Fit­ness bands (expands or shock absorbers) are a great addi­tion to your train­ing pro­gram. They are inex­pen­sive, ver­sa­tile, and work your mus­cles in a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent way than dumb­bells. Research shows that mus­cles respond just as well to resis­tance train­ing with elas­tic bands as they do to oth­er types of equip­ment such as bar­bells and machines.

The choice of fit­ness rub­ber bands is quite large. They dif­fer in shape, thick­ness, col­or and degree of hard­ness. Togeth­er with a World Class coach Denis Ermo­laev

Let’s fig­ure out how to choose the right inven­to­ry.
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Fitness rubber rating

Sports elas­tic bands for fit­ness dif­fer in pro­duc­tion mate­ri­als, sizes, and pur­pose for spe­cif­ic mus­cle groups. Tak­ing into account these fea­tures, we first select­ed reli­able man­u­fac­tur­ers, and then stud­ied their prod­ucts, iden­ti­fied lead­ers in terms of demand and the num­ber of pos­i­tive reviews.

When plac­ing posi­tions in the top, we com­pared sev­er­al char­ac­ter­is­tics:

  • Type of expander;
  • Mate­ri­als, hypoal­ler­genic­i­ty, safe­ty;
  • Dimen­sions, weight, com­pact­ness;
  • Elas­tic­i­ty, exten­si­bil­i­ty;
  • The lev­el of resis­tance, car­ry­ing capac­i­ty;
  • Num­ber of units in the set;
  • What lev­el of pro­fes­sion­al­ism is suit­able;
  • Tar­get audi­ence, age indi­ca­tions;
  • Tar­get­ing mus­cle groups;
  • Price, com­pa­ny rep­u­ta­tion.

Com­par­a­tive analy­sis helped to com­pile a top list of 7 posi­tions. For con­ve­nience, we divid­ed the nom­i­nees into 2 cat­e­gories — latex, fab­ric mod­els. Thanks to the rec­om­men­da­tions of train­ers, blog­gers from this area, cus­tomer reviews, we have iden­ti­fied the pros and cons of each prod­uct.


The best fit­balls

Beginner Tips

Before start­ing the exer­cis­es, it is bet­ter to first watch var­i­ous videos on the Inter­net or take a few indi­vid­ual lessons with a train­er. The num­ber of rep­e­ti­tions should be increased grad­u­al­ly, com­pli­cat­ing the exer­cis­es and choos­ing tapes with stronger resis­tance. It is bet­ter to imme­di­ate­ly pur­chase a set of sev­er­al har­ness­es.

As for the mate­r­i­al, pro­fes­sion­al train­ers advise opt­ing for polyurethane har­ness­es. For begin­ners, it is bet­ter to choose mini loops — they are the most con­ve­nient to work with and eas­i­er to acquire the skills that will be need­ed to move to a high­er lev­el.

The most impor­tant cri­te­ri­on for choos­ing a fit­ness band is the pur­pose of the work­out. Before buy­ing, you need to decide what elas­tic har­ness­es are need­ed for. Do you want to lose weight or improve your over­all fit­ness, which mus­cle group needs more work, what is your lev­el in sports, etc. By answer­ing all these ques­tions, you can choose the right sports acces­so­ry as com­pe­tent­ly as pos­si­ble.

Sport is an impor­tant part of our life. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, it is not always pos­si­ble to vis­it the gym due to heavy employ­ment. But fit­ness rub­ber bands allow you to always keep your­self in great shape, because you can work out with them at home at any suit­able moment!

The Green­por­tal team wish­es you pro­duc­tive work­outs and a speedy achieve­ment of your goal on the way to your dream fig­ure!

The best latex rubber bands for fitness

The most com­mon type on sale is rub­ber bands made of latex. This is a bud­get seg­ment, prod­ucts are char­ac­ter­ized by increased elas­tic­i­ty, flex­i­bil­i­ty, long ser­vice life. The main advan­tages are com­pact­ness, light weight, bright design. Minus — the risks of devel­op­ing an aller­gy to arti­fi­cial mate­r­i­al. 4 fit­ness expander bands received the best reviews.

Baziator P0072

The first posi­tion of the top is occu­pied by a set of bright, com­pact tapes of fac­to­ry qual­i­ty. Small ring shape fits in pock­et. The man­u­fac­tur­er is a trad­ing com­pa­ny-importer from Chi­na “Bazi­a­tor”.

