At the end of the wash­ing process for about three min­utes, the door lock is removed, after which the own­ers get access to the washed items. How­ev­er, some­times it hap­pens that the wash­ing process is sud­den­ly inter­rupt­ed dur­ing the exe­cu­tion of one of the pro­grams, the machine stops, but the door does not open. If the wash­ing machine does not open three min­utes after stop­ping, it is most like­ly defec­tive. Try­ing to open the hatch by force can only hurt the sit­u­a­tion. Below we will con­sid­er what to do in cas­es where it is impos­si­ble to unlock the car door.

Causes of failure

First of all, let’s find out the main rea­sons that can cause this sit­u­a­tion.

These rea­sons include:

  • The door is blocked due to the oper­a­tion of the wash­ing machine;
  • hatch han­dle broke;
  • the pres­ence of water in the wash­ing drum;
  • fail­ure of the intel­li­gent mod­ule UBL;
  • bro­ken door lock.

Some of these prob­lems can only be dealt with by a spe­cial­ist, but there are also those that can be elim­i­nat­ed on your own. Let’s take a clos­er look at each spe­cif­ic case.

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Breakage of the blocking device

The caus­es of break­downs of the hatch block­ing device (UBL) can be dif­fer­ent. If you encounter such a prob­lem, care­ful­ly study the oper­at­ing instruc­tions for the machine, where it is writ­ten what to do when the door is closed and there is no reac­tion to the sig­nals of the intel­li­gent mod­ule. Minor dam­age can be repaired by your­self.

  • Quite often, the cause of the mal­func­tion is inter­rup­tions in the sig­nal sup­ply. Some­times the hatch door does not open if the machine is com­plete­ly de-ener­gized.
  • How to open the wash­ing machine if the han­dle is bro­ken or the hatch just does not open? You can try to unlock the hatch door man­u­al­ly using a spe­cial cable. To do this, you need to get to the drain fil­ter, remove its cov­er and find the emer­gency release cable. It is usu­al­ly quite easy to find, as it is col­ored orange. If you pull the cable, then the hatch should be unlocked.
  • If the mod­el of your machine does not pro­vide for the pres­ence of such a cable, then you will need to find the UBL lock and turn it off your­self. In order to do this, you need to open the top cov­er and slight­ly tilt the machine back. Then the drum will also move back, and you can get to the latch to turn it off.

Faulty UBL washing machine

Replacing the locking device

Those own­ers who have the skills to repair home appli­ances can inde­pen­dent­ly replace a failed UBL.

To do this, you must per­form the fol­low­ing steps:

  1. Remove the fix­ing rim and release the right seg­ment of the door cuff.
  2. Unscrew the two screws that secure the UBL and care­ful­ly remove it.
  3. Install a new UBL and, fol­low­ing the steps in reverse order, fix it.

It is very impor­tant to remem­ber the order of dis­con­nect­ing the wires from the UBL, so that when you con­nect a new device, you do not vio­late it. After the new UBL is installed and con­nect­ed, the oper­a­tion of the machine should be test­ed.

How to replace the UBL washing machine

Presence of water in the drum

The hatch door may not open even if water remains in the drum. This is a pret­ty seri­ous break­down. The rea­sons for this mal­func­tion may be as fol­lows:

  • Fail­ure of the con­trol mod­ule;
  • Dam­age to the water con­trol sen­sor;
  • The for­ma­tion of block­age in the drain sys­tem;
  • Fail­ure of the pump (pump).

You should not try to fix the above mal­func­tions on your own, as incor­rect actions can fur­ther aggra­vate the prob­lem.

The door does not open due to the operation of the machine

This case is the sim­plest. Each mod­el of wash­ing machines has its own time dur­ing which the door lock is removed after stop­ping. Some machines do this imme­di­ate­ly at the end of the pro­gram, oth­ers pause for up to 5 min­utes. Quite often, impa­tient own­ers begin to pull the door han­dle even before the sys­tem releas­es the lock. Some­times this leads to break­age of the hatch han­dle. To avoid such a mis­take, care­ful­ly study the oper­at­ing instruc­tions for your mod­el of the machine, which indi­cates exact­ly when the lock is released.

Hatch handle broken

The cause of this mal­func­tion can be both the exces­sive efforts of the own­ers of the wash­ing machine when open­ing the still blocked hatch, and the phys­i­cal wear of the parts. The repair sequence in this case will be as fol­lows:

  1. Remove the machine door from the hinges;
  2. Unscrew the screws that con­nect the rim of the cov­er, then care­ful­ly dis­as­sem­ble the door;
  3. Exam­ine the han­dle mech­a­nism that is on one of the rims. It is impor­tant to make sure that the latch is work­ing prop­er­ly. This should not cause any dif­fi­cul­ties, since the lock mech­a­nism is quite sim­ple. After you under­stand the prin­ci­ple of oper­a­tion of the lock, it will not be dif­fi­cult to trou­bleshoot;
  4. Reverse the door assem­bly pro­ce­dure and check how it works.

The above rec­om­men­da­tions will tell the own­er what to do in a sit­u­a­tion where the machine door does not open. How­ev­er, if even after the manip­u­la­tions the hatch door still does not open, it is bet­ter to seek help from a qual­i­fied spe­cial­ist.

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