Small chil­dren under 3 years of age have not yet devel­oped enough coor­di­na­tion, so it is dif­fi­cult for them to ride tra­di­tion­al bicy­cles. For such chil­dren, three-wheeled mod­els are usu­al­ly pur­chased. They have increased sta­bil­i­ty and safe­ty, so the baby will be able to com­fort­ably ride in the fresh air.

Which mod­el of tri­cy­cle is bet­ter to choose? First of all, the device should fit the baby in height, be durable and com­fort­able.

Atten­tion is also paid to the design: the lit­tle own­er must like it so that he gets real plea­sure from rid­ing.

To make it eas­i­er to choose a qual­i­ty tri­cy­cle for your baby, we ana­lyzed user reviews and expert advice, and com­piled a rat­ing of the best tri­cy­cle mod­els for 2022.

Rating of the TOP 12 best tricycles of 2022

How to choose a tricycle in terms of price / quality ratio?

There is a clear list of cri­te­ria that a qual­i­ty tri­cy­cle must meet.:

  1. Seat. It can be tri­an­gu­lar or rec­tan­gu­lar. The first type is prefer­able, since the tri­an­gu­lar shape will pre­vent the baby from slid­ing onto the frame while bathing.
  2. Steer­ing wheel. In tri­cy­cles, the role is used not only for con­trol, but also as an addi­tion­al sup­port for the baby. If the bike is bought for a very young child, it is bet­ter to choose a mod­el with steer­ing wheel fix­a­tion. It allows you to fix the steer­ing wheel motion­less for max­i­mum safe­ty of the baby.
  3. Wheel mate­r­i­al. They can be plas­tic, rub­ber or polyurethane. The wheels of the first type are not very strong and sta­ble, so it is bet­ter to imme­di­ate­ly buy a bicy­cle with rub­ber wheels.

Pay­ing atten­tion to the safe­ty of the vehi­cle. It is desir­able that the bike has a par­ent han­dle.

Usu­al­ly it is detached, so over time the baby will be able to ride on his own.

Also, experts rec­om­mend choos­ing mod­els with a safe­ty rim and seat belts. These details will not allow the kid to fall out of the bike while rid­ing.


TOP 3 best children’s tricycles by price-quality for 2022

If the par­ents’ bud­get is lim­it­ed, but you need to buy a tri­cy­cle, you should not give pref­er­ence to the cheap­est Chi­nese mod­els. Usu­al­ly they are of insuf­fi­cient qual­i­ty and safe, so you should give pref­er­ence to inex­pen­sive prod­ucts of well-known brands. An analy­sis of user reviews showed that in 2022, three mod­els were rec­og­nized as the best in terms of val­ue for mon­ey.

Doona Liki Trike S1

Inex­pen­sive, bright and com­plete­ly safe tri­cy­cle, with which walks on one

fresh air will be tru­ly enjoy­able for the baby.

The wheels are made of polyurethane. This is a very durable and wear-resis­tant mate­r­i­al that does not make a rum­ble or oth­er extra­ne­ous noise while rid­ing. The tires are one-piece, so par­ents do not have to wor­ry that the wheels will be dam­aged dur­ing a walk.

The frame is made of alu­minum alloy with plas­tic inserts, so the bike is very light and easy to trans­port..

Anoth­er fea­ture of the mod­el is its fold­ing design. Thanks to this, the bike can be eas­i­ly fold­ed for trans­porta­tion in the trunk or pub­lic trans­port.

A visor is pro­vid­ed for pro­tec­tion from the sun, and thanks to the safe­ty straps, the baby will not fall out of the bike while rid­ing.

It is also very con­ve­nient to dri­ve a vehi­cle, because a remov­able parental han­dle is pro­vid­ed in the kit.


  • weight 6.8 kg;
  • max­i­mum load 25 kg;
  • max­i­mum child age 3 years


  • com­fort­able seat with soft back;
  • there are seat belts;
  • thought­ful fold­ing design;
  • quick­ly assem­bled and dis­as­sem­bled;
  • easy to con­trol thanks to the par­ent han­dle.