Mate­r­i­al — 100% latex. It is flex­i­ble, elas­tic, mod­er­ate­ly resilient, safe for chil­dren, ani­mals, aller­gy suf­fer­ers. Why are there 5 rub­ber bands in the “mini bands” set? It’s all about the degree of rigid­i­ty of each unit. It is dif­fer­ent, so you can vary the lev­el of stress on the mus­cles. Dif­fer­ent col­ors allow you to dis­tin­guish the tapes from each oth­er.

In the kit, the man­u­fac­tur­er includes a selec­tion of effec­tive exer­cis­es, instruc­tions for their imple­men­ta­tion along with acces­sories, as well as a stor­age bag. The length of one unit is 30 cm (cir­cum­fer­ence 60 cm), width 5 cm, total weight 110 g.


  • Hypoal­ler­genic latex;
  • 5 lev­els of resis­tance;
  • Stor­age pouch;
  • Instruc­tions for use;
  • fac­to­ry qual­i­ty;
  • Com­pact­ness.


  • Not sold indi­vid­u­al­ly;
  • The lev­el of resis­tance on the gum itself is not indi­cat­ed.

The degree of resis­tance is deter­mined by the col­or of the tape. The light­est green is 2–4 kg, fol­lowed by blue 4–6 kg, yel­low 6–9 kg, red 11–13 kg, black 13–18 kg. Reg­u­lar use promis­es to burn fat, strength­en mus­cles, tone the but­tocks.

Bradex SF 0194

The sec­ond posi­tion is occu­pied by an expander tape from the Israeli brand of house­hold appli­ances and con­sumer goods “Bradex”. This is a uni­ver­sal mod­el in a prac­ti­cal col­or that trains all mus­cle groups.

Unlike the pre­vi­ous­ly pre­sent­ed nom­i­nee, one tape is pro­posed here, but its degree of resis­tance and load capac­i­ty reach­es 22 kg. Mate­r­i­al — latex of increased den­si­ty, thick­ness. Despite this, the tape is com­pact, easy to trans­port, it takes up a min­i­mum of space.

The max­i­mum size to which the mod­el can stretch is 208 cm in length, 2.1 cm in width. Its total weight is 217 g. Latex is thick, which increas­es reli­a­bil­i­ty, resis­tance to tear­ing and dam­age. Black col­or.


  • Ver­sa­til­i­ty;
  • Increased load capac­i­ty;
  • Strong latex;
  • Dark col­or;
  • Good stretch;
  • Inex­pen­sive.


  • Not always a con­ve­nient length;
  • Not suit­able for a begin­ner.

Such a prod­uct is rec­om­mend­ed for ath­letes with expe­ri­ence behind them, for whom the basic exer­cis­es seem not dif­fi­cult enough. An elas­tic band can not only com­pli­cate gym­nas­tic, but also strength train­ing.

Indigo Heavy 97669F

The third posi­tion is occu­pied by a closed expander tape with spe­cial grips, which can be used to pump arms, legs, hips, shoul­der and chest. The man­u­fac­tur­er is Chi­nese.

The nom­i­nee is a closed expander, divid­ed by strong seams into 8 parts, each of which forms a loop. It is bet­ter to start class­es with one and eight. Com­po­si­tion — ther­mo­plas­tic elas­tomers (TPE) with good elas­tic­i­ty, den­si­ty. The sur­face is soft and pleas­ant to the touch.

The max­i­mum load capac­i­ty is deter­mined by col­or. The tape itself is light­weight only 100 g, com­pact 90×4 cm, so it does not take up much space. Due to the pres­ence of closed com­part­ments, it can hone the twine, train the legs.


  • Closed shape with 8 grips;
  • Dif­fer­ent col­ors and degrees of car­ry­ing capac­i­ty;
  • ther­mo­plas­tic mate­r­i­al;
  • Strong seams;
  • Pleas­ant to the touch sur­face;
  • Good stretch.


  • Price;
  • Loops lim­it appli­ca­tions.

Most often, such a mod­el is used to train the limbs, they are placed inside the grips, after which they per­form exer­cis­es. The tape has proven itself well in the field of gym­nas­tics, for exam­ple, in improv­ing the twine.

Original FitTools FT-75-Morena

In fourth place is a set of 4 expanders of vary­ing degrees of resis­tance. This is an excel­lent offer for begin­ner ath­letes, tak­ing into account pos­si­ble load com­bi­na­tions. The man­u­fac­tur­er is a young Russ­ian.

