Bak­ing soda is a ver­sa­tile clean­ing agent that is used to solve var­i­ous house­hold prob­lems. It can be used in cook­ing, clean­ing kitchen uten­sils, remov­ing laun­dry stains or bleach­ing clothes. Also, soda can be active­ly used to clean parts of auto­mat­ic wash­ing machines from limescale. In this arti­cle, we will tell you how to clean the wash­ing machine with soda from limescale and dirt.

What is the difference between baking soda and soda ash

Soda is pro­duced with dif­fer­ent chem­i­cal com­po­si­tion. By its nature, it is alka­li. In var­i­ous fields of activ­i­ty, the fol­low­ing three types of this prod­uct of the chem­i­cal indus­try are used:

  1. NaHCO3 or sodi­um bicar­bon­ate. This for­mu­la has an ordi­nary bak­ing soda.
  2. Na2CO3 — soda ash.
  3. NaOH — caus­tic soda.

washing soda in washing machine

In the first case, this is the weak­est alka­line prod­uct. Bak­ing soda is used in the con­fec­tionery indus­try. Caus­tic soda has the strongest chem­i­cal reac­tion. Prac­ti­cal­ly not used for domes­tic pur­pos­es. As a rule, it is used in the chem­i­cal indus­try. The most suit­able pow­der to clean the wash­ing machine is soda ash. Next, we will take a clos­er look at how to clean a wash­ing machine with soda ash.

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Cleaning with soda ash

The main prob­lem that occurs dur­ing the oper­a­tion of auto­mat­ic wash­ing machines is the for­ma­tion of scale on parts. Also, if you do not strict­ly fol­low the rules for oper­at­ing the equip­ment, then over time an unpleas­ant odor may occur. All mech­a­nisms can be cleaned using soda ash. With the help of soda ash, you can clean the wash­ing machine with high qual­i­ty, it also has a low­er cost com­pared to spe­cial prod­ucts sold in retail out­lets, but its effec­tive­ness is no less.

To get rid of mold and plaque on the parts of the wash­ing machine and from the unpleas­ant smell you need:

  1. Make a saline solu­tion. To do this, stir one part soda and one part water.
  2. The result­ing mix­ture is applied direct­ly to the drum and around the rub­ber cuff. Most of the mold is formed in the folds of the cuff. You need to work with rub­ber gloves. Bak­ing soda can irri­tate the skin.
  3. The tool should be kept for about half an hour.
  4. We remove the dirt from the parts of the wash­ing machine with a sponge along with a soda solu­tion.
  5. We turn on the wash­ing machine on the quick wash mode with­out clothes.


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If you were unable to pur­chase soda ash to clean your wash­ing machine, then reg­u­lar bak­ing soda can be used. At the same time, the wash­ing machine should be cleaned on a reg­u­lar basis at least once a month.

It is nec­es­sary not only to clean the drum of the machine and cuffs, but also the con­tain­er for deter­gents. With reg­u­lar use of the wash­ing machine, pow­der and lime deposits set­tle in the trays. Clean­ing con­tain­ers for house­hold chem­i­cals can be done in the same way as clean­ing the drum. Soda solu­tion is applied for twen­ty to thir­ty min­utes on the walls of the tray, and then washed off.

Soda ash soft­ens house­hold water well. It can be added to any laun­dry deter­gent for two table­spoons. This should not be done when wash­ing woolen and silk items. Adding soda ash with each wash will pro­tect the parts of the wash­ing machine from scale.

The use of soda in washing


Quite often, Na2CO3 alka­li is used to remove stains on clothes. To do this, soda can be added direct­ly to the wash­ing pow­der when lay­ing the laun­dry in the drum. This is a suit­able method for linen and cot­ton items. In no case should you add alka­li when wash­ing woolen and silk items. It is also not rec­om­mend­ed to do this when wash­ing things with a spe­cial mem­brane coat­ing.

If the water used for wash­ing is of medi­um hard­ness, then experts rec­om­mend adding two to three table­spoons of soda. At the same time, it can be poured direct­ly into the drum to things. If the water hard­ness is very high, then you need to add about five table­spoons of soda.

It should be remem­bered that the water tem­per­a­ture dur­ing wash­ing should be at least 50 ºC.

how to clean washing machine with baking soda

To achieve the best effect, soda can be poured into the water when soak­ing. For this pur­pose, three table­spoons are dis­solved in ten liters of water at a tem­per­a­ture not low­er than 40 ºC. Things are soaked for two to three hours, after which you can wash them by hand or in a wash­ing machine.

Soda ash effec­tive­ly cleans, bleach­es and removes stains on kitchen tow­els. To do this, four spoons of alka­li are mixed with shav­ings of laun­dry soap. This mix­ture is dilut­ed with water in an enam­eled con­tain­er. The con­tain­er must be half filled with water. After the mix­ture is com­plete­ly dis­solved, kitchen tow­els are soaked in water and put on fire. Boil tow­els for twen­ty min­utes. Then they can be washed in the wash­ing machine.

Soda ash is sold at most retail out­lets in spe­cial­ized depart­ments, in the same place where the rest of house­hold chem­i­cals for the home are sold.

Bak­ing soda is a uni­ver­sal rem­e­dy for impec­ca­ble house­keep­ing. They can, and wash clothes, and clean any kitchen sur­face, and remove unpleas­ant odors. Do not for­get to clean the drain fil­ter of the wash­ing machine at least once a month, as it is often clogged with thread, hair, limescale and oth­er small things. Now you know how to clean your wash­ing machine with bak­ing soda, and we hope this arti­cle helped you clean your wash­ing machine.

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