  • some par­ents com­plain of tight ped­al­ing;
  • wheels rat­tle on uneven ground.

Galileo Strollcycle 4 in 1

The cost of this tri­cy­cle is slight­ly high­er than its coun­ter­parts, but it is com­plete­ly 2

jus­ti­fied by its advanced design and thought­ful func­tion­al­i­ty.

In fact, this mod­el can replace both a stroller for the small­est and a tri­cy­cle for old­er chil­dren. The design of the prod­uct is fold­able, so par­ents will not have dif­fi­cul­ty stor­ing or trans­port­ing the device in the trunk of a car.

The bike is equipped with a com­fort­able padded seat and back­rest.. The back­rest angle can be adjust­ed so that the child is as com­fort­able as pos­si­ble while walk­ing.

Also, the back­rest can be switched to sleep mode, and a suf­fi­cient­ly wide and dense visor will pro­tect the baby from bright sun­light dur­ing rest.

A detach­able par­ent han­dle is pro­vid­ed to con­trol the bike.


  • weight 8 kg;
  • max­i­mum weight of a child 3 years;
  • front wheel diam­e­ter 8.7 inch­es.


  • folds and unfolds quick­ly and eas­i­ly;
  • does not take up much space when fold­ed;
  • there are seat belts;
  • styl­ish design;
  • wide and com­fort­able visor.


  • some plas­tic mounts are not of good qual­i­ty;
  • no bas­ket.

Schwinn Roadster Trike

This tri­cy­cle mod­el is designed for old­er chil­dren who can already 2

dri­ve your first vehi­cle on your own.

The ped­als are locat­ed on the front wheel, so the baby can eas­i­ly and safe­ly con­trol the bike.

Exter­nal­ly, the mod­el is also quite attrac­tive: the baby will def­i­nite­ly like the chrome-plat­ed steer­ing wheel, bell and wings, and soft rub­ber­ized steer­ing wheel pads will pro­vide a com­fort­able grip and easy con­trol.

Also, the bike is equipped with a durable and reli­able steel frame, and a com­fort­able tri­an­gu­lar-shaped seat with a back guar­an­tees a com­fort­able fit..

The dis­tance between the steer­ing wheel and the seat can be adjust­ed to make it com­fort­able for the baby to reach the ped­als.

Since the frame is made of steel, the bike is very reli­able and sta­ble, and par­ents do not have to wor­ry that the baby will acci­den­tal­ly roll over while rid­ing.


  • weight 7.9 kg;
  • wheel diam­e­ter (front/rear) 12/10 inch­es;
  • max­i­mum age 4 years.


  • durable and sta­ble inflat­able wheels;
  • Styl­ish design is sure to please the baby;
  • five seat posi­tions;
  • con­ve­nient loca­tion of the ped­als;
  • light­weight and easy to man­age.


  • some users find the ped­als too small;
  • not every­one likes the build qual­i­ty.

TOP 3 best handlebar tricycles

Tri­cy­cles with a han­dle are an excel­lent vehi­cle that allows you to have fun with your baby in the fresh air and ride safe­ly. In most mod­els, the han­dle is remov­able, so when the child gets old­er, he will be able to ride on his own. Experts rec­om­mend choos­ing one of the three mod­els described below, because they were rec­og­nized as the most con­ve­nient, safe and func­tion­al in 2022.

Moby Kids New 360° 12×10 AIR Car

Com­fort­able, safe and rel­a­tive­ly inex­pen­sive tri­cy­cle, which is quite 5

can replace a stroller.

The wheels are made of rub­ber, so they roll over obsta­cles smooth­ly and don’t rat­tle on rough roads. The front and rear wheels have dif­fer­ent diam­e­ters, which fur­ther increas­es the cross-coun­try abil­i­ty of the vehi­cle.

The mod­el is rec­om­mend­ed for chil­dren from 3 years old, and a remov­able parental han­dle is pro­vid­ed for con­trol.

The bike has a com­fort­able footrest, a soft seat with a back, as well as seat belts, thanks to which you can secure­ly fix the baby.

The upper part of the body has a wide visor that will pro­tect the baby from the sun and rain..

