Tru­ly the most com­plete and com­pre­hen­sive guide to the selec­tion of shapewear.

This may have to be re-read — the text is long, there is a lot of infor­ma­tion)

The Inter­net is full of arti­cles on this sub­ject. We pro­pose a sim­ple algo­rithm with just three steps. Know­ing it, hav­ing gone through all three steps, you will not make mis­takes when choos­ing cor­rec­tive under­wear. And about the mis­takes and traps that you can fall into when buy­ing these prod­ucts, let’s talk sep­a­rate­ly.

So, let’s begin.

In choos­ing cor­rec­tive under­wear, there are three main stages.

  1. We select the ZONE of cor­rec­tion.
  2. We select the PRODUCT that will cor­rect it.
  3. Deter­mine SIZE.

That’s right, in that order! And not just “I need to be pulled all over” or “I want a corset, so that as women used to be — all with slen­der waists, and I will be the same.”

This is impor­tant: to choose cor­rec­tive under­wear that will be com­fort­able and pleas­ant for you to wear, you can only fol­low the sequence and selec­tion tech­nol­o­gy. And it will be the right choice.

Multiple Zone Correction

Maid­en­form 2541 Beige

Cor­rec­tive dress

4 280 rubles

Maid­en­form 2541 Black

Cor­rec­tive dress

4 280 rubles

Once again, we empha­size the impor­tance of choos­ing a cor­rec­tion zone accord­ing to how you look in clothes, in a par­tic­u­lar out­fit. It is with him that you need to go to the fit­ting room of the lin­gerie store to choose cor­rec­tive and slim­ming under­wear.

The first step has been com­plet­ed — we have cho­sen the zone (s) that we want to cor­rect or tight­en. We take a dress with us and go to a lin­gerie store for cor­rec­tive under­wear.

Main types and models

Shapewear can be indis­pens­able before an impor­tant eventbefore which you did not have time to get in shape.

It can also be worn under very tight out­fits. Visu­al­ly imper­cep­ti­ble, hides wrin­kles, makes the fig­ure slim­mer.

Such clothes are use­ful for full girls or slim girls who would like to make the pro­por­tions more per­fect.

There are two main types of cor­rec­tive mod­els:

  • slim­ming. Hide extra folds, adjust the vol­ume, give the fig­ure the right shape. These are high-waist­ed panties, shorts, belts, com­bi­na­tions, body­suits, graces, corsets. They are made of elas­tic mate­ri­als inter­twined with stretch­able threads, due to which fat deposits are even­ly dis­trib­uted and well held, prob­lem areas are smoothed out;
  • mod­el­ing. Add vol­ume where it is lack­ing. These are bras that increase the breasts, panties that can give vol­ume to the but­tocks.

Cor­rec­tive under­wear dif­fers in the degree of cor­rec­tion:

  1. Weak or light tight­en­ing helps to smooth out the bulges a lit­tle, slight­ly tight­ens the stom­ach. An exam­ple is tight tights.
  2. Aver­age degree. Mate­r­i­al of dif­fer­ent den­si­ty. Improves the relief of the fig­ure, elim­i­nates wrin­kles.
  3. Strong pull. Suit­able for women with a prob­lem fig­ure. Thanks to the insert­ed bones and plates, such under­wear has a strong mod­el­ing prop­er­ty. Usu­al­ly it is tight, hard, often not very com­fort­able, so it should not be worn for too long.

Types of mod­el­ing under­wear:

  • cor­rec­tive panties. Usu­al­ly they have an over­sized fit, they come in both thongs and reg­u­lar slips. Help to hide the stom­ach;
  • slim­ming pan­taloons. They improve the waist­line, remove the stom­ach, depend­ing on the length, cap­tur­ing the but­tocks and hips. Can hide cel­lulite, make the line of the hips more ele­gant;
  • body­suit This is a jump­suit with fas­ten­ers between the legs. The bot­tom can be rep­re­sent­ed by panties or pan­taloons. Hides the stom­ach, visu­al­ly makes the waist thin­ner, tight­ens the but­tocks and chest, and evens out the pos­ture. There are things with long sleeves that hide mas­sive shoul­ders;
  • graces. They look like a belt from the chest to the hips, with or with­out straps. Semi-grace is a belt wide to the navel. Nar­row the waist area, give a beau­ti­ful pos­ture;
  • corset. The same wide belt that tight­ens the stom­ach and waist, but with lac­ing, which can be used to adjust the vol­ume. Corsets can open the chest or have a beau­ti­ful bodice that lifts it;
  • stretchy skirts. High skirts visu­al­ly nar­row the waist, hide the stom­ach, and cor­rect the line of the hips.

