Like any house­hold appli­ance, a wash­ing machine tends to break down. More pre­cise­ly, a cer­tain part or sev­er­al breaks in it, depend­ing on the sever­i­ty of the break­down. Sam­sung wash­ing machines are no excep­tion. More specif­i­cal­ly, in this arti­cle we will talk about how the heat­ing ele­ment is replaced in a Sam­sung wash­ing machine.

Some­times it hap­pens when dur­ing wash­ing the machine gives an error that reports that the water is not hot enough or even cold, which indi­cates a mal­func­tion of the heat­ing ele­ment. The wash­ing machine will stop the wash­ing pro­gram and you have to get to the heat­ing ele­ment itself and dis­man­tle it to find out the rea­son. How to replace the heat­ing ele­ment in the wash­ing machine will be dis­cussed below.

How to get the heating element of the Samsung washing machine

How to get the heating element of the Samsung washing machine

A fea­ture of these wash­ing units is that the heat­ing ele­ment is locat­ed direct­ly on one of the out­er walls of the tank and get­ting to it is not always an easy task. How­ev­er, this is not an impos­si­ble action. It may seem so only at first glance. There­fore, you do not need to con­tact the mas­ters, and for an addi­tion­al fee, replace the heat­ing ele­ment for the Sam­sung wash­ing machine. You can do it your­self. Before chang­ing the heat­ing ele­ment, it is nec­es­sary to dis­as­sem­ble the Sam­sung wash­ing machine. Here is the work order:

  • first, we drain the water remain­ing in the tank, for this it is nec­es­sary to unscrew the hose with the fil­ter, and the water will flow out by itself;
  • after that it is nec­es­sary to dis­con­nect the front pan­el of the wash­ing machine by unscrew­ing the bolts that hold it;
  • remove the pow­der box, unscrew all remain­ing fas­ten­ers;
  • the unscrewed con­trol pan­el can be moved aside so as not to inter­fere;
  • now you need to care­ful­ly remove the seal­ing gum around the hatch. This should be done very care­ful­ly so as not to dam­age the cuffs, because. it is not easy to replace it;
  • pry off the plas­tic pan­el with a flat screw­driv­er and expose the body of the machine;
  • now the con­trol pan­el can be unscrewed and pulled out, hav­ing pre­vi­ous­ly dis­con­nect­ed the har­ness­es and con­tacts;
  • the front pan­el is now eas­i­ly removed and we can see the inside of the wash­ing machine.

After the front cov­er is dis­man­tled, you can see the heater itself on the Sam­sung wash­ing machine. In this posi­tion, it can be checked with­out remov­ing it. Ini­tial­ly, you need to mea­sure the resis­tance with a mul­ti­me­ter. The process is sim­ple and does not take much time, if you have cer­tain knowl­edge. You should attach the ends of the mul­ti­me­ter to the con­tacts of the heat­ing ele­ment, and turn on the device. The read­ings of the device should fluc­tu­ate from 25 to 30 ohms. In this case, the elec­tric heater is work­ing.

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If it turns out that the heat­ing ele­ment is still defec­tive, it must be dis­con­nect­ed and replaced with a new, pre­vi­ous­ly pur­chased one. Here is the replace­ment order:

  • unscrew the nuts from the fix­ing bolts;
  • sip the con­tacts from side to side;
  • with a ham­mer, you can gen­tly tap the studs from which the nuts have just been twist­ed a cou­ple of times;
  • care­ful­ly pull out the defec­tive ele­ment.

After remov­ing the faulty heat­ing ele­ment, it is nec­es­sary to check the resis­tance of the new part again, and if it is work­ing, then you can put it in place. Pre-drop machine oil on the gum. The instal­la­tion process is the reverse of dis­man­tling.

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After remov­ing the heater, you should pay atten­tion to its loca­tion. Dur­ing the use of the wash­ing machine, debris (scale, pow­der residues, threads, but­tons, etc.) may accu­mu­late on the heat­ing ele­ment and its loca­tion. This should be giv­en direct atten­tion, since remov­ing the heat­ing ele­ment and replac­ing it in this case will not be enough, because this can lead to an ear­ly fail­ure of the ele­ment.

It is rec­om­mend­ed that after remov­ing the heat­ing ele­ment, check and thor­ough­ly clean the heat­ing port. Depend­ing on the mod­el, this can be done sim­ply by hand, or, as the mas­ters advise, with a table­spoon. After clean­ing, you can install a new heater and be sure that it will work out.

We hope this arti­cle has giv­en you a rough idea of ​​how the heat­ing ele­ment is replaced in a Sam­sung wash­ing machine.

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