Bosch ProAnimal cordless vacuum cleaner test: removes all hair and dust

Bosch ProAn­i­mal came on the mar­ket about a year ago. How­ev­er, this does not make it obso­lete, but rather shows how out­stand­ing the design he had even “then”. There is noth­ing sur­pris­ing in the fact that it is among the best­sellers in var­i­ous stores in 2019, because the mod­el can be bought for only 21,000 rubles.

Design and equipment

The equip­ment of the red cord­less vac­u­um clean­er leaves noth­ing to be desired. The pack­age includes sev­er­al dif­fer­ent attach­ments. The han­dles and brush­es can be removed, a shoul­der strap can be attached, and a hose can be con­nect­ed to make it eas­i­er to vac­u­um your fur­ni­ture or car. How­ev­er, chang­ing the design will require some dex­ter­i­ty and may result in pinched fin­gers. Still, the device is designed to vac­u­um the floor in its usu­al form.

Bosch ProAnimal cordless vacuum cleaner test: removes all hair and dust

One of the fea­tures of the mod­el is a rel­a­tive­ly large, 1.2‑liter dust con­tain­er, which does not have to be emp­tied after each clean­ing. This is not bad either, as the process requires sev­er­al steps and the “open the lid and tip” tech­nique does not always work with­out dusty con­se­quences.

Easy to operate

It is impor­tant to note that almost every­one can oper­ate a vac­u­um clean­er. The brush glides smooth­ly across the floor and you can eas­i­ly move it around despite the fact that the BCH6ZOOO weighs over three kilo­grams in total. The vac­u­um clean­er has a well-dis­trib­uted weight, the cen­ter of grav­i­ty is very low, and not at the very top of the han­dle — unlike the Dyson V11, which trains all the mus­cles.

Bosch ProAnimal cordless vacuum cleaner test: removes all hair and dust

We also liked the stor­age options for the vac­u­um clean­er. Although there is no need for a charg­ing sta­tion here, the device itself remains sta­ble as soon as you put it upright — it stands secure­ly and does not strive to fall. In this way, you can quick­ly put the vac­u­um clean­er upright if, for exam­ple, the phone rings.

Covers the entire apartment

The vac­u­um clean­er from Bosch will work with­out recharg­ing from 11 to 67 min­utes, depend­ing on the mode. It’s even tougher than many 2019 mod­els.

Bosch ProAnimal cordless vacuum cleaner test: removes all hair and dust

At max­i­mum pow­er, the vac­u­um clean­er col­lect­ed 84 per­cent of the dust we scat­tered around the test room. On a hard sur­face, it does not leave a speck of dust — but it is quite easy to cope with a flat floor.

Bosch ProAnimal cordless vacuum cleaner test: removes all hair and dust

At min­i­mum pow­er, the clean­ing result could be bet­ter, but it still can­not be called bad rel­a­tive to oth­ers: 27 per­cent of the garbage col­lect­ed in one pass on hard sur­faces, 11 per­cent on deep seams and 31 per­cent on car­pet. A par­tic­u­lar­ly poor rat­ing for clean­ing car­pets at min­i­mum pow­er con­fus­es the final con­clu­sions about the qual­i­ty of clean­ing. On the oth­er hand, with min­i­mal pow­er and noise, the vac­u­um clean­er emits lit­tle.

Should I buy a Bosch ProAnimal vacuum cleaner

The Bosch BCH6ZOOO ProAn­i­mal has proven itself to be an all-rounder with no sig­nif­i­cant down­sides. The cord­less cord­less vac­u­um clean­er copes with its main task per­fect­ly and is one of the most afford­able. It has a large dust con­tain­er and a pow­er­ful bat­tery — it’s easy to clean the whole apart­ment on one charge. It is also con­ve­nient to store the vac­u­um clean­er, and if nec­es­sary, use it with a shoul­der strap.


rel­a­tive­ly inex­pen­sive
large dust con­tain­er


com­pli­cat­ed design change
rel­a­tive­ly weak at min­i­mum pow­er

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