Regard­less of the brand of the wash­ing machine, its break­down can be an unex­pect­ed and unpleas­ant sur­prise for any own­er of a wash­ing machine, as well as for oth­er man­u­fac­tur­ers. In this arti­cle we will talk about a spe­cif­ic break­down, name­ly the break­down and replace­ment of the bear­ing. We will tell you about what are the signs that indi­cate a mal­func­tion of this unit, and how the bear­ing is replaced in the Atlant wash­ing machine.


Bearing symptoms

It is easy to under­stand that it is the bear­ing that has bro­ken and the wash­ing machine needs to be repaired, it is enough to lis­ten to the sound, if it is faulty, you will hear an unnat­ur­al knock that inten­si­fies dur­ing the spin­ning process. There is anoth­er way to check, name­ly, it is nec­es­sary to rotate the drum by hand, and if it breaks, you will feel a slight back­lash.

In no case should you post­pone the replace­ment of the bear­ing, since pro­long­ing the prob­lem can lead to more seri­ous break­downs, and the repair of wash­ing machines will cost you a decent amount, it will be much eas­i­er to buy a new machine. Let’s move on to the instruc­tions for replac­ing the bear­ings in the wash­ing machine with your own hands. This wash­ing machine repair is not a com­pli­cat­ed manip­u­la­tion.

Preparing for a replacement

First you need to pre­pare a num­ber of tools that should always be at hand dur­ing the replace­ment of the bear­ing, name­ly:

  • ham­mer with a blunt chis­el;
  • screw­drivers, both types (flat and Phillips);
  • wrench­es and sock­et wrench­es for 19 and 12 mm, and a set of hex keys;

Among oth­er things, you will also need con­sum­ables:

  • grease for bear­ings;
  • rag;
  • WD-40 lubri­cant;
  • bear­ing seal;
  • a new set of bear­ings (replace­ment parts must be orig­i­nal of the same mod­el, you can find them in any com­pa­ny store or order online).

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Tank removal instructions

Bearing Replacement Instructions

Now we will tell you how to replace bear­ings. In most Atlant wash­ing machines, the tank com­part­ment is removed through the top of the machine, which com­pli­cates the task a bit. The dis­man­tling steps will be as fol­lows:

  • take out the pow­der hop­per;
  • dis­con­nect the top cov­er of the wash­ing machine from the fas­ten­ers;
  • remove the front pan­el, care­ful­ly as there is a con­trol pan­el;
  • unscrew the coun­ter­weight plate from the fas­ten­ers and remove it.
  • unscrew the screws, and dis­man­tle the water sup­ply hose togeth­er with the pow­der receiv­ing com­part­ment;
  • now you need to dis­con­nect the pipes;
  • remove the back cov­er and dis­con­nect the hoses and all wiring from the heat­ing ele­ment and the engine;
  • remove the low­er shock absorbers of the tank;
  • care­ful­ly remove the con­trol unit;
  • remove all drain and sup­ply hoses;
  • dis­man­tle cuffs;
  • grasp the springs and pull the tank com­part­ment up.

Bearing Replacement Instructions

Now it remains only to dis­man­tle the old bear­ing, and install a new one, it all looks like this:

  • remove the front coun­ter­weight;
  • unscrew the bolts that hold the front of the tank;
  • turn the tank upside down, that is, with the pul­ley up, and unscrew­ing the bolt in the cen­ter, then remove the pul­ley and belt;
  • after which the drum can be safe­ly pulled out of the tank, which we do;
  • now, using chis­els, knock out both bear­ings;
  • after dis­man­tling the two bear­ings, the seat­ing area for new parts must be thor­ough­ly cleaned. This is exact­ly what WD-40 grease was for, when you remove all the dirt, wipe this place dry;
  • now care­ful­ly install both bear­ings, first the out­er and then the inner, ham­mer­ing them with light ham­mer blows;
  • from the inside, install the oil seal after lubri­cat­ing it. It will pre­vent water from enter­ing the bear­ing itself.

The replace­ment is com­plete, it remains only to assem­ble every­thing in the reverse order. How­ev­er, before that, it is advis­able to look at oth­er details of the main com­part­ment of the wash­ing machine, and make sure they do not need to be changed or cleaned, such as a descal­ing heater and oth­er lit­tle things.

We told you about how the bear­ing is replaced in the Atlant wash­ing machine, this oper­a­tion is not so com­pli­cat­ed. How­ev­er, if you do not want to repair the wash­ing machine your­self, or are afraid of dam­ag­ing some­thing dur­ing the replace­ment, it is rec­om­mend­ed to call spe­cial­ists who will do every­thing quick­ly and effi­cient­ly.

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