Clean­li­ness of house­hold appli­ances should always be mon­i­tored. There are many ways to prop­er­ly keep your house clean, for exam­ple, dif­fer­ent deter­gents and chem­i­cals from scale, dirt, mold, and so on. But house­wives who under­stand this mat­ter give you advice — you can use an acetic solu­tion. Every­one in the house has acetic acid, but not every­one knows how to use it, but I will help you. Now we will tell you how to clean the wash­ing machine with vine­gar from scale and dirt.

Washer cleaning: step by step instructions

Many house­wives are won­der­ing if it is pos­si­ble to add vine­gar to the wash­ing machine to clean scale, dirt, mold and unpleas­ant odors? Of course, you can, most impor­tant­ly, after the clean­ing pro­ce­dure, rinse the wash­er well from the vine­gar solu­tion and scale residues.

Clean­ing the wash­ing machine with vine­gar takes place accord­ing to spe­cial instruc­tions:

  1. Remove all unnec­es­sary items from the drum, if any. Acetic acid can ruin things.
  2. You will need 9% food grade acetic acid. Pour half a cup of vine­gar solu­tion into the pow­der com­part­ment. Remem­ber to wear rub­ber gloves, the vine­gar can dam­age your skin.
  3. Start the wash­ing machine, select the longest wash cycle at high tem­per­a­ture and turn it on.
  4. When a lit­tle time pass­es, to heat up the machine, press pause and wait 1–1.5 hours.
  5. Start the machine again to end the cycle.
  6. Do not for­get to clean the drain fil­ter from scale.
  7. Mix 50 ml of vine­gar in one liter of drink­ing water. Wipe the drum and cuff with this solu­tion.
  8. Run the machine on a short cycle for a final clean­ing of acetic acid residue and scale.
  9. Do not for­get to wipe the inter­nal com­po­nents of the wash­ing machine. Wipe the pow­der con­tain­er with a reg­u­lar cloth.

If you have 70% vine­gar and want to clean the wash­ing machine, then acetic acid can be mixed with water about 1 × 7. Cal­cu­late how much water and vine­gar you need to add to get the amount of nine per­cent vine­gar solu­tion you need.

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Powder Receptacle Cleaning

How to clean the pow­der con­tain­er? You will need all the same vine­gar. Pour warm water into a con­tain­er and pour about 250 ml of a 9% vine­gar solu­tion. Put a tray in this mix­ture and leave for a day. Choose a spe­cial con­tain­er so that the solu­tion is filled to the brim, this will help to clean the pow­der hop­per more effi­cient­ly. After all these steps, take a sponge and wipe the con­tain­er, it should shine. How can you clean a con­tain­er with bak­ing soda and vine­gar? Let’s tell. Make a mix­ture of bak­ing soda and vine­gar and apply to the sides of the con­tain­er, leave for a while, after about two hours, brush the plaque (you can use a tooth­brush) and rinse.

The con­tain­er intend­ed for the pow­der must be washed and cleaned very often, name­ly, soaked in spe­cial antimi­cro­bial solu­tions. The hole in which the pow­der com­part­ment is locat­ed must be washed with antimi­cro­bial agents, but this should be done care­ful­ly. Because the liq­uid enters the con­tain­er using rub­ber noz­zles. Sim­i­lar rub­ber tubes, vine­gar essence can cor­rode very quick­ly.

Pros and cons of cleaning with vinegar


Let’s start with the pros, they are that:

  • The price is afford­able for every per­son.
  • You will for­get what unpleas­ant odors are.
  • Vine­gar effec­tive­ly removes mold in the wash­ing machine.
  • The inter­nal parts of the machine will be descaled.

And now for the cons. Strong smell after using vine­gar as a deter­gent. Install an extra rinse to get rid of the bad smell bet­ter. And the room where your wash­ing machine is locat­ed should be well ven­ti­lat­ed. Observe the required dos­es when using vine­gar. If the vine­gar has a high per­cent­age, then the seal­ing gum will most like­ly become coarse and tear.

how to descale a washing machine with vinegar

Other ways to clean the washer from scale


Cit­ric acid is per­fect instead of vine­gar to clean the wash­ing machine. Most house­wives use cit­ric acid instead of vine­gar. Why is this way bet­ter? And it is bet­ter because cit­ric acid can be poured into the drum itself. On our web­site you can see an arti­cle on how to clean a wash­ing machine with cit­ric acid.

This list con­tains the most effec­tive clean­ing prod­ucts that will help you descale your machine:

  1. five plus.
  2. Dr. Beck­mann.
  3. Frau Schmidt clean­er.
  4. descaler.
  5. Anti­nakipin.
  6. AntiKal.
  7. Fil­tero.

And this is not an exhaus­tive list of descal­ing prod­ucts, because there are many oth­er clean­ing prod­ucts that will make your wash­ing machine shine. Clean­ing prod­ucts from Can­dy, Elec­trolux, Bosch and so on will help you remove limescale. Use the instruc­tions in order not to destroy your wash­ing machine. I guar­an­tee that after try­ing some meth­ods, you will find the most suit­able for you, which will match both in price and in effi­cien­cy.

descaling washing machine with vinegar

Anoth­er good and cheap way is to clean your wash­ing machine with bak­ing soda. It plays the role of a mold and scale destroy­er. Almost every house­wife in the kitchen has bak­ing soda. Also, house­hold chem­i­cal stores sell soda ash, which is also absolute­ly harm­less to the human body.

To sum­ma­rize, you need to clean the wash­ing machine from scale once every six months. And to make your machine last longer, use the water soft­en­ers and descal­ing meth­ods dis­cussed above.

I hope this arti­cle helped you clean your wash­ing machine with vine­gar and get rid of scale, dirt and bad smell.

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