The dE, Ed, Door error on Sam­sung wash­ing machines most­ly appears at the begin­ning of the wash. We closed the door, pressed “Start”, and instead of tak­ing water, an error appeared on the dis­play. Some­times the cause can be a sim­ple over­sight, and some­times a seri­ous vio­la­tion of inter­nal mech­a­nisms. In the arti­cle we will tell in detail about the pos­si­ble caus­es of the mal­func­tion and how to elim­i­nate them.

Error decoding

Samsung Washing Machine - Error Code dE, Ed or Door

The error code de, Ed, Door on a Sam­sung wash­ing machine stands for Door error, which means “door error” in Eng­lish. You can also see the des­ig­na­tions dE1 and dE2. Most often, this error can be found if:

If there is no dis­play on the wash­ing machine, then this error is easy to deter­mine, since absolute­ly all tem­per­a­ture indi­ca­tors will light up and the mode indi­ca­tors will flash.

Often this error is not crit­i­cal, and it is rec­om­mend­ed to start with a sim­ple diag­no­sis in order to save some mon­ey and not con­tact the mas­ter.

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How to fix this error yourself?

In fact, in most cas­es, you can inde­pen­dent­ly iden­ti­fy the cause of the break­down and fix it. Let’s look at the most com­mon of them:

  • If the dE, Ed, Door error appears on the Sam­sung wash­ing machine for the first time, then first you should sim­ply turn it off by pulling the plug out of the sock­et and wait 5 to 10 min­utes, then turn it on again. There may be a fail­ure in the con­trol board, and a reboot will help fix it.
  • Check if any­thing is block­ing the clos­ing of the sun­roof. It is pos­si­ble that laun­dry has fall­en into the gap between the door and the cuff. Fold things neat­ly, close the hatch and start the machine.
  • Check the door lock, per­haps some­thing got in there and pre­vents it from clos­ing. Some­times var­i­ous small pieces of fab­ric, threads and var­i­ous debris get there. Remove all for­eign objects from there, close the hatch, and if a pleas­ant click sounds, then the prob­lem has been fixed and you can start wash­ing.
  • Check all the con­tacts and cables that go to the hatch block­ing device (UBL), but first unplug the machine from the out­let to avoid a short cir­cuit. Do not pull the con­tacts too much, they may have moved away and need to be cor­rect­ed.

If the options above did not help, and the Door error (Ed, dE, dE1, dE2) is still on the dis­play of the Sam­sung wash­ing machine, then pro­fes­sion­al repair is indis­pens­able.

Fault types

Con­sid­er a few pos­si­ble break­downs that need to be approached with a pro­fes­sion­al approach:

Symp­toms Prob­a­ble Cause Dam­age repair or replace­ment
1) You closed the door of the wash­ing machine, but the wash does not start and shows the error dE, ed, Door

2) After wash­ing, the door does not open

Most like­ly the hatch block­ing device (UBL) is faulty Take out the lock and check it for oper­abil­i­ty with a mul­ti­me­ter:
  1. Turn on resis­tance mode.
  2. Install one probe to the neu­tral con­tact, and the sec­ond to the phase.
  3. If the device shows a three-dig­it num­ber, then every­thing is fine.
  4. We install the probes on the neu­tral and com­mon con­tacts.
  5. We saw 0 or 1 on the device, which means that the lock is faulty and needs to be replaced.
The con­trol board is faulty, the dis­play mod­ule is out of order. This can be under­stood by the fact that the dE, Door error appears at the very begin­ning of the wash. 1) The capac­i­tor burned out due to a volt­age drop.

1) Sud­den shut­down of the machine from the mains.

Board repair often requires sol­der­ing con­tacts, and this is best left to a pro­fes­sion­al. If the con­trol pan­el was removed, then first check the wires going to it: per­haps it sim­ply moved away from the sol­der­ing due to vibra­tion.
- You can check the resis­tor of the first and sec­ond order. The first should show a val­ue of 8 ohms and an over­load of 2A, the sec­ond shows 3–5A.
– Check the thyris­tor unit, its resis­tance should not exceed 20 V.
- Trig­ger. To do this, check the input con­tacts, which should not exceed 12 V, and the trig­ger fil­ter resis­tance should be 20 ohms.
The hatch hinges are warped, the lock does not con­verge with the hook of the hatch. The door could sag dur­ing the wear of the mate­r­i­al. In this case, only replac­ing the loops can help.
Sam­sung wash­ing machine door closed but did­n’t click and shows ed, de, door error The cas­tle itself was dam­aged. The lock needs to be replaced. Please note that almost every Sam­sung wash­ing machine mod­el may have a dif­fer­ent lock scheme, so when buy­ing it is bet­ter to take the old one with you so that you can com­pare them.
Errors Door, ed, dE either appeared, then left again, then reap­peared This only says that the wiring from the UBL sys­tem to the sys­tem mod­ule clos­es some­where. To repair, you will first need to ring the wiring in order to under­stand which wire is bro­ken. It could have hap­pened any­where due to the strong vibra­tion. Once you have found the right wire and the place where it was inter­rupt­ed, sim­ply con­nect the con­tacts and wrap them with elec­tri­cal tape.

Such break­downs can­not be fixed quick­ly. But with the nec­es­sary knowl­edge, expe­ri­ence and tools, they can be elim­i­nat­ed on their own.

To return the wash­ing machine to work­ing con­di­tion, it is not nec­es­sary to be an expe­ri­enced crafts­man. Even a per­son who has nev­er held tools in his hands will cope with the elim­i­na­tion of small prob­lems. But for more com­plex prob­lems, more effort is required. But even in this case, sub­or­di­nat­ing the machine with your own hands is not dif­fi­cult.

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