The small robot­ic vac­u­um clean­er Eufy Robo­vac 11 will clean your room for an hour and a half, absorb­ing debris and tan­gled in wires. But the main thing is that in the end it will be clean, right?

Test results

Qui­et, pow­er­ful, reli­able and not very expen­sive, the Eufy Robo­vac 11 robot vac­u­um clean­er could not break out into the lead­ers of the rat­ing, but it passed all the test tests in our lab­o­ra­to­ry with dig­ni­ty. Con­sid­er­ing the price of the device (about 12,000 rubles), you should not expect too much from it. Robo­vac has seri­ous prob­lems with over­com­ing obsta­cles, and the path cov­ered dur­ing clean­ing is very long. In addi­tion, due to the chaot­ic nav­i­ga­tion, it is suit­able for work­ing in a max­i­mum of two rooms.


excel­lent suc­tion pow­er for a long time
rel­a­tive­ly inex­pen­sive
easy clean­ing


spends a lot of time clean­ing
spon­ta­neous nav­i­ga­tion
big prob­lems with small details

Eufy Robovac 11 test results

  • Price-qual­i­ty ratio
  • Place in the over­all rank­ing
    12 out of 14
  • Val­ue for mon­ey: 75
  • Nav­i­ga­tion (40%): 40.9
  • Clean­ing qual­i­ty (35%): 89.1
  • Equip­ment and con­ve­nience (25%): 59.7
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Newcomer to the test set

Small but efficient Eufy Robovac 11 from Anker
Small Eufy Robo­vac 11 from Anker

Despite its mod­est name, Eufy Robo­vac 11 is pro­duced by the rather pop­u­lar man­u­fac­tur­er Anker. The com­pa­ny, which is best known for its cables and pow­er banks, found­ed the Eufy brand and began pro­duc­ing house­hold robots, the first of which was Robo­vac 11 with a killer price of less than 200 euros. Despite the low cost, the man­u­fac­tur­er did not save on equip­ping his “first-born”. In addi­tion to the vac­u­um clean­er itself and the charg­ing sta­tion, the pack­age also includes sets of replace­ment brush­es and fil­ters.

The vac­u­um clean­er is start­ed by a but­ton or using a remote con­trol — there is no appli­ca­tion for this pur­pose. If desired, the user can con­trol the robot man­u­al­ly or pro­gram the sched­ule, indi­cat­ing in it the work­ing time and days off of his assis­tant. The robot will not noti­fy you when the dust con­tain­er is full, but due to the large capac­i­ty of the tank (600 ml), you will not suf­fer with­out this func­tion.

Is he still working?

When you send Robo­vac 11 for clean­ing for the first time, it will no longer stop. The vac­u­um clean­er rush­es chaot­i­cal­ly around the space back and forth, turns around, encoun­ter­ing an obsta­cle, and then fran­ti­cal­ly rush­es in the oth­er direc­tion. And although it reg­u­lar­ly runs along small sec­tions of walls, and also goes around the legs of chairs, Robo­vac moves too arbi­trar­i­ly. For this rea­son, clean­ing takes almost 90 min­utes, after which the robot is dis­charged and goes to the sta­tion for food.

For com­par­i­son: with a sys­tem­at­ic work, a robot vac­u­um clean­er, for exam­ple, Neato Bot­vac Con­nect­ed, takes only 20 min­utes to clean one room.

Big prob­lems start with Eufy if there is some­thing more com­pli­cat­ed than tables and chairs in the room. He with great plea­sure gets entan­gled in the wires or starts to ride along them. Socks or car­pet fringes are a real chal­lenge for a cheap vac­u­um clean­er. And hard lit­tle parts like Lego bricks are espe­cial­ly dan­ger­ous for him. Dur­ing test runs, they firm­ly stuck under the rollers and dragged the vac­u­um clean­er across the room. In the worst case, it can even scratch hard floor­ing.

Clean work

In an hour and a half, Robovac covers almost the entire area of ​​the room
In an hour and a half, Robo­vac cov­ers almost the entire area of ​​the room

If you remove in advance all the small items that may attract the atten­tion of Robo­vac, then the vac­u­um clean­er, despite the chaot­ic nav­i­ga­tion, will per­fect­ly clean your room. It almost com­plete­ly cov­ers the space avail­able to it and sucks up most of the specks in its path. Dur­ing test­ing, the robot col­lect­ed 64% of the sand we scat­tered, which is a very good result. Only iRo­bot Room­ba 681 achieved the best results in this cat­e­go­ry.

The Eufy vac­u­um clean­er has a very prac­ti­cal design — thanks to a max­i­mum height of 7.8 cm, it can eas­i­ly pass under beds and sofas. If the fact that the robot will flick­er under your feet does not both­er you, you can safe­ly turn it on in your pres­ence. It is very qui­et (0.4 sleep), which com­pares favor­ably with its com­peti­tors.

You will find all robot­ic vac­u­um clean­ers in our big rat­ing. An alter­na­tive to the test­ed mod­el can be the pop­u­lar iRo­bot Room­ba 681 vac­u­um clean­er.

Alternative: iRobot Roomba 681

Eufy Robovac 11 robot vacuum test and review: Silent and cozyiRo­bot Room­ba 681 is one of the lead­ers in terms of clean­ing qual­i­ty in our rat­ing. This is achieved through inte­grat­ed pol­lu­tion sen­sors that auto­mat­i­cal­ly rec­og­nize the dirt­i­est places and give a sig­nal to turn on the most pow­er­ful Spot mode. An alter­na­tive mod­el can be pro­grammed in every pos­si­ble way, and when the dust con­tain­er is full, the vac­u­um clean­er itself will inform the own­er about it. And Room­ba copes with obsta­cles much bet­ter than Eufy.

Pho­to: man­u­fac­tur­ing com­pa­nies

Features and test results of Eufy Robovac 11

Price-qual­i­ty ratio
Bat­tery type
lithi­um ion
Bat­tery life (accord­ing to the man­u­fac­tur­er)
100 min
7.8 cm
Dust con­tain­er vol­ume
600 ml
Remote con­trol
Pol­lu­tion sen­sor
Dust con­tain­er full sen­sor
Voice alerts
Dock sta­tion
Switch-on time pro­gram­ming
Switch­ing day pro­gram­ming
App acti­va­tion pro­gram­ming
Return to base sta­tion
Nav­i­ga­tion type
Force of col­li­sion with obsta­cles
Nav­i­ga­tion in the dark
Build­ing a room map
Clean­ing modes
local, eco
Clean­ing line width (with­out side brush)
14.8 cm
Quiz: room clean­ing time
90 min
Test: qual­i­ty of dust removal
Test: hull strength
3 (sat­is­fac­to­ry)
Test: the qual­i­ty of clean­ing cor­ners from dust
5 (unsat­is­fac­to­ry)
Test: the num­ber of col­lect­ed wool fibers
8 out of 10
Over­com­ing obsta­cles: the max­i­mum height of the thresh­old
10 mm
Over­com­ing Obsta­cles: Dan­gling Cables
Over­com­ing obsta­cles: thin car­pet
Over­com­ing obsta­cles: socks
Over­com­ing obsta­cles: Lego con­struc­tor
Over­com­ing Obsta­cles: Fringed Car­pet­ing
Over­com­ing obsta­cles: chair legs