Pay atten­tion — a lot of use­ful tips, for exam­ple, about:

  • what should be the com­bi­na­tion of col­ors in clothes for women with a pho­to;
  • how to choose the right style of ele­gant dress­es for women 50 years old;
  • about the rules for choos­ing fash­ion­able evening dress­es for obese women.

Is it possible to wear products with a slimming effect?

Every­one knows that the most impor­tant pos­i­tive effect of the use of cor­rec­tive cloth­ing is to improve the appear­ance. How­ev­er, many wor­ry that it can cause harm. Corsets do not allow you to ful­ly breathe, which can lead to res­pi­ra­to­ry prob­lems. In addi­tion, the neg­a­tive effect can affect the cir­cu­la­to­ry and diges­tive sys­tems. We advise you to pur­chase only high-qual­i­ty prod­ucts. With prop­er use, you can not only min­i­mize the neg­a­tive impact, but also pre­vent cer­tain dis­eases.

We measure volumes correctly

Mea­sure­ments of body vol­umes are a nec­es­sary step that helps to deter­mine the cor­rect choice of size. You will need to mea­sure your bust, waist and hips. It is incon­ve­nient to take mea­sure­ments on your own, it is best to ask some­one to help you. All mea­sure­ments should be tak­en stand­ing up, clothes should be removed, leav­ing only thin under­wear, while the bra should not have any bulk­ing seals.

Measurement lines

To mea­sure the vol­ume of the chest, you must:

  • low­er your arms straight at your sides, stand up straight, do not take too deep breaths;
  • mea­sure the vol­ume by grab­bing the chest hor­i­zon­tal­ly with a tape right under the bust, this mea­sure­ment will allow you to deter­mine the size of the bra belt;
  • mea­sure the vol­ume of the chest, wrap­ping the tape around the most pro­trud­ing points of the bust, this mea­sure­ment will deter­mine the size of the bra cup.

To mea­sure your waist you need:

  • visu­al­ly deter­mine the thinnest place of the body, this place is slight­ly above the navel;
  • stand up straight, keep your back straight, low­er your arms along the body;
  • grab the thinnest place with a cen­time­ter tape, plac­ing it strict­ly hor­i­zon­tal­ly, with­out ten­sion;
  • take mea­sure­ments on the exhale, with­out pulling the stom­ach for­ward, but with­out inflat­ing it.

If it is nec­es­sary to mea­sure the waist on a fig­ure where it is not visu­al­ly vis­i­ble, then there are two ways to deter­mine the place where the mea­sure­ment is tak­en: you can sim­ply lean to the side — the bend area will be the place where the waist is locat­ed; or press your hands to the body, bend them at the elbows — the point at which the elbows will be will be the place where the waist is locat­ed.

To mea­sure the vol­ume of the hips, you must:

  • stand up straight, bring your heels togeth­er, with­out strain­ing your but­tocks and legs, low­er your arms along the body;
  • plac­ing the tape strict­ly hor­i­zon­tal­ly, take mea­sure­ments at the most pro­trud­ing places of the hips and but­tocks.

After tak­ing mea­sure­ments, write them down, and then deter­mine your size from the table.

size table

Silkway — a modern brand of slimming underwear

The brand pro­duces high val­ue prod­ucts. This is due to the use of spe­cial mate­ri­als. They per­fect­ly drag the fig­ure, hides defects on the waist, but­tocks, hips. Improves the con­di­tion of the skin, cor­rects pos­ture.

Spe­cial microfibers mas­sage the skin, improv­ing blood micro­cir­cu­la­tion. They help get rid of old cel­lulite. Addi­tion­al­ly, under­wear has hid­den mag­nets that have a ben­e­fi­cial effect on the gen­i­touri­nary sys­tem, improve lymph flow in the décol­leté area.