The mate­r­i­al used is EVA, nat­ur­al latex with good per­for­mance char­ac­ter­is­tics. The first tape 10 LBS has a thick­ness of 0.5 mm, can with­stand up to 4.5 kg, the sec­ond 20 LBS 0.7 mm and 9 kg, the third 30 LBS 0.9 mm and 13.6 kg, the fourth 35 LBS 1.1 mm and 15.9 kg. For con­ve­nience, they have a dif­fer­ent col­or, mark­ing.

A set of elas­tic bands comes with a con­ve­nient stor­age bag, detailed instruc­tions with exer­cis­es for dif­fer­ent mus­cle groups. Max­i­mum length 60 cm with a band width of 7.5 cm, weight 168 g.


  • Set of 4 expanders;
  • Dif­fer­ent degree of ten­sion;
  • Infor­ma­tive mark­ing;
  • Com­fort­able width;
  • Con­ve­nient bag;
  • Detailed brochure.


  • Smell at first open­ing;
  • Sta­t­ic effect (elec­tri­fied).

With the help of such an impro­vised tool, you can increase the load on almost all mus­cle groups. A begin­ner is offered a min­i­mum car­ry­ing capac­i­ty, which can be grad­u­al­ly increased by chang­ing the col­or of the gum.

Pros and cons

Like any sport, train­ing with elas­tic shock absorbers has both advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages. The first ones include:

  • effec­tive­ly work out the mus­cles of any part of the body;
  • safe for ado­les­cents in the stage of skele­tal for­ma­tion;
  • allowed for dis­eases of the mus­cu­loskele­tal sys­tem, for prob­lems with the low­er back and spine, vari­cose veins and injuries of the knee joints;
  • ide­al for home and away train­ing due to the com­pact­ness of the inven­to­ry;
  • pre­sent­ed in a vari­ety of per­for­mance vari­a­tions;
  • pro­vide a uni­form load along the tra­jec­to­ry of ten­sion;
  • allow you to inde­pen­dent­ly adjust the lev­el of den­si­ty, based on per­son­al feel­ings.

Cons of the com­plex:

  • requires strict adher­ence to the exe­cu­tion tech­nique;
  • nev­er­the­less, it is more suit­able for women: the max­i­mum load is not enough for men who are seri­ous­ly involved in weights;
  • low-qual­i­ty rub­ber bands do not last long, and brand­ed ones can be quite expen­sive;
  • an incor­rect­ly select­ed tourni­quet can lead to hematomas, bruis­ing and ero­sion.

The best fabric elastic bands for fitness

The sec­ond cat­e­go­ry of the rat­ing rep­re­sents elas­tic bands made from woven mate­ri­als. They are hypoal­ler­genic, which means they are safe. Imme­di­ate­ly from the first cen­time­ters of stretch­ing, the load will be high. Pros — no slip, irri­ta­tion, twist­ing. Minus — the price, the risks of chaf­ing. The best accord­ing to Vyborexperta.ru were 3 nom­i­nees made of fab­ric, which received high cus­tomer rat­ings.

Luting Hip resistance bands

The fifth place of the top is a set of fit­ness elas­tic bands made of fab­ric with an anti-slip latex coat­ing. The dif­fer­ence of the nom­i­nee is an adjustable size, 3 units of dif­fer­ent degrees of resis­tance. The man­u­fac­tur­er is Chi­nese.

The expanders are man­u­fac­tured by a med­ical equip­ment fac­to­ry, which guar­an­tees the safe­ty of the prod­ucts. The basis is cot­ton with the addi­tion of tery­lene. The pack­age includes 3 units — green Light with a load capac­i­ty of 8–14 kg, pink Medi­um 14–22 kg, pur­ple Heavy 22–31 kg. Also includ­ed is a brochure, case.

The length of one prod­uct is 43 cm, the width is 8 cm and the weight is 350 g. It can be stretched to a max­i­mum of 76 cm, the size is adjustable. The latex upgrad­ed Anti­s­lip coat­ing pre­vents slip­ping.


  • Fab­ric qual­i­ty;
  • Anti-slip coat­ing;
  • Dif­fer­ent degree of load;
  • Bright col­ors;
  • Safe­ty;
  • Adjustable size.


  • The dif­fer­ence in ten­sion is not strong­ly felt;
  • Requires fre­quent wash­ing.

The pur­pose of such a kit is yoga, Pilates, shap­ing. The audi­ence is mature. Users praise the fact that the elas­tic band does not roll, does not twist dur­ing exer­cise, and does not cause skin irri­ta­tion.

