Skirt­ing boards are one of the most impor­tant inte­ri­or ele­ments. They have prac­ti­cal and aes­thet­ic func­tions — they guar­an­tee a per­fect and com­plete fin­ish. Their col­or, shape and height should empha­size the inte­ri­or design, while main­tain­ing the opti­cal har­mo­ny of the room’s pro­por­tions. How to choose the right skirt­ing boards and what to look for?

The main task of skirt­ing boards is to close the uneven­ness between the floor and the wall and pro­tect the wall from dirt, for exam­ple, when wash­ing the floor. Addi­tion­al­ly, var­i­ous cables can be hid­den behind the slats. The aes­thet­ics of planks depends on the mate­r­i­al from which they are made, col­or, sec­tion and their height. The deci­sion about skirt­ing boards should be made at the begin­ning of the inte­ri­or design phase, choos­ing win­dows and doors, and then floors that match the room.

Plinth — types

Full sec­tion slats, fas­tened direct­ly to the wall, are skirt­ing boards. They can be sim­ple or dec­o­ra­tive, milled, thick­ened at the bot­tom or quar­ter-rolled. A wide plinth is an excel­lent dec­o­ra­tion in rooms with high ceil­ings. Skirt­ing boards that allow you to hide cables in the space pro­trud­ing from the walls are pro­file rails. They can also be installed flush with the wall using alu­minum pro­files, so you can get skirt­ing boards hid­den in the wall. They are espe­cial­ly rec­om­mend­ed for thick wall cov­er­ings. Thanks to such solu­tions, it is pos­si­ble to obtain a smooth sur­face on the line con­nect­ing the strip with the dec­o­ra­tive stone.

The mate­ri­als from which skirt­ing boards are made

Rei­ki can be from:

  • sol­id wood (paint­ed, var­nished),

  • wood cov­ered with veneer, that is, thin sheets of wood used as a veneer or veneer,

  • MDF,

  • met­al,

  • PVC.

Wood­en slats are durable and ele­gant.

What should be con­sid­ered when choos­ing a skirt­ing board?

Skirt­ing boards empha­size two planes — the wall and the floor. Thanks to a well-cho­sen bar, you can empha­size the pro­por­tions of the inte­ri­or. The small­est slats (4–6 cm), which visu­al­ly go into the floor, are a good choice for small spaces. If high skirt­ing boards are need­ed, they should be sim­i­lar to the col­or of the walls. In rooms with a stan­dard wall height, skirt­ing boards from 6 to 8 cm look good. In rooms with a height of more than 250 cm, slats with a height of 10 cm or more look best.

It is worth know­ing that high planks in the col­or of the floor opti­cal­ly increase the sur­face of the floor, and high planks in a con­trast­ing col­or with respect to the wall opti­cal­ly short­en the wall.

Source: TopClimat.com