Cas­tra­tion, at today’s lev­el of vet­eri­nary med­i­cine,

has a very low risk for healthy young ani­mals (death after surgery — less than 1 in 500 cats) and pro­tects against pos­si­ble off­spring, ani­mal aggres­sion, unwant­ed smell in the apart­ment.

How­ev­er, after cas­tra­tion, the ani­mal has a risk of acquir­ing health prob­lems, such as obe­si­ty, urolithi­a­sis, and dif­fi­cul­ties in the func­tion­ing of the car­dio­vas­cu­lar sys­tem. That is why a neutered cat needs to choose a bal­anced diet. Let’s see if it is pos­si­ble to feed with reg­u­lar food.

In the arti­cle, we reviewed dry and wet food, made a rat­ing of econ­o­my, pre­mi­um, super pre­mi­um, holis­tic class­es, and found out whether it is nec­es­sary to feed a cat with spe­cial food.

Brief feed table

Table to jump to a spe­cif­ic feed review at the end of the arti­cle.

Food name Kind of taste Basic taste
Pro Plan Ster­il­ized ↓ Meat plat­ter Turkey
Hill’s Sci­ence Plan ↓ Meat plat­ter Chick­en
Puri­na One Ster­il­ized ↓ Meat plat­ter Beef
Roy­al Canin Ster­il­ized 37↓ Meat and veg­etable plat­ter Chick­en
1st Choice Ster­il­ized↓ Meat plat­ter Chick­en
Bosch San­abelle “Ster­il­ized” ↓ Meat plat­ter poul­try meat
Eukanu­ba Ster­il­ized ↓ Meat plat­ter Chick­en
Go! ↓ Meat and fish assort­ment Turkey
Acana Region­als Wild Prairie ↓ Meat and fish assort­ment Chick­en
Ori­jien Fit & Trim ↓ Meat and fish assort­ment Chick­en

The cal­cu­la­tion of prices for 1 kg was based on pack­ages weigh­ing 2–4 kg. For pack­ages weigh­ing 10 kg, the cost of each kilo­gram can be more favor­able.

popular vote

And what food for ster­il­ized cats would you choose or rec­om­mend?

Almo Nature

0.00% ( 0 )


0.00% ( 0 )

Brit Care Sterilized

12.50% ( 2 )

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Sterilized Gravy

0.00% ( 0 )

ProPlan Sterilized

0.00% ( 0 )

NOW Natural holistic

12.50% ( 2 )

Grandorf 4 Meat & Brown Rice Sterilized

12.50% ( 2 )

Bozita Super Premium

0.00% ( 0 )


0.00% ( 0 )

Almo Nature Functional Adult Sterilized

0.00% ( 0 )

Pro plan

12.50% ( 2 )


0.00% ( 0 )


6.25% ( 1 )


31.25% ( 5 )

What can you feed a neutered cat

It is not at all nec­es­sary to feed a cat after cas­tra­tion with store-bought food, how­ev­er, if you decide to give your pet nat­ur­al food, then it is impor­tant to bal­ance it with the nec­es­sary vit­a­mins and min­er­als.