The robot vac­u­um clean­er from LG blew up the CHIP test lab, but we man­aged to quell the upris­ing of the machines. What else is this incred­i­bly inde­pen­dent device capa­ble of?

Test results

The LG Hom­bot VRD710RRC is a robot vac­u­um that goes from one extreme to anoth­er. It is very qui­et — but its motor is weak. Nav­i­ga­tion is excel­lent — but it lit­er­al­ly pounces on pieces of fur­ni­ture. The robot has many smart clean­ing modes — but no app. It is inex­pen­sive — but sucks up dust worse than even cheap­er mod­els. Yes, and LG Hom­bot does its job so rude­ly that after the tests we had to restore the test lab. In the end, we gave this par­tic­u­lar home assis­tant only a “sat­is­fac­to­ry” rat­ing.


well equipped


push­ing fur­ni­ture
tears off cables and fab­rics
low suc­tion pow­er

Test results LG Hombot VRD710RRC

  • Price-qual­i­ty ratio
  • Place in the over­all rank­ing
    11 out of 14
  • Val­ue for mon­ey: 66
  • Nav­i­ga­tion (40%): 71
  • Clean­ing qual­i­ty (35%): 52.5
  • Equip­ment and con­ve­nience (25%): 68.4
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Lots of bells and whistles and low price

LG Hombot is an affordable robot vacuum cleaner with a camera
LG Hom­bot is an afford­able robot vac­u­um clean­er with a cam­era

Despite the fact that the LG VRD710RRC robot vac­u­um clean­er costs about 28,000 rubles, you get excel­lent video cam­era nav­i­ga­tion, time pro­gram­ming, remote con­trol, dis­play, firmware upgrade­abil­i­ty and a large num­ber of dif­fer­ent oper­at­ing modes.

The robot from LG remem­bers the room and builds more effi­cient routes. It is also able to re-pass sec­tions and inde­pen­dent­ly switch between dif­fer­ent suc­tion pow­er modes. In addi­tion, it is quite small (the height of the robot is 8.9 cm), but equipped with a fair­ly large 600 ml dust con­tain­er.

With all these pos­si­bil­i­ties and such a won­der­ful cost, there must be a catch some­where. And he is here — and not alone.

Brutal robot does not respect furniture

The right obstacle was located in exactly the same way as the left.  But the robot vacuum cleaner decided to make a rearrangement
The right obsta­cle was locat­ed in exact­ly the same way as the left. But the robot vac­u­um clean­er decid­ed to make a rearrange­ment

Some robot­ic vac­u­um clean­ers are a bit rough with fur­ni­ture. For exam­ple, if the device does not have ultra­son­ic sen­sors, it may bang loud­ly against a chair leg. Hav­ing hit the bumper, the robot under­stands: “Oh, there is some­thing there.” After that, he calm­ly turns around and removes a more free area. Of course, some­times such maneu­vers leave scratch­es on the fur­ni­ture, but in most cas­es these inci­dents are harm­less.

But LG Hom­bot VRD710RRC knows no mer­cy. Dur­ing the test, he moved chairs, pulled out cables and pushed the walls of our test obsta­cles a good half a meter before notic­ing that some­thing was wrong. His climb­ing skills are also sur­pris­ing: for exam­ple, a surge pro­tec­tor with sev­er­al out­lets was rec­og­nized by Hom­bot as an obsta­cle, and climb­ing over it, the robot turned off a run­ning com­put­er. But the vac­u­um clean­er refused to climb to a small height and could not climb small 2‑centimeter boards.

After such cleaning, it is necessary to make repairs

The side brushes of the LG VRD710RRC robot vacuum dig into soft materials
The side brush­es of the LG VRD710RRC robot vac­u­um dig into soft mate­ri­als

Hom­bot is the first robot vac­u­um that caused us to redo the test room. In our test cham­ber, the walls are lined with sound-absorb­ing mate­r­i­al from floor to ceil­ing. This seemed to inter­fere with the robot very much, as its side brush­es dug into the mate­r­i­al again and again. But in such a sit­u­a­tion, the motor did not turn off and did not start to rotate in the oppo­site direc­tion, but con­tin­ued to wind up the “caught” mate­r­i­al until it tore off a piece or dis­charged the bat­tery.

We made three launch attempts and after that col­lect­ed sev­er­al pieces of torn sound­proof­ing, after which we decid­ed to remove the low­er part of the cladding through­out the room. But this was only a tem­po­rary solu­tion to the prob­lem. On the exam­ple of socks and Lego blocks, the robot from LG proved that it does not respect oth­er peo­ple’s prop­er­ty at all. In some sit­u­a­tions, it can do more dam­age than any of the robot vac­u­ums we’ve ever test­ed.

Rough but weak

How does Hom­bot real­ly behave, if you do not pay atten­tion to his rude man­ners? It was only able to pick up about 17 per­cent of the quartz sand we scat­tered — not a bad result, but some cheap­er mod­els do a much bet­ter job of this. In addi­tion, nei­ther the motor nor the brush of the vac­u­um clean­er could col­lect an accept­able amount of woolen threads from the car­pet. But the LG VRD710RRC is very qui­et, and you can run it even when you are in the same room with the device.

You will find all robot­ic vac­u­um clean­ers in our big rat­ing. Below we have select­ed two alter­na­tives to the test­ed mod­el.

Alternative: Neato Robotics Botvac D3 Connected

A harsh robot knows no mercy: a review of the LG Hombot VRD710RRC vacuum cleanerNeato Robot­ics Bot­vac D3 Con­nect­ed is our price-per­for­mance leader. This robot has almost no draw­backs, and among the advan­tages is high suc­tion pow­er and its own appli­ca­tion. Top device for the mid­dle price cat­e­go­ry.

Alternative: Samsung Powerbot VR7000

A harsh robot knows no mercy: a review of the LG Hombot VRD710RRC vacuum cleanerSam­sung Power­bot VR7000 is a robot with excel­lent nav­i­ga­tion and a calm dis­po­si­tion. It costs a lit­tle more, works slow­er, but does not leave behind chaos and destruc­tion.

Characteristics and test results of LG Hombot VRD710RRC

Price-qual­i­ty ratio
Bat­tery type
lithi­um ion
Bat­tery life (accord­ing to the man­u­fac­tur­er)
100 min
8.9 cm
Dust con­tain­er vol­ume
600 ml
Remote con­trol
Pol­lu­tion sen­sor
Dust con­tain­er full sen­sor
Voice alerts
Dock sta­tion
Switch-on time pro­gram­ming
Switch­ing day pro­gram­ming
App acti­va­tion pro­gram­ming
Return to base sta­tion
Nav­i­ga­tion type
on the map
Force of col­li­sion with obsta­cles
Nav­i­ga­tion in the dark
Build­ing a room map
Clean­ing modes
local , 2x Saugen, Eco
Clean­ing line width (with­out side brush)
17.1 cm
Quiz: room clean­ing time
26 min
Test: qual­i­ty of dust removal
Test: hull strength
1 (very good)
Test: the qual­i­ty of clean­ing cor­ners from dust
5 (unsat­is­fac­to­ry)
Test: the num­ber of col­lect­ed wool fibers
6 out of 10
Over­com­ing obsta­cles: the max­i­mum height of the thresh­old
17 mm
Over­com­ing Obsta­cles: Dan­gling Cables
Over­com­ing obsta­cles: thin car­pet
Over­com­ing obsta­cles: socks
Over­com­ing obsta­cles: Lego con­struc­tor
Over­com­ing Obsta­cles: Fringed Car­pet­ing
Over­com­ing obsta­cles: chair legs

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