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Expert: Eliza­ve­ta Rubin­shtein

*A review of the best accord­ing to the edi­tors of expertology.ru. About selec­tion cri­te­ria. This mate­r­i­al is sub­jec­tive, is not an adver­tise­ment and does not serve as a guide to the pur­chase. Before buy­ing, you need to con­sult with a spe­cial­ist.

In today’s world, it is very dif­fi­cult to refuse prod­ucts that make our lives much eas­i­er. Wom­en’s pads are no excep­tion. Their range is so wide that it is able to sat­is­fy any needs in dif­fer­ent sit­u­a­tions. Gas­kets are post­par­tum, uro­log­i­cal, dai­ly. And, of course, the most com­mon type is men­stru­al san­i­tary nap­kins. All of them dif­fer not only in pur­pose and degree of absorben­cy, but also in shape, as well as in the mate­r­i­al of man­u­fac­ture.

The experts of our mag­a­zine have com­piled a rat­ing of pads that are rec­og­nized by experts as the best prod­ucts and have the most pos­i­tive reviews from women.

Gasket Selection Criteria

Before pro­ceed­ing with the com­par­a­tive analy­sis, review the main cri­te­ria that will help you choose the right gas­kets.

  1. Type of
    . Every­thing is sim­ple here: we choose dai­ly, hygien­ic or post­par­tum.
  2. Degree of absorben­cy
    . Nap­kins for “crit­i­cal” days have sev­er­al degrees of pro­tec­tion, so we choose depend­ing on the abun­dance of secre­tions.
  3. The form
    . As a rule, the most pop­u­lar is the anatom­i­cal one, which pro­vides max­i­mum pro­tec­tion and pre­vents leak­age. Night pads have a more elon­gat­ed shape. They can also be with or with­out wings.
  4. Upper lay­er
    . It comes in the form of a mesh or soft. The first one absorbs bet­ter. Wipes with a soft lay­er are cho­sen by women with sen­si­tive skin.
  5. Aro­ma.
    Many types are pro­duced using nat­ur­al or arti­fi­cial fra­grances that elim­i­nate unpleas­ant odors, pre­vent its occur­rence, give fresh­ness and com­fort. There are pads with absolute­ly no fra­grance.
  6. Man­u­fac­tur­er
    . Many women have already set­tled on a cer­tain brand that guar­an­tees effec­tive results and hypoal­ler­genic­i­ty. It is bet­ter to take a clos­er look at new or unknown brands, read reviews and get the opin­ion of experts in order to avoid unfore­seen con­se­quences.

Pros and cons of using

The ben­e­fits of using it include:

  • ease of use;
  • pre­vent soil­ing of linen.

There are also dis­ad­van­tages. They can rub, cause aller­gies. The adhe­sive lay­er of some man­u­fac­tur­ers is rather weak, and this threat­ens with dis­place­ment and leak­age.

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