To make the baby as com­fort­able as pos­si­ble, the man­u­fac­tur­er addi­tion­al­ly pro­vid­ed for the adjust­ment of the seat ver­ti­cal­ly and hor­i­zon­tal­ly.


  • front wheel diam­e­ter 12 inch­es;
  • rear wheel diam­e­ter 10 inch­es;
  • min­i­mum age 3 years.


  • afford­able cost;
  • strong body;
  • soft com­fort­able seat and back;
  • sta­ble rub­ber wheels;
  • The chair can be rotat­ed 360 degrees.


  • not very clear user instruc­tions;
  • Not all users like inflat­able wheels.

VIP Toys T‑500

This tri­cy­cle fea­tures a smart design that pro­vides 2

max­i­mum com­fort and safe­ty of the baby dur­ing the walk.

The frame is made of alu­minum alloy. Thanks to this, the vehi­cle has opti­mal sta­bil­i­ty, but at the same time it weighs very lit­tle, so par­ents can eas­i­ly car­ry the bike in their hands or trans­port it in pub­lic trans­port.

Since the back­rest and seat are adjustable, the bike can car­ry chil­dren from 9 months to 5 years old..

So that the baby does not acci­den­tal­ly fall out while rid­ing, there are seat belts on the back, and a spe­cial stand is pro­vid­ed for the child’s legs.

A safe­ty rim is also pro­vid­ed, and a con­ve­nient detach­able han­dle for par­ents makes it easy to con­trol the bike..

Addi­tion­al­ly, the set includes a small back­pack, a bell and a bas­ket for shop­ping or stor­ing toys.


  • weight 9.6 kg;
  • the max­i­mum age of the child is 5 years;
  • wheel diam­e­ter (front/rear) 10/8 inch­es.


  • wide visor for pro­tec­tion from rain and sun;
  • ade­quate cost;
  • child-friend­ly seat with back­rest;
  • extend­ed equip­ment;
  • There are seat belts and a safe­ty rim.


  • the steer­ing wheel is low;
  • small steer­ing angle.

Puky Ceety (2020)

This par­ent han­dle tri­cy­cle mod­el is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent from 2


The fact is that the bicy­cle is not intend­ed to be used as a replace­ment for a stroller, but as a full-fledged vehi­cle. It is this bike that can become the first full-fledged trans­port for the baby.

To teach the child to ride, a par­ent han­dle is pro­vid­ed in the back of the body. When the baby has enough rid­ing skills, the han­dle can be removed.

The front and rear wheels are dif­fer­ent in diam­e­ter, which pro­vides increased cross-coun­try abil­i­ty of the bike.

Tires are cast so they don’t get dam­aged or rat­tle even when dri­ving on rough roads. The seat is plas­tic and equipped with a back to make it com­fort­able for the child to ride.

The posi­tion of the seat rel­a­tive to the steer­ing wheel can be adjust­ed so that the baby can reach the ped­als.


  • weight 5.5 kg;
  • max­i­mum child weight 25 kg;
  • max­i­mum age 4 years


  • you can adjust the posi­tion of the seat;
  • there is a small bas­ket for shop­ping or toys;
  • light­weight sta­ble body;
  • quick­ly and eas­i­ly assem­bled;
  • com­fort­able seat.


  • the parental han­dle can­not turn the han­dle­bars of the bicy­cle;
  • Many users find the price too high.

TOP 3 best tricycles from 1.5 years

When the baby grows up, it will be much more inter­est­ing for him to ride not on a stroller, but on a spe­cial bicy­cle. For chil­dren over the age of one and a half years, spe­cial mod­els of bicy­cles are pro­vid­ed. They have a par­ent han­dle for con­trol, and a full range of fea­tures for safe rid­ing.


This afford­able bike comes in a huge vari­ety of col­ors so each 7

the user will be able to choose the mod­el to taste.

But attrac­tive appear­ance is not the only advan­tage of the device.

Users high­ly appre­ci­ate the func­tion­al­i­ty and safe­ty of the prod­uct. The bike fea­tures a fold­able design for com­pact stor­age and easy trans­porta­tion in the trunk of a car or pub­lic trans­port.