What is shapewear

These are spe­cial slim­ming wardrobe items that are worn under cloth­ing. They pro­vide the effect of weight loss, ele­gance and har­mo­ny, help to visu­al­ly reduce vol­umes in prob­lem areas, and also empha­size some exter­nal advan­tages, for exam­ple, make the chest more volu­mi­nous and attrac­tive. The choice of mod­els of slim­ming under­wear is the most diverse.

Cor­rec­tive prod­ucts are cho­sen not only by obese ladies, but also by slen­der ladies. They out­ward­ly cor­rect the dimen­sions, remove a some­what volu­mi­nous bel­ly, and empha­size the waist area. Mod­els are suit­able for rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the weak­er sex of dif­fer­ent build, weight and height.

They can shrink:

  • legs;
  • neck­line;
  • low­er back;
  • waist
  • hips;
  • but­tocks;
  • stom­ach.

Con­vex forms, if not removed, can cause a lot of fears, feel­ings of infe­ri­or­i­ty. Mod­el­ing under­wear in this case comes to the res­cue, improv­ing the sil­hou­ette, giv­ing it visu­al har­mo­ny and thin­ness.

The tum­my while wear­ing such clothes becomes flat, the waist becomes thin and grace­ful, the but­tocks become sexy and elas­tic. All this with­out going to the gym and exhaust­ing diet.

How to choose

For slim­ming mod­els take into account the fol­low­ing rec­om­men­da­tions:

  • first define the goal. You need to buy under­wear, under­stand­ing where you will wear it. It can be select­ed for a spe­cif­ic event or for every­day wear. Deter­mine this ahead of time. You should not imme­di­ate­ly buy prod­ucts with a strong cor­rec­tion — choose an aver­age one, eval­u­ate what effect it gives, walk around and let your body get used to the sen­sa­tions;
  • if you are going to wear the pur­chased mod­el with a spe­cif­ic cloth­ing, take it with you to the store and try on. And vice ver­sa: when choos­ing clothes that you plan to wear with slim­ming mod­els, imme­di­ate­ly mea­sure them on them;
  • cor­rect size mat­ters. Don’t buy a much small­er mod­el. The cor­rect size will improve the shape of the sil­hou­ette, while the small one will stretch too much, make the fig­ure ugly;
  • make sure the mod­el sits cor­rect­ly. The prod­uct should take shape after putting on, stretch by the end of the day, take shape again after wash­ing. Like oth­er under­wear, it is not nec­es­sary to wash it after each wear. It is for­bid­den to wash at a tem­per­a­ture of more than 30 degrees, as this is detri­men­tal to the elas­tane in the com­po­si­tion;
  • cor­rect col­or. Usu­al­ly, such things are cho­sen in a tone as close as pos­si­ble to the skin tone or in black, if it is planned to be worn under dark clothes;
  • check inserts and seams. The lat­ter should not be vis­i­ble under cloth­ing. Be sure to look at your­self from all angles. Slim­ming under­wear should elim­i­nate wrin­kles, and not cre­ate addi­tion­al ones;
  • try to choose breath­able mate­ri­alsdo not wear cor­rec­tive mod­els for too long.

On our web­site you will find use­ful rec­om­men­da­tions for choos­ing clothes for over­weight women:

  • how to choose a dress for a cel­e­bra­tion;
  • is it pos­si­ble to choose a styl­ish cardi­gan for such a fig­ure;
  • rules for choos­ing plus size wom­en’s swimwear with a pho­to;
  • what styles of blous­es are suit­able for dif­fer­ent occa­sions.

How much does compression underwear help?

Many women who use this type of under­wear will be able to answer this ques­tion with 100% con­fi­dence. After all, thanks to the method of sewing cor­rec­tive under­wear, you can hide a pro­trud­ing tum­my, cel­lulite, flab­bi­ness of the thighs, arms, visu­al­ly enlarge the chest, reduce the gluteal folds, and also remove excess from the sides.

