In this arti­cle, we will tell you why you need cross­piece for wash­ing machine sam­sung, Bosch and oth­ers, what is its mean­ing and how it works. It will also be described below how, in which case, to repair the cross.

General information

washing machine drum

Mod­ern wash­ing machines from such com­pa­nies as Sam­sung, Bosch, Inde­sit, LG are very pop­u­lar in Rus­sia and the CIS coun­tries due to their qual­i­ty and man­u­fac­tura­bil­i­ty, as well as ease of wash­ing. But more and more often the ques­tion aris­es that the more expen­sive the car, the more expen­sive its main­te­nance and repair. This applies in par­tic­u­lar to the brands Inde­sit and Bosh, as for many years they have shown them­selves to be the best, which sug­gests that their equip­ment is nat­u­ral­ly not cheap.

One of the most impor­tant parts of any wash­ing machine is the drum. After all, it is there that wash­ing takes place — the process for which this machine was cre­at­ed. The rota­tion of the drum is car­ried out by a bear­ing assem­bly, which, in turn, is attached to the cross. The drum itself rests on it. A faulty cross­piece can lead to sad con­se­quences, depend­ing on the dam­age to the lat­ter. Most often, the cross­piece breaks due to high loads, and this entails a num­ber of oth­er break­downs, because. an auto­mat­ic wash­ing machine is a com­plex mech­a­nism that includes not only parts and mech­a­nisms, but also an elec­tron­ic com­po­nent. Also, a mal­func­tion can occur when seals and bear­ings are worn, which are either poor­ly lubri­cat­ed or made of soft and brit­tle mate­r­i­al.

In order to avoid break­age of the cross, you must care­ful­ly lis­ten to the sounds that the work­ing drum makes. Grind­ing, knock­ing, rustling of sur­faces indi­cates that most like­ly the bear­ings have become unus­able or the cross­piece itself has a deflec­tion. If you hear sim­i­lar or extra­ne­ous sounds com­ing from the drum, you should imme­di­ate­ly stop the oper­a­tion of the wash­ing machine and con­tact a spe­cial­ist. The cross­piece itself is inex­pen­sive, and there is plen­ty of it in ware­hous­es, but dis­as­sem­bling and repair­ing the drum is painstak­ing and expen­sive work. Also, if you have suf­fi­cient expe­ri­ence and the nec­es­sary knowl­edge, you can fix the car your­self.

Cross­piece for wash­ing machine Sam­sung not much dif­fer­ent from the cross­es of cars from LG, Bosch, Inde­sit and oth­er pop­u­lar man­u­fac­tur­ers. The car­di­nal dif­fer­ence is in the drums and their ori­en­ta­tion rel­a­tive to the sur­face, they are hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal. But ver­ti­cal ones are more pop­u­lar, so we will talk about them.

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Samsung washing machine cross repair

washing machine cross

In most cas­es, the repair of the cross con­sists in replac­ing the lat­ter, because. it is made of met­al that can­not be weld­ed or aligned. So it is being replaced. It will cost less, while the car will have a new part, and not a cor­rect­ed old one, which will again become unus­able after a while.

In order for the cross­piece on the Sam­sung wash­ing machine to fit your mod­el, you need to choose the part you need, for this, con­tact the ser­vice cen­ter of the brand (in our case, Sam­sung) or a spe­cial­ized store. The main replace­ment fac­tor should be that the part must be of the same com­pa­ny and for the same mod­el of wash­ing machine.

If the prob­lem is not in the cross itself, but in the “fly­ing” bear­ings or seals, which great­ly sim­pli­fies the task. This applies to Bosch and Inde­sit wash­ing machines. Most often, it is not the cross of the drum that breaks, but the sec­ondary parts. Nat­u­ral­ly, the details must be orig­i­nal, because. The man­u­fac­tur­er does not take respon­si­bil­i­ty for dam­age oth­er­wise.

Replacing the cross of the Samsung washing machine

The details of the cross­es, as well as the cross­es them­selves from dif­fer­ent man­u­fac­tur­ers, have a dif­fer­ent appear­ance, but in essence and appli­ca­tion are the same. Replac­ing the cross of a Sam­sung wash­ing machine is as fol­lows:

  • old, defec­tive bear­ings and seals locat­ed on the shaft are dis­man­tled;
  • next comes the instal­la­tion of new seals;
  • after the seals, the new bear­ings are installed and pressed in.

At first glance, this process may seem sim­ple, but for those who do not have expe­ri­ence, it will be very dif­fi­cult, espe­cial­ly if non-orig­i­nal parts are used, because. you will have to adjust the bear­ings for cuts and holes. There­fore, it is advised to seek help from a spe­cial­ist.

In this arti­cle, we told you about how sam­sung wash­ing machine cross

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