The vehi­cle is equipped with inflat­able wheels. The front wheel is slight­ly larg­er than the rear, which pro­vides increased cross-coun­try abil­i­ty of the vehi­cle.

To make the child com­fort­able while walk­ing, the design pro­vides a footrest, a soft seat with a back and a wide visor to pro­tect from rain and sun..

At the back of the case is a par­ent han­dle and a spa­cious bas­ket for shop­ping or toys.


  • weight 9.7 kg;
  • max­i­mum load 30 kg;
  • rec­om­mend­ed age from 1.5 years.


  • folds quick­ly and con­ve­nient­ly in just a few sec­onds;
  • frame made of durable qual­i­ty mate­ri­als;
  • inflat­able off-road wheels;
  • parental han­dle pro­vides con­ve­nient con­trol;
  • There is an adjustable seat angle.


  • some users find the bike not sta­ble enough;
  • no bell includ­ed.

Puky Fitsch

Out­ward­ly, this tri­cy­cle looks ordi­nary, but it can be the first 7

a full-fledged vehi­cle for a baby over one and a half years old.

The body of the prod­uct is made of durable, but light met­al, so it will be con­ve­nient for the child to dri­ve the vehi­cle.

The wheels are plas­tic, so they can rat­tle on a rough road, and over time they will be cov­ered with scratch­es, so it is bet­ter to ride a bike on flat paths.

At the same time, the bike is quite maneu­ver­able and pass­able.. The fact is that the front wheel is slight­ly larg­er than the rear in diam­e­ter.

Due to this, even a small child can eas­i­ly over­come small obsta­cles..

The han­dle­bars have spe­cial rub­ber pads that pro­vide a com­fort­able grip and make the bike easy and enjoy­able for the child.


  • weight 3.1 kg;
  • max­i­mum child weight 22 kg;
  • wheel diam­e­ter (front / rear) 9 and 6 inch­es.


  • durable steel frame;
  • com­fort­able seat with back;
  • rub­ber­ized steer­ing wheel pro­vides com­fort­able con­trol;
  • sim­ple and reli­able design;
  • demo­c­ra­t­ic val­ue.


  • plas­tic wheels;
  • the posi­tion of the seat rel­a­tive to the steer­ing wheel is not adjustable.

Moby Kids Comfort 12×10 AIR

This mod­el of a tri­cy­cle can be safe­ly called uni­ver­sal, because it can be 7

use both as a reg­u­lar bike and as a replace­ment for a stroller.

At the rear of the case there is a parental han­dle with which the vehi­cle is con­trolled. Old­er chil­dren will be able to ride on their own: for this, sim­ply unfas­ten the par­ent han­dle.

The wheels are made of rub­ber, and since the front wheel is slight­ly larg­er than the rear, the bike has opti­mal flota­tion on uneven sur­faces..

To make it com­fort­able for the baby to ride with­out putting his feet on the ped­als, a spe­cial stand is pro­vid­ed in the design. The soft seat is equipped with a back and seat belts.

For addi­tion­al pro­tec­tion of the baby, a safe­ty rim is pro­vid­ed, and for pro­tec­tion from rain and sun — a wide visor.

Also includ­ed is a bell, a shop­ping bas­ket and a small back­pack.


  • weight 11.8 kg;
  • max­i­mum child weight 30 kg;
  • max­i­mum age 5 years.


  • demo­c­ra­t­ic val­ue;
  • there are seat belts and a safe­ty rim;
  • Includes shop­ping bas­ket and back­pack
  • wide visor with a view­ing win­dow;
  • off-road wheels.


  • not all users like the qual­i­ty of inflat­able wheels;
  • weak back sup­port.

TOP 3 best tricycles from 2 years old

Chil­dren over 2 years old need larg­er and more func­tion­al bikes. At this age, kids begin to mas­ter the skills of inde­pen­dent skat­ing, so it is advis­able to choose a mod­el with the most thought­ful func­tion­al­i­ty and sim­ple con­trols.

McCan M‑10

Inex­pen­sive, but very care­ful­ly thought out tri­cy­cle, 2

which will make walk­ing with the baby real­ly enjoy­able.

