how to clean the oven from grease and soot

Is it pos­si­ble to quick­ly clean the oven or oven at home? Is it pos­si­ble to turn a heav­i­ly con­t­a­m­i­nat­ed sur­face into a sam­ple of per­fect clean­li­ness? Eas­i­ly! Pre­pare impro­vised means: vine­gar, ammo­nia, water, soap and inge­nu­ity. Let’s start the fight against fat and soot right now!

How to wash the oven from old fat and soot

Do you have lit­tle time to clean? Won­der­ing how to clean the oven quick­ly? In this case, you can use chem­i­cals to clean the oven sur­faces. Edel­star or Amway brand clean­ers will effec­tive­ly clean a very dirty sur­face inside and out­side the oven. The whole process of clean­ing the fire takes a lit­tle time and con­sists of three stages:

  1. Before wash­ing an elec­tric oven, take the nec­es­sary safe­ty pre­cau­tions: put on pro­tec­tive gloves, open a win­dow, restrict access to the kitchen for chil­dren and pets. Do you want to clean glass? Loosen the screws on the door and remove it.
  2. A spe­cial brush or a reg­u­lar shav­ing brush will help get rid of old, burnt fat, and use an old tooth­brush to clean hard-to-reach places. Apply the prod­uct on a dirty sur­face and leave for 2 hours, and after this peri­od, wipe and rinse thor­ough­ly with water.
  3. When fin­ished clean­ing, wash the used inven­to­ry, wipe the oven, insert the glass and tight­en the bolts.

Chemicals for cleaning the oven

The chem­i­cal method is an excel­lent tool for neu­tral­iz­ing old fat and soot, but remem­ber that it has a lot of draw­backs. For reg­u­lar clean­ing, use safer prod­ucts such as soap, vine­gar, and bak­ing soda.

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Soda, vinegar and water — and the oven is clean

You can use folk reme­dies: vine­gar and soda as a means for reg­u­lar­ly clean­ing the oven from burnt fat. The soda-vine­gar method is used in such cas­es:

  • As a reg­u­lar oven main­te­nance at home. After clean­ing dry debris in the oven, moist­en the sur­face to be cleaned and the grates with a sponge, apply vine­gar even­ly and leave for about three hours. Is your oven not very dirty? Then one treat­ment will be enough for you to eas­i­ly clean the inside of the oven and get rid of burn­ing. To clean old stains, a brush or sponge with a hard coat­ing will help.
  • To clean a very dirty sur­face, you can dilute acetic acid and water in a one-to-one ratio, moist­en a rag with the solu­tion and thor­ough­ly wipe the walls in the oven. After that, sprin­kle bak­ing soda on the burnt fat and leave for 1 hour. This method involves a chem­i­cal reac­tion with the release of hydro­gen, which effec­tive­ly and safe­ly removes even old dirt. After clean­ing, wash the oven with warm soapy water and wipe dry.

Quick cleaning of dirty glass in the oven

Anoth­er good oven clean­er at home is the high tem­per­a­ture method. Thus, you can eas­i­ly wash the glass and get rid of old greasy stains. To do this, take a glass dish and pour one liter of water and 20 grams of vine­gar essence into it. Place the bowl in an oven pre­heat­ed to 150–170 degrees. After 30 min­utes, turn off the oven and wipe the dirty sur­face while it is still warm. To quick­ly clean the glass, sprin­kle bak­ing soda on a damp­ened sponge and wipe the sur­face, and after 40 min­utes, wipe the glass. In this case, absolute­ly all the dirt will move away, and your oven will again shine with clean­li­ness.
How to quickly clean the glass of the oven from dirt

Three easy tips for cleaning your oven

  1. You can pour a lit­tle water into a heat-resis­tant dish, add dish­wash­ing deter­gent or ordi­nary laun­dry soap to it. Turn on the oven and cook the mix­ture for about an hour at a tem­per­a­ture of about 150 degrees. Dur­ing prepa­ra­tion, do not open the oven so as not to burn your­self. Next, turn off the oven and let it cool down. Wipe the walls with a sponge or cloth and rinse with water.
  2. This method of clean­ing fat involves the use of ammo­nia. With the help of this tool, you can effec­tive­ly clean the oven from the old soot. Place a bowl of water in the oven and pour a few drops of ammo­nia into it. Close the oven and seal the door with tape around the perime­ter to seal it. Leave this mix­ture overnight. For a more effec­tive effect, you can rub the walls with ammo­nia. Wash the oven the next day. Of course, the main dis­ad­van­tage of this method is the pun­gent smell. There­fore, while using ammo­nia, ven­ti­late the room and keep chil­dren away from the oven.
  3. Effec­tive. A mix­ture of hydro­gen per­ox­ide and soda will help to thor­ough­ly clean the oven. Pre­pare a quar­ter cup of bak­ing soda and 3% hydro­gen per­ox­ide. Mix the ingre­di­ents and mix them until a mushy mass is formed. The result­ing mix­ture is applied to the dirty walls of the oven and left for a while in this form. Next, wipe the sur­face and rinse with water. It should be not­ed that this prod­uct is per­fect for clean­ing not only the sur­face of the oven, but also for wash­ing cast iron and nick­el-plat­ed dish­es.

As you can see, you can clean the oven with impro­vised means at home. Use these prod­ucts reg­u­lar­ly so that your oven will delight you not only with deli­cious dish­es, but also with bril­liant clean­li­ness.

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