Braun Oral-B Genius 9000Brush­ing your teeth and pre­vent­ing their con­di­tion is not the most inter­est­ing activ­i­ty. With a new elec­tric tooth­brush Braun Oral‑B Genius 9000 you look at this process dif­fer­ent­ly. An advanced device moti­vates any­one to clean the oral cav­i­ty, and all thanks to an inter­est­ing imple­men­ta­tion. From now on, the brush itself will make sure that you brush your teeth cor­rect­ly, just like a per­son­al doc­tor.

pros Minus­es:
+ Excel­lent per­for­mance
- Rel­a­tive­ly large and heavy
+ Six brush­ing modes
+ Rich equip­ment
+ Sup­port for dif­fer­ent appli­ca­tions

Oral‑B Genius 9000: looks and features

The device has a pleas­ant soft-touch coat­ing and as many as 12 LED back­light options, which will def­i­nite­ly appeal to both chil­dren and adults. True, after the tra­di­tion­al brush, the size of the Oral‑B Genius 9000 seems unusu­al, but this is a mat­ter of time. But the nov­el­ty has six modes of oper­a­tion, which include three options for brush­ing your teeth, whiten­ing, car­ing for your gums and even brush­ing your tongue.

The so-called “3D” brush­ing tech­nol­o­gy com­bines rec­i­p­ro­cat­ing move­ments with pul­sa­tion, but if too much pres­sure is applied to the teeth, the pul­sat­ing move­ments stop, pre­vent­ing pos­si­ble dam­age. So through tri­al and error, the brush Braun Oral‑B Genius 9000 as if teach­ing the user to cor­rect­ly cal­cu­late the force of pres­sure when brush­ing teeth.

Oral‑B Genius 9000 Smartphone Software

But the most inter­est­ing pos­si­bil­i­ties open up after pair­ing the tooth­brush via Blue­tooth with an iOS or Android smart­phone and installing the Oral‑B App. The sen­sor for detect­ing the brush­ing area, built into the brush, inter­acts with the front cam­era of the smart­phone through the appli­ca­tion and helps to even­ly clean the oral cav­i­ty.

Oral B App
Braun Oral‑B Genius 9000: The Oral‑B App teach­es you how to prop­er­ly brush your teeth, gives you help­ful tips and mon­i­tors your results.

For peo­ple with poor self-dis­ci­pline, reward points are pro­vid­ed for con­sci­en­tious clean­ing and fol­low­ing the rec­om­men­da­tions. More­over, you can share your suc­cess­es and results with friends or com­pete with oth­er users.

The Oral‑B App also pro­vides con­nec­tiv­i­ty to oth­er mobile health apps. You can even con­nect to music ser­vices (for exam­ple, to the pop­u­lar Spo­ti­fy), which allows you to add vari­ety to the usu­al pro­ce­dure for brush­ing your teeth and tune in to the right rhythm.

Oral‑B Genius 9000: operating time and package contents

Togeth­er with Braun Oral‑B Genius 9000 comes with a charg­er, a trav­el case with the abil­i­ty to recharge not only the brush, but also a smart­phone, four brush heads with a stor­age con­tain­er, and a smart­phone hold­er. Thanks to the suc­tion cup, the hold­er is con­ve­nient­ly attached to the mir­ror in the bath­room, and then the next step is small: install a mobile device into it, where all the nec­es­sary infor­ma­tion is dis­played.

Com­pared to oth­er brush­es in this series, the nov­el­ty is able to work on a sin­gle charge for a lit­tle more than a week, when used twice a day, so Braun Oral‑B Genius 9000 you can safe­ly take it with you on a busi­ness trip.

Oral‑B Genius 9000 Specifications

Teeth brush­ing modes 6
Num­ber of noz­zles 4 (Cross Action, Sen­si­tive, 3D White, Floss Action)
Addi­tion­al equip­ment case for recharg­ing brush and smart­phone, hold­er with suc­tion cup for smart­phone, con­tain­er for attach­ments, charg­er
Bat­tery type lithi­um ion
Bat­tery life a lit­tle over a week on a sin­gle charge when used twice a day