Yogamatic 338592

In the sixth posi­tion are elas­tic bands made of nat­ur­al cot­ton and latex for sports in a set of 2 pieces. They are odor­less, do not tear, do not slip and are suit­able for any type of train­ing. Pro­duc­er — Russ­ian eco-brand “Art Yoga­mat­ic”

The main dif­fer­ence of the nom­i­nee lies in the hypoal­ler­genic­i­ty of the raw mate­ri­als used. 2 rub­ber bands of dif­fer­ent stiff­ness are made from a com­bi­na­tion of cot­ton and nat­ur­al latex. The fab­ric is durable and can with­stand heavy loads. The addi­tion of latex makes it elas­tic, pre­vents slip­ping, twist­ing.

This pair is thick­er than ana­logues, but the stan­dard width is 8 cm. Length 35 cm, weight 400 g. The man­u­fac­tur­er sup­plies the goods in a spe­cial stor­age bag, which is very con­ve­nient. Pur­pose — uni­ver­sal, for any kind of phys­i­cal exer­cise.


  • Envi­ron­men­tal friend­li­ness, hypoal­ler­genic­i­ty;
  • The thick­ness is greater than that of ana­logues;
  • Strength, dura­bil­i­ty;
  • Lack of smell;
  • Reli­able fix­a­tion;
  • Con­ve­nient bag.


  • The degree of car­ry­ing capac­i­ty is not indi­cat­ed;
  • Price.

We rec­om­mend this nom­i­nee for con­nois­seurs of every­thing nat­ur­al and eco-friend­ly. The kit is com­pact, durable, ver­sa­tile. Espe­cial­ly appre­ci­at­ed in the field of cross­fit, yoga, taba­ta.

Fitness Formula A3827

The review is com­plet­ed by the sev­enth nom­i­nee — expanders of dif­fer­ent resis­tance, which can be com­bined with each oth­er. These are rub­ber bands for fit­ness for the legs and but­tocks from the Russ­ian.

The set includes 3 items of bright col­ors at once. Nat­ur­al mate­ri­als guar­an­tee reli­able fix­a­tion with­out slip­ping, resis­tance to stretch­ing, elas­tic­i­ty. Such tapes are espe­cial­ly effec­tive dur­ing train­ing of the but­tocks and low­er extrem­i­ties.

The length of each unit is 34 cm, the stan­dard width is 8 cm. The load capac­i­ty is up to 5, 10, 15 kg, respec­tive­ly. Comes with a prac­ti­cal and handy black stor­age bag.


  • 3 units with dif­fer­ent ten­sion lev­els;
  • Pleas­ant col­ors;
  • Durable fab­ric;
  • Com­pact­ness;
  • Pos­si­bil­i­ty of com­bi­na­tion of sev­er­al tapes;
  • For dif­fer­ent cat­e­gories of ath­letes.


  • Price;
  • Load only up to 15 kg.

It is rather a fit­ness elas­tic band for women due to the low car­ry­ing capac­i­ty. You can start the first lessons with it, grad­u­al­ly increas­ing the degree of resis­tance, which is deter­mined by the col­or scheme.

What exercises can you do

Con­sid­er an exam­ple of a work­out that involves all the mus­cles in the body.


Elas­tic expander put on the mid­dle of the thighs. The elbows are bent, the arms are fold­ed in front of the chest in a boat, the legs are slight­ly apart. As you exhale, step your left foot back, tak­ing it as far as pos­si­ble. Start squat­ting until your thigh is par­al­lel to the floor. Take a breath and return to the start­ing posi­tion. Repeat the same for the sec­ond leg.

Deep Squats

Put the tape on the hips so that it is slight­ly above the knees. Bend your elbows, fold your palms in front of your chest and spread your legs. Exhale as you push your pelvis back. Slow­ly low­er your­self down until your thighs are par­al­lel to the floor. Inhale to rise up.


Put on a tourni­quet at the ankles and spread your legs. Bend your elbows, put your palms togeth­er in front of your chest. Exhale as you step to the left with your left foot. While inhal­ing, raise the right to it, keep­ing the dis­tance from the start­ing posi­tion. Repeat the same on the oth­er side. Steps for­ward and back­ward are per­formed using the same tech­nique.


Put the elas­tic band on the floor, stand on it with your feet, plac­ing them shoul­der-width apart. Feet should be par­al­lel to each oth­er. Sit with your tor­so lean­ing for­ward at a 45 degree angle. Take the edges of the elas­tic with straight hands. Exhale as you straight­en your knees and back. The heels do not come off the floor, the shoul­der blades are shift­ed togeth­er. Exhale and return to the start­ing posi­tion.


