Most of the Kandy wash­ing machines (Can­dy) have a pro­gram for iden­ti­fy­ing faults and errors, dis­play­ing them as codes on the dis­play. Data Can­dy wash­ing machine error codes will be deci­phered in this arti­cle. This sys­tem is present only on machines with a dis­play, because. oth­ers that don’t have it dis­play errors dif­fer­ent­ly.

With these encrypt­ed codes con­tain­ing the infor­ma­tion need­ed to resolve the prob­lem, the tech­ni­cian can quick­ly iden­ti­fy the prob­lem and begin the repair process. How­ev­er, in order to under­stand what the error is, you need to know the des­ig­na­tion of these error codes. Below are the Can­dy wash­ing machine error codes. Since errors are dis­played dif­fer­ent­ly in dif­fer­ent mod­els, we will divide them into sub­species.

ActivaSmart model errors

ActivaSmart model errors

E01 — occurs when the Kandy wash­ing machine door lock device mal­func­tions. If this error occurs, the door lock may mal­func­tion, and the wiring and integri­ty of the elec­tron­ic con­troller may also be bro­ken.

E02 — occurs when there is a prob­lem with water intake, i.e. water does not enter the cav­i­ty of the house­hold unit or, on the con­trary, exceeds its opti­mal amount. With this error, clog­ging or clog­ging of the fill­ing valve, or even its fail­ure, is pos­si­ble. It is also pos­si­ble that the lev­el sen­sor and con­troller are faulty.

E03 — issued by the unit in the case when water is drained slow­ly or does not occur at all. This error occurs when the con­tacts and con­duc­tors of the drain pump are bro­ken or bro­ken. The water lev­el sen­sor of the wash­ing machine is dam­aged or out of order. It is also pos­si­ble that the drain pipes and fil­ters could be clogged.

E04 — con­sists in a mal­func­tion of the fill­ing valves, over­fill­ing above the pro­grammed pre­set water lev­el in the tank. The sig­nal comes from the lev­el con­trol relay that the tank is full and the machine stops. This prob­lem is explained by the fail­ure of the water lev­el con­trol con­troller, which is stuck in one posi­tion and the inlet valve lets water through.

E05 — the water does not heat up at all or very weak­ly. When error E05 occurs, there may be sev­er­al rea­sons. First, the tubu­lar elec­tric heater fell into dis­re­pair. Sec­ond­ly, the tem­per­a­ture sen­sor is faulty. Third­ly, the water lev­el con­troller refus­es to work.

E07 — oper­a­tion of the engine at high speeds, exceed­ing the allow­able pro­gram. This error is caused by a break­down of the tachome­ter and gen­er­a­tor. With this break­down, in any case, you need to check the motor wind­ing and replace it if it is faulty.

E09 — the dri­ve does not work or does not work as it should. When this error occurs, the motor pow­er sup­ply is replaced or the dri­ve is rewound.

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Aquatic model errors

Aquatic model errors

These mod­els of Can­dy wash­ing machines do not have a dis­play as such. All codes with errors are giv­en in the form of blink­ing indi­ca­tors locat­ed on the con­trol pan­els of these auto­mat­ic machines. Blink­ing is built accord­ing to the Morse code type, it is nec­es­sary to care­ful­ly mon­i­tor the behav­ior of the indi­ca­tor and count the blinks. These errors are list­ed below:

  • The indi­ca­tor lights up with­out blink­ing, with­out stop­ping — a mal­func­tion of the con­trol mod­ule or its vio­la­tion.
  • Flash­es once — a mal­func­tion of the wash­ing machine door lock device, and the wiring and integri­ty of the elec­tron­ic con­troller may also be bro­ken.
  • Flash­es twice — water does not come or comes, but too slow­ly. It is nec­es­sary to check whether the water sup­ply valve is closed, and also check the integri­ty of the water intake hose. Faulty water lev­el sen­sor or its con­tacts.
  • Flash­es three times — there is water left in the machine after drain­ing. Faulty drain pump, clogged fil­ter or drain hose.
  • Flash­es four times — the tank is full. Occurs due to clog­ging of the fill­ing valves, the lev­el sen­sor is faulty or con­tacts.
  • Flash­es five times — the tem­per­a­ture sen­sor has short­ed or the integri­ty of the wiring is bro­ken.
  • Flash­es six times — the con­trol mod­ule and mem­o­ry are faulty.
  • Flash­es sev­en times – dri­ve stop.
  • Eight flash­es — closed the tachome­ter or gen­er­a­tor.
  • Nine blinks — the tri­ac of the elec­tric dri­ve is faulty.
  • Twelve flash­es — no sig­nal between the con­trol mod­ule and the indi­ca­tor mod­ule. Con­tacts bro­ken.
  • Four­teen flash­es — a mal­func­tion of the con­trol mod­ule, as well as a vio­la­tion of the con­tacts.
  • Fif­teen flash­es — a pro­gram fail­ure.
  • Six­teen — the clo­sure of the tubu­lar elec­tric heater.
  • Sev­en­teen — an incor­rect sig­nal from the tachome­ter.
  • Eigh­teen — a prob­lem with the pow­er grid.

All these Kandy wash­ing machine error codes and repair instruc­tions can also be found on the man­u­fac­tur­er’s web­site and in the tech­ni­cal doc­u­men­ta­tion sup­plied with the kit. If you are not con­fi­dent in your abil­i­ties, we rec­om­mend that you turn to spe­cial­ists for help, they will diag­nose and accu­rate­ly deter­mine the cause of the fail­ure of the Kandy wash­ing machine.

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