how to get rid of the smell in the slow cooker

Often house­wives are con­cerned about the ques­tion of how to get rid of the smell in a slow cook­er. It may be present in a new slow cook­er or left after cook­ing your favorite dish­es. It is no longer pos­si­ble to get rid of odors by sim­ply wash­ing the bowl, they are per­sis­tent and sat­u­rat­ed. Today we will tell you how to remove the smell from the mul­ti­cook­er using folk meth­ods.

We eliminate the smell from the new multicooker

A mul­ti-cook­er is a mul­ti­func­tion­al unit that is avail­able in the kitchen of almost every per­son. She firm­ly entered every­day life due to the sim­plic­i­ty of her device. All you need is to pre­pare the prod­ucts and choose the opti­mal mode. It saves time and allows a novice cook to make a deli­cious dish.

When pur­chas­ing this kitchen helper, you may encounter the prob­lem of an unpleas­ant plas­tic odor that can be trans­ferred from the bowl to the cooked food. How to get rid of amber in a slow cook­er? There are sev­er­al answers to this ques­tion:

  1. Pour one liter of water into the bowl and add a table­spoon of lemon juice or cit­ric acid. We turn on the steam­er mode for 30 min­utes. Then drain the water and rinse with clean water. The unit is com­plete­ly ready for work, the amber of plas­tic and rub­ber is com­plete­ly elim­i­nat­ed.
  2. The smell of plas­tic can be removed with 9% vine­gar. Wet a cloth with it and wipe the parts with­out touch­ing the heat­ing ele­ment. The stench in the slow cook­er will dis­ap­pear in a mat­ter of min­utes.
  3. If the smell in the slow cook­er has become unbear­able, you can add two table­spoons of 9% vine­gar to a liter of water and turn it on to the dou­ble boil­er mode. After half an hour, turn off and rinse with clean water.
  4. If the unit stinks of plas­tic, you can clean it with an ordi­nary deter­gent. To do this, remove the sil­i­cone gas­ket from the lid and rinse it with the prod­uct under clean run­ning water. Dry it well and put it back in place.

Using these meth­ods, you can quick­ly get rid of the unpleas­ant smell of plas­tic or rub­ber in a slow cook­er. It won’t take much time or mon­ey.


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Eliminate the smell of cooked foods

The fol­low­ing meth­ods will help to get rid of the unpleas­ant smell of food:

  1. If the bowl stinks of fish, then vine­gar will come to the res­cue. It is nec­es­sary to add it in the amount of two table­spoons to one and a half liters of water. Turn on steam mode. After com­ple­tion of work, rinse the bowl and valve with clean water and wipe with a damp cloth, and then dry with a clean tow­el. This method takes longer, but com­plete­ly beats off the unpleas­ant smell from the mul­ti­cook­er
  2. You can get rid of unpleas­ant amber in a mul­ti-cook­er with the help of usu­al­ly soda and salt. We pre­pare a soda solu­tion. We take soda ash, salt and dis­solve them in water in a ratio of 1: 1: 1. Thor­ough­ly rinse the bowl with this mix­ture a cou­ple of times. Rinse thor­ough­ly with plain water.
  3. If the unit stinks a lot, then ordi­nary whole-grain cof­fee will help get rid of the smell in the slow cook­er. It is an excel­lent adsor­bent capa­ble of absorb­ing all unpleas­ant­ly smelling par­ti­cles. You just need to put a cup with nat­ur­al ground cof­fee on the bot­tom. Dur­ing the night, all extra­ne­ous odors will dis­ap­pear.
  4. If you cook sev­er­al dish­es in a row in it at once, then you can get an addi­tion­al seal­ing ring. Let it be dif­fer­ent for each type of food. For exam­ple, for soups, use one, and for desserts, anoth­er.

how to wash the multicooker from the smell


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Prevention of unpleasant odors in the slow cooker

  1. Do not close the device valve dur­ing stor­age. Its open posi­tion will allow nor­mal air pas­sage with­out cre­at­ing stag­na­tion. If you fol­low this rule, a musty stink in the appli­ance will nev­er form.
  2. After each cook­ing process, the device should be thor­ough­ly washed. It is not per­mis­si­ble to leave even the slight­est drop of fat or left­over food.
  3. Store the mul­ti­cook­er in a ven­ti­lat­ed place with the lid loose­ly closed. A kitchen table is suit­able for this, not a clos­et or a place in the pantry.
  4. Do not store cooked food in the bowl. After cook­ing, trans­fer the food to a sep­a­rate bowl.

Know­ing all these rules and tips, you can eas­i­ly cope with the task of get­ting rid of the smell in a slow cook­er.

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