Put a tourni­quet on the ankles and lie on the floor. Bend your knees and lift them up. Close your hands in a lock behind your head. Begin to rise as you exhale, bring­ing your left elbow as close to your right knee as pos­si­ble. Inhale and return to start­ing posi­tion. Repeat for the oth­er side.


Put the tape on your wrists and put your feet shoul­der-width apart. Stretch your arms for­ward and spread them apart as you exhale, stretch­ing the tape as much as pos­si­ble. On an inhale, return to the start­ing posi­tion.

Bent over pull

Put the tourni­quet on the floor and stand on it with one foot. Step back with the oth­er leg, bend­ing the knee slight­ly. Grab the ends of the tourni­quet with your hands and bend your elbows, plac­ing your palms at your chest. Slight­ly tilt the body for­ward and pull the tape towards you as you exhale. On inspi­ra­tion — to the start­ing posi­tion

How to choose an elastic band for fitness

After get­ting acquaint­ed with the nom­i­nees, it remains to high­light sev­er­al selec­tion cri­te­ria for which elas­tic bands for fit­ness are bet­ter. We rec­om­mend that you first of all pay atten­tion to the type of the gum itself, the mate­ri­als used, the size indi­cat­ed by the man­u­fac­tur­er and the load lev­el. Let’s con­sid­er each item in more detail.

Type of gum

A wide range of such prod­ucts often leads buy­ers to a stu­por. To begin with, let’s get acquaint­ed with the whole vari­ety of mod­els, briefly define how they dif­fer.

Accord­ing to the load lev­el, expanders are clas­si­fied into sev­er­al types:

  • extra light — made in yel­low, light green, orange, resis­tance 2–5 kg;
  • light — made in bright red, the degree of ten­sion is not high­er than 6–8 kg;
  • medi­um — blue, dark green, dark yel­low, their load capac­i­ty is indi­cat­ed in the range of 9–12 kg;
  • heavy — most­ly red and blue, adding load up to 13–18 kg;
  • extra heavy — gray, brown, black, their degree of ten­sion ranges from 19–30 kg.

The fol­low­ing options are dis­tin­guished by size and shape:

  • in the form of a tape — no longer than 120–250 cm and with a width of 5–6 cm, appro­pri­ate for train­ing all mus­cle groups;
  • mini loops — the length is reduced to 45–60 cm, but the width is increased to 5–10 cm, they do not slip, they are used more often for pump­ing arms and legs;
  • in the form of a loop — the strip is nar­rowed to 2–10 cm, extend­ed to 150–200 cm, this is the choice of expe­ri­enced ath­letes who have mas­tered the two pre­vi­ous vari­eties.

Accord­ing to the area of ​​work­ing out mus­cle groups, it is worth dis­tin­guish­ing:

  • tape expander — a flex­i­ble flat tape, nar­row, rather long, it is uni­ver­sal in pur­pose, allows you to spend max­i­mum ener­gy;
  • loop — a com­fort­able wide elas­tic band, closed in a sin­gle cir­cle, cre­at­ed to swing main­ly the low­er limbs;
  • but­ter­fly — an elas­tic band in the shape of a fig­ure eight for the but­tocks and thighs, a kind of tourni­quet con­nect­ed into a ring with a jumper in the cen­ter to be fixed on the feet or hands;
  • an expander band is the best choice for pump­ing your back, arms, these are bands with rub­ber­ized exter­tubes attached to the ends (han­dles for a wide range of exer­cis­es).

Only by under­stand­ing all these sub­tleties, you can choose the appro­pri­ate option, tak­ing into account the types of class­es, train­ing.


The most bud­getary goods are made of rub­ber, latex. Polyurethane and fab­ric ones will cost more because they do not cause aller­gies and last longer. The most durable, safe option is, of course, polyurethane. The rub­ber type wears out the fastest. The fab­ric can rub dur­ing inten­sive train­ing.

Size and load level

Be sure to match the size of the pro­posed prod­uct with your lev­el of train­ing, so that there is no over­load or decrease in the effec­tive­ness of class­es. The degree of load­ing is:

  • “S” — suit­able for you if you are still a begin­ner in sports or belong to the teenage age group;
  • “M” — is intend­ed to warm up the mus­cle mus­cles, which will be enough if you are a begin­ner or have not trained for some time;
  • “L” — more suit­able for train­ing legs, but­tocks, it is impor­tant that your lev­el of phys­i­cal fit­ness is not low­er than aver­age;
  • “XL” — the mod­el is suit­able if you are an advanced lev­el;
  • “XXL” — pro­fes­sion­al-grade elas­tic bands if you have a lot of expe­ri­ence in sports.

