Siemens EQ.6 plus s300 review: the quietest automatic coffee machine

Silent operation

Every auto­mat­ic cof­fee machine has a grinder, and it tends to be very noisy. But the Siemens EQ.6 proves that you can eas­i­ly make your own morn­ing cof­fee with­out wak­ing up the whole house. The machine has excel­lent sound insu­la­tion, start­ing from the body itself and end­ing with the bean tank. While they turn into pow­der, you can calm­ly talk with­out rais­ing your voice.

The dis­play of the machine is per­fect­ly intu­itive: the recipe icons are large enough and dif­fer­ent in col­or, and the but­ton func­tions are easy to rec­og­nize. Even if you for­get where the instruc­tion man­u­al is, you can start a clean­ing pro­gram or mod­i­fy and save twelve of your favorite recipes thanks to the machine’s step-by-step guide.

Convenient milk frother

The equip­ment of the car is very well thought out. The tank holds up to 300 grams of grains, and man­u­al clean­ing is no more dif­fi­cult than typ­i­cal machines. We par­tic­u­lar­ly liked the milk frother: the mov­able hose ends in a hard plas­tic tube. How­ev­er, it is long enough to reach the bot­tom of most packs, so you don’t even have to refill the milk. For clean­ing, sim­ply insert the tube into the machine tray: min­i­mum effort, it can only be eas­i­er when you do not use the cap­puc­ci­na­tore at all.

Siemens EQ.6 plus s300 review: the quietest automatic coffee machineBut the addi­tion­al options (not least the sound­proof­ing) come at a price, of course: the Siemens EQ.6 is very bulky. And in the kitchen, it will require quite a lot of space: as much as 25 cm (along the front edge) and 44 cm deep.

What kind of coffee does Siemens EQ.6 brew?

Cof­fee brewed in EQ.6 can be summed up in one word: “reg­u­lar”. The machine does not spoil the taste, tak­ing it into acid­i­ty or bit­ter­ness, but it does not give out any­thing spe­cial. I would like a greater vari­ety of recipes and degrees of grind­ing. As in test­ing oth­er cof­fee machines, we turned to our edi­to­r­i­al col­leagues to find out their impres­sions, but no one com­ment­ed much on the taste of the drink. But at least the cof­fee from the EQ.6 will not dis­ap­point you.

Should I buy a Siemens EQ.6 plus s300 coffee machine?

Of all its char­ac­ter­is­tics in Siemens EQ.6 plus s300 TE653501DE, we were most sur­prised by the good noise iso­la­tion of the cof­fee grinder, thanks to which the cof­fee machine is qui­eter than its com­peti­tors. How­ev­er, you will have to allo­cate quite a lot of space in the kitchen for the device. In gen­er­al, this is a good semi-pro­fes­sion­al device that is suit­able for an office or a large fam­i­ly.


Easy to oper­ate


Very big

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