Do not for­get that com­pres­sion stock­ings must be of high qual­i­ty. It is bet­ter to order it in spe­cial­ized stores, such as https://ortosalon.ua/, and not in ordi­nary lin­gerie stores.

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Popular brands

You can choose slim­ming cor­rec­tive under­wear for its cost, but a low price does not mean poor qual­i­ty. It is advis­able to focus on the under­wear man­u­fac­tur­er — he must work for a long time in the indus­tri­al goods mar­ket, have an impec­ca­ble rep­u­ta­tion, and have qual­i­ty cer­tifi­cates for his own prod­ucts. Of the most pop­u­lar brands of lin­gerie with a slim­ming effect, the fol­low­ing stand out:

  • Artemis;
  • Tri­umph;
  • Mitex (Mitex);
  • Med­in­form (Maid­en­form);
  • Char­mante.

Watch the video on how to choose cor­rec­tive under­wear:

Selection Tips

To get only the ben­e­fits and ben­e­fits of wear­ing shapewear, fol­low these guide­lines:

  • For best results while main­tain­ing a sense of com­fort, pur­chase shapewear in your reg­u­lar size. Don’t chase big effect for the sake of con­ve­nience. Under­wear should fit snug­ly to the body, but not squeeze.
  • Although the real­i­ty is that cor­rec­tive under­wear is most often sewn using elas­tic syn­thet­ic fab­rics with the nec­es­sary char­ac­ter­is­tics to mod­el the fig­ure, it is bet­ter to choose those options where the low­er lay­er of the prod­uct (direct­ly adja­cent to the body) is made of nat­ur­al mate­r­i­al. This will help to avoid pos­si­ble irri­ta­tion and aller­gic reac­tions.
  • Try to buy seam­less options so that you can wear it with any clothes (includ­ing very tight clothes). In this case, no one bloody you and will not sus­pect of its exis­tence. If you wear most­ly loose-fit­ting clothes, then you can choose options for such under­wear, dec­o­rat­ed with lace and oth­er var­i­ous ele­ments.

Slimming lingerie

Shapewear can be use­ful not only for women who have extra pounds, but also for those whose para­me­ters are close to ide­al. In addi­tion to cre­at­ing the effect of “slim­ming”, mod­el­ing under­wear will addi­tion­al­ly tight­en the body and empha­size its curves, giv­ing the fig­ure a more ele­gant shape.

What parts of the body can be corrected?

Almost any. Let’s go through the main mod­els of shapewear.

Hiding the tummy

For every day, choose cor­rec­tive shorts with a high waist­line that ends at the bra area. The most impor­tant areas — the stom­ach, sides and hips — will be adjust­ed, and thanks to the high fit, you will feel com­fort­able, there will be no wrin­kles under the bust. A sil­i­cone strip should go along the top of the prod­uct, thanks to which the shorts will hold tight­ly and will not fall down. And make sure that there is no tran­si­tion from the edge of the prod­uct to the leg. Wear with shorts, dress­es and mid-length skirts.

Correcting the line of the chest and hips

Com­bidress pro­vides pulling of the whole body, start­ing from the chest line and end­ing with the hips. It resem­bles a one-piece swim­suit, fas­tens between the legs with Vel­cro or but­tons. Take a mid-rise mod­el with pan­taloons — this is a great option for dai­ly wear. The com­bidress forms har­mo­nious pro­por­tions of the body and pro­vides com­fort. Can be worn under any­thing except mini length.

The grace of a high degree of cor­rec­tion will help to drag the whole body. Visu­al­ly reduce the size and cre­ate an hour­glass sil­hou­ette. Take a clos­er look at mod­els with a stronger tight­en­ing in the abdomen and a push-up effect in the but­tocks. For a solemn exit, grace is sim­ply irre­place­able!

Create a thin waist

An extreme option for a sig­nif­i­cant event is a corset with a high tight­en­ing. Per­fect­ly tight­ens a pro­trud­ing tum­my and pro­vides a thin waist. Put on com­pres­sion stock­ings under the corset and your reflec­tion will def­i­nite­ly not dis­ap­point you! Wear with dress­es made of thick fab­rics, as under thin knitwear the corset will stand out.