The body is made of durable met­al, resis­tant to rust and mechan­i­cal dam­age.

There is a par­ent han­dle on the back of the case for easy con­trol..

To increase the com­fort of the baby, a footrest is pro­vid­ed, there is a soft seat with an adjustable back­rest and a visor to pro­tect from the sun and rain.

Also includ­ed is a small bas­ket on the han­dle­bars for your baby’s per­son­al items and a larg­er shop­ping bas­ket locat­ed at the rear of the bike..

In addi­tion, the mod­el is pre­sent­ed in sev­er­al col­or options, so every­one can choose the device to their lik­ing.


  • weight 12.8 kg;
  • the max­i­mum age of the child is 5 years;
  • front wheel diam­e­ter 12 inch­es.


  • demo­c­ra­t­ic val­ue;
  • attrac­tive mod­ern design;
  • The kit comes with two bas­kets.
  • excel­lent build qual­i­ty;
  • durable met­al frame.


  • flim­sy visor;
  • not very com­fort­able footrest.

Street trike A22‑1

One of the most com­fort­able, safe and func­tion­al tri­cy­cles on the mar­ket. 7

mod­ern mar­ket.

Its design pro­vides all the nec­es­sary func­tions for com­fort­able and safe rid­ing. For walks with small chil­dren, a spe­cial parental han­dle is pro­vid­ed.

If nec­es­sary, it is removed, and old­er kids can ride a bike on their own.

The wheels are rub­ber, and the front ones are slight­ly larg­er than the rear ones.

This ensures opti­mal flota­tion not only on smooth pave­ment, but also on uneven dirt roads..

Addi­tion­al­ly, the design pro­vides a footrest, a seat with an adjustable back­rest, a sun visor and reli­able seat belts.


  • min­i­mum age of 3 years;
  • wheel mate­r­i­al — rub­ber;
  • seat design — with a back.


  • mod­ern attrac­tive design;
  • thought­ful design for the safe­ty of the baby;
  • there is a visor for pro­tec­tion from the sun;
  • a shop­ping cart is pro­vid­ed;
  • the par­ent han­dle comes unfas­tened.


  • hard to find on sale;
  • incom­pre­hen­si­ble user man­u­al.

Pituso Leve Foldable

This tri­cy­cle is dis­tin­guished not only by its bright orig­i­nal design, but also 5

care­ful­ly thought out design.

Thanks to this, the bicy­cle can be used both as a replace­ment for a stroller and as an inde­pen­dent vehi­cle for old­er chil­dren. The wheels are sol­id and made of polyurethane, so they do not rat­tle even on rough roads and have increased cross-coun­try abil­i­ty.

The frame is made of alu­minum alloy, so the bike weighs very lit­tle, which makes it eas­i­er to con­trol.

For small chil­dren, there is a footrest and a padded seat with an adjustable back­rest.

If the child already has ski­ing skills, the par­ent han­dle can be detached and the posi­tion of the seat rel­a­tive to the han­dle­bar can be adjust­ed so that the child is com­fort­able rid­ing.


  • weight 6.9 kg;
  • max­i­mum weight 20 kg;
  • max­i­mum age 5 years.


  • styl­ish orig­i­nal design;
  • seat belts and safe­ty rim;
  • you can unfas­ten the par­ent han­dle;
  • adjustable seat with back­rest;
  • off-road wheels.


  • not always on sale;
  • some par­ents find the seat not com­fort­able enough.

Types of tricycles and their brief description

First of all, tri­cy­cles are divid­ed into types accord­ing to the age of the future own­er. For exam­ple, mod­els for the small­est are usu­al­ly equipped with safe­ty straps, spe­cial footrests and a par­ent han­dle.

Mod­els for old­er chil­dren are focused on the fact that the baby will inde­pen­dent­ly dri­ve a vehi­cle.

There are also mod­els with addi­tion­al acces­sories.

For exam­ple, bicy­cles with a visor that will pro­tect the baby from the scorch­ing sun, or a small back­pack in which the child can car­ry his toys are con­sid­ered very con­ve­nient.