to lay out 1,500 rubles a month is quite notice­able for our fam­i­ly.

Somat has become just a sal­va­tion! He laun­ders every­thing: greasy but­ter dish­es, pots, cups with a touch of tea. The dish­es just creak to the touch. In a word — class!

Anas­ta­sia, Ory­ol

I threw them away… They don’t dis­solve!

Advan­tages — there are none!

Flaws — one big flaw!

I was very upset and real­ized that they were telling the truth — the miser pays twice. These mir­a­cle pills do not dis­solve even after two wash­es. And, of course, the dish­es are washed very bad­ly. Threw it away with­out look­ing.

Expert com­ment:

Here are some con­flict­ing reviews. We believe that the point here is that buy­ers used dif­fer­ent wash­ing modes. If you wash with water at 60 degrees on medi­um mode, then the tablets dis­solve per­fect­ly and wash every­thing.

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Powder for dishwashers Somat, reviews

Xenia, Moscow

In my opin­ion, this is just per­fect!

Advan­tages — price, cleans well

Flaws — not found

One sink costs only 4 rubles, which, you know, is just a great option. Salt is enough for a long time, and rinse aid is an option­al thing.

There­fore, I do not see any point in com­plex reme­dies and tablets. The main thing is that it laun­ders qual­i­ta­tive­ly and does not leave streaks. And I don’t need more.

somat powder

Olga, Orsk

1 tea­spoon and all dish­es, like new!

Advan­tages — a sol­id advan­tage, the pack­ag­ing is the most con­ve­nient

Flaws — They are not here

I have been using dish­wash­er for 7 years now. Dur­ing this time, I tried every­thing I could. But not a sin­gle pow­der made such an impres­sion on me.

Pack­ing 2.5 kg costs only 470 rubles. At first I poured the rec­om­mend­ed dose, washed it to a squeak. But once, when I was run­ning out of it, I poured out the rest, there was no more than a tea­spoon. And, imag­ine, the effect of wash­ing was the same! Of course, the dish­es were medi­um dirty, but still …

It is impor­tant that the pack­ag­ing is not card­board. It will not get wet if mois­ture acci­den­tal­ly gets on it and does not dete­ri­o­rate.

Expert com­ment:

Reviews are unan­i­mous and we haven’t found a sin­gle bad word about this prod­uct any­where on the net. So, we strong­ly rec­om­mend it.

Gel for dishwashers Somat, reviews

Mar­gari­ta, Vol­gograd

Good, but incon­ve­nient to pour.

Advan­tages – ide­al for small cars, inex­pen­sive

Flaws — the agent is poured uneven­ly

I can say that he wash­es very well. But, I don’t like pour­ing it at all. Why the man­u­fac­tur­ers did this is not clear. Accord­ing to the instruc­tions, you need to deft­ly pour the same amount of that and that col­or. But, it nev­er works out that way. And in the end, one col­or always fin­ish­es first.

So, this is a fat minus. And in gen­er­al, the gel is such a thing that I don’t see the point in using it on an ongo­ing basis. Pow­ders are more eco­nom­i­cal, and I take the gel only when there is no pow­der on the shelves, but I urgent­ly need it.

somat for dishwashers

Daria, Perm

Too aggres­sive smell and high con­sump­tion!

Advan­tages — except per­haps the price, but the pow­der is still cheap­er

Flaws – the smell is strongest, the con­sump­tion is huge, it is incon­ve­nient to pour

I fell for the nov­el­ty, I bought it. I can not say that I am very sor­ry, but the rem­e­dy did not make any impres­sion. The smell is too intru­sive for me. When wash­ing, the whole kitchen smells of it.

And it ends way too fast. The rec­om­mend­ed dose is 30 ml. But this is not enough! It is nec­es­sary to pour an almost full com­part­ment, and only then will there be any sense.

Expert com­ment:

Yes, the gel, appar­ent­ly, is not the best option. At prices, it is no more prof­itable than pills, and more has­sle, and ends faster. Somat for dish­wash­ers, so it is best to take it in pow­der form!

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