For begin­ners, we rec­om­mend sports sets, where the load starts from a min­i­mum and can increase. For own­ers of high phys­i­cal fit­ness, one elas­tic band is enough, but in the size “XL” / “XXL”.

What is a tape expander

An elas­tic band for fit­ness is an elas­tic band with shock-absorb­ing prop­er­ties, the task of which is to cre­ate addi­tion­al resis­tance dur­ing mus­cle pump­ing exer­cis­es.

In part, this is a kind of expander famil­iar to every­one, but only in a more mod­ern inter­pre­ta­tion. For the most part, girls use a rub­ber band, so man­u­fac­tur­ers focus on the design of this inven­to­ry and its prac­ti­cal­i­ty in use.

The tape expander is very easy to use, and this is a rea­son to buy it at least for your home phys­i­cal activ­i­ty. How­ev­er, it is also suit­able for train­ing in the gym, as it is an excel­lent fit­ness equip­ment, and in some cas­es it helps to work out small mus­cles bet­ter than the sim­u­la­tors famil­iar to every­one. It is easy to take with you, as the elas­tic band takes up very lit­tle space in a sports bag.

Which gum for fitness is better

All the fit­ness bands pre­sent­ed by our review received high cus­tomer rat­ings. Some were cho­sen by begin­ners, oth­ers were pre­ferred by expe­ri­enced ath­letes and coach­es. What you buy depends on your lev­el, as well as the cri­te­ria we list­ed ear­li­er. Pay spe­cial atten­tion to a few items:

  • Bazi­a­tor P0072 — the best offer for women and first work­outs, hypoal­ler­genic latex and as many as 5 load lev­els;
  • Indi­go Heavy 97669F 90×4 cm – leg expander tape closed with spe­cial grip­pers, with which you can sharp­en the twine;
  • Orig­i­nal Fit­Tools FT-75-More­na 60×7.5 cm — the best val­ue for mon­ey, safe­ty along with dif­fer­ent loads and com­fort­able fix­a­tion;
  • Lut­ing Hip resis­tance bands — 3 expanders with anti-slip coat­ing and adjustable size.

All of these mod­els are suit­able for the press, but­tocks, gen­er­al train­ing in order to increase tone. For weight loss women, it is bet­ter to choose the aver­age lev­el of resis­tance, for men, we rec­om­mend “XL” / “XXL” sizes. A home expander, sub­ject to the right choice, will be the best replace­ment for a sim­u­la­tor, a bar­bell.


Com­pe­tent work with elas­tic bands and com­pli­ance with the exe­cu­tion tech­nique make the exer­cis­es as effec­tive as pos­si­ble. This is expressed as fol­lows:

  • strength­en­ing the entire mus­cle corset and bring­ing it into gen­er­al tone;
  • study of prob­lem areas and elim­i­na­tion of sag­ging;
  • dis­tri­b­u­tion of the full load on the back and arms;
  • align­ment of the shoul­der line;
  • min­i­mal pres­sure on the joints and lig­a­ments;
  • devel­op­ment of flex­i­bil­i­ty;
  • deep study of the mus­cles of the but­tocks, legs and chest;
  • increase in range of motion;
  • devel­op­ment of coor­di­na­tion, bal­ance and bal­ance.

It is very use­ful to exer­cise in the fresh air to sat­u­rate the body with oxy­gen and strength­en immu­ni­ty. Begin­ners in the first week should do no more than half an hour, increas­ing the load and dura­tion grad­u­al­ly. The ide­al sched­ule is three times a week with an inter­val every oth­er day. Exer­cise has a dou­ble effect when fol­low­ing a pro­tein diet that pro­motes weight loss. Also, train­ing is rec­om­mend­ed for men when build­ing mus­cle mass using sports pro­tein sup­ple­ments.

Additional workout options

Fit­ness gum for train­ing legs, arms, chest, press is an excel­lent way to keep the body in shape. In addi­tion, while exer­cis­ing with this sports equip­ment, you will not be bored from the monot­o­ny of the move­ments per­formed. Below are a few options that will allow you to diver­si­fy your usu­al work­outs.


With such a train­ing scheme, the exer­cis­es are sup­posed to be per­formed for a while: 45 sec­onds of intense work, fol­lowed by a 15-sec­ond break. And so there are sev­er­al approach­es. This plan helps to sig­nif­i­cant­ly increase the heart rate and increase the num­ber of calo­ries burned.

Read more about the taba­ta exer­cise in our arti­cle.

Cardio training

Those who want to lose extra pounds will not hurt to alter­nate exer­cis­es with an expander and exer­cis­es aimed at burn­ing body fat.

Alter­na­tive­ly, 5–6 sets with a fit­ness band, then the same num­ber of car­dio move­ments. Take a break and do it again.

Circuit training

In this case, it is enough to per­form the exer­cis­es alter­nate­ly in one set, and then repeat the action again. And so 2–3 times in a cir­cle. Do not for­get that you do not need to pause between exer­cis­es. Rest should be no more than 1 minute between rounds.


The most pop­u­lar man­u­fac­tur­ers of fit­ness rub­ber bands
When choos­ing a com­pa­ny, we rec­om­mend giv­ing pref­er­ence to large man­u­fac­tur­ers with a good assort­ment of rub­ber bands, as well as the pres­ence of oth­er sports goods. Among them we note:


The com­pa­ny has one of the best assort­ments of rub­ber bands on the Russ­ian mar­ket. On sale there are sin­gle copies with a dif­fer­ent lev­el of load, as well as kits for begin­ners and pro­fes­sion­als. Here you can find a fit­ness band for any pur­pose.

Peach bands.

The com­pa­ny can­not boast the same exten­sive range as GO DO. But she can be award­ed the audi­ence award. Rub­ber bands Peach bands scored the max­i­mum num­ber of pos­i­tive reviews from users. Qual­i­ty, wear resis­tance, con­ve­nience, appear­ance — all impor­tant indi­ca­tors for prod­ucts at their best.


The com­pa­ny has been on the mar­ket since 2014 and today includes more than 10 types of sport­ing goods in its assort­ment. Among them you will find hoops, jump ropes, tram­po­lines, hor­i­zon­tal bars and, of course, fit­ness rub­ber bands. The main trump card of the com­pa­ny is low prices. Even if you buy expanders indi­vid­u­al­ly and make a set of them, it will be much more prof­itable than a ready-made set from oth­er man­u­fac­tur­ers.


Resis­tance loops are designed for:

  • Increase flex­i­bil­i­ty and stretch.
  • Increased load when work­ing with iron.
  • Devel­op­ment of endurance and strength.
  • Work­ing out of pow­er shock equip­ment.
  • Increase in speed indi­ca­tors.
  • Increase in coor­di­na­tion endurance.
  • Reduc­ing the risk of injury to the joints.
  • Addi­tions to strength exer­cis­es on var­i­ous imple­ments to increase effi­cien­cy.
  • Recov­ery after injuries.

The main advan­tage of the loops is that they are com­pact and can be used as a sep­a­rate sim­u­la­tor. But there are small dis­ad­van­tages — a feel­ing of slight dis­com­fort on the skin at the time of stretch­ing and con­traindi­ca­tions for attach­ing an elas­tic band in the area of ​​the joints, since exces­sive fric­tion neg­a­tive­ly affects their con­di­tion.

Loops are sold both indi­vid­u­al­ly and in sets, which, in my opin­ion, is much more con­ve­nient and prof­itable if the whole fam­i­ly is involved in sports. There are many dif­fer­ent types:

— sep­a­rate sets for men;

- sep­a­rate for women;

- sets for the whole fam­i­ly;

- sets of all degrees of rigid­i­ty.

To pre­vent the elas­tic from fail­ing longer, you need to fol­low cer­tain rec­om­men­da­tions: do not tie the loop into knots, if you need to increase the load, sim­ply fold it in half, and not sub­ject it to exces­sive ten­sion in excess of the pre­scribed degree of rigid­i­ty.

You can buy rub­ber loops through sports and online stores, but the Aliex­press store offers the widest vari­ety and low­est prices.

Country of manufacture

What is the dif­fer­ence between latex rub­ber bands from dif­fer­ent coun­tries
Not all expe­ri­enced fit­ness instruc­tors take into account this nuance. As men­tioned ear­li­er, latex rub­ber bands are con­sid­ered the most pop­u­lar. At the same time, the same mate­r­i­al can dif­fer marked­ly in qual­i­ty. The rea­son for this is the dif­fer­ent coun­tries where the mate­r­i­al is pro­duced. Most often, latex is made in Chi­na

. The high­est qual­i­ty mate­r­i­al is con­sid­ered to be from Malaysia. Typ­i­cal­ly, these rub­ber bands have a high­er degree of strength and elas­tic­i­ty. They can stretch up to 5 times. And this is much more than the aver­age. But, unfor­tu­nate­ly, latex expanders made in Malaysia are extreme­ly rare. As for the latex from Chi­na and Thai­land, their qual­i­ty is about the same.

Atemi 4pcs alr02

Maximum set

Ate­mi 4pcs alr02 is equipped with 4 rub­ber bands with uni­form load dis­tri­b­u­tion from 4 to 18 kg. At the same time, its cost is low­er than that of many sets with three expanders.


How to deter­mine the lev­el of resis­tance by col­or

Begin­ners should def­i­nite­ly know that the vari­ety of shades of rub­ber bands is far from being asso­ci­at­ed with aes­thet­ic pref­er­ences. Col­or indi­cates vary­ing degrees of hard­ness and resis­tance. As a rule, light and warm shades indi­cate min­i­mal or medi­um resis­tance, while cold and dark ones, on the con­trary, indi­cate a large load. We list the main ones:


Denotes the soft­est rub­ber bands with the least resis­tance. Most of all, they are suit­able for begin­ner ath­letes, or are used to pre­pare mus­cles for fur­ther train­ing.


Indi­cates an easy lev­el, which is also rec­om­mend­ed for begin­ners.


Usu­al­ly this col­or indi­cates the aver­age lev­el of load. For the very begin­ning, there can be a lot of such resis­tance. A green pro­jec­tile can over­load the mus­cles. There­fore, it should only be used after a yel­low or red lev­el.


This is an advanced lev­el designed for pro­fes­sion­als with a high lev­el of train­ing.


The most rigid elas­tic bands with a resis­tance of about 85 kg are marked with this col­or. They are rarely used even by expe­ri­enced crafts­men.

Please note that this is only a rough stan­dard­ized guide­line. Each com­pa­ny has a range of col­ors that cor­re­spond to indi­vid­ual para­me­ters.


What mate­r­i­al is con­sid­ered the high­est qual­i­ty
Rub­ber bands for fit­ness are made from three types of mate­ri­als:


Most man­u­fac­tur­ers pre­fer it. This is due to two fac­tors. First, latex bands are the cheap­est. And sec­ond­ly, they have opti­mal tech­ni­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics — con­ve­nience, dura­bil­i­ty and prac­ti­cal­i­ty. The only draw­back is asso­ci­at­ed with the like­li­hood of an aller­gic reac­tion to latex.


Polyurethane rub­ber bands are often the choice of aller­gy suf­fer­ers. Com­pared to latex, this mate­r­i­al is con­sid­ered com­plete­ly hypoal­ler­genic and is great for women with sen­si­tive skin. It is also dis­tin­guished by increased wear resis­tance and bet­ter qual­i­ty indi­ca­tors. But mod­els made of polyurethane are much more expen­sive than latex ones.


The cheap­est mate­r­i­al, which is infe­ri­or in qual­i­ty to the pre­vi­ous two. Like latex, it can cause an aller­gic reac­tion, but its wear resis­tance is much low­er. But despite all the short­com­ings, rub­ber prod­ucts are in con­sid­er­able demand due to their low cost.

In total, for begin­ners who are not aller­gic to latex, we rec­om­mend giv­ing pref­er­ence to this mate­r­i­al. For those who care that the fit­ness rub­ber lasts as long as pos­si­ble, it makes sense to over­pay and pur­chase a polyurethane prod­uct.


How to deter­mine the load lev­el by thick­ness

This val­ue is often ignored when buy­ing gum. How­ev­er, there is a rea­son why the width is still worth con­sid­er­ing. It is indi­cat­ed on the pack­ag­ing of the tape along with kilo­grams. The greater the resis­tance and the num­ber of kilo­grams, the greater the width of the gum. That is, she direct­ly pro­por­tion­al to load

. How­ev­er, some man­u­fac­tur­ers make mis­takes when indi­cat­ing the range in kilo­grams. This has been repeat­ed­ly noticed by coach­es. And if for pro­fes­sion­al ath­letes a dif­fer­ence of sev­er­al kilo­grams will not be notice­able, then for begin­ners it can be sig­nif­i­cant. There­fore, the width is a secure para­me­ter by which the exact load can be cal­cu­lat­ed. The table shows the stan­dard cor­re­spon­dence between width and kilo­gram. It can be used to deter­mine the load range.