Elec­tric tooth­brush­es are much more effi­cient than con­ven­tion­al ones. And these are not only the results of clin­i­cal tri­als (as we are told from the screens), but also the corny own expe­ri­ence of CHIP edi­tors. At the same time, as prac­tice has shown, such brush­es do not harm even recon­struct­ed teeth: at least, we have not record­ed a case of loss of fill­ings or, more­over, frag­ments of teeth. Read on to find out which elec­tric tooth­brush to choose for your needs and bud­get.

What is the dif­fer­ence between expen­sive mod­els and afford­able ones? Basi­cal­ly, the num­ber of modes, bat­tery capac­i­ty, com­plete­ness (expen­sive ones are often sold with a case or spare noz­zles). If you have nev­er used elec­tric tooth­brush­es, you can buy the sim­plest mod­el for a cou­ple of thou­sand rubles and try it. Like it — take a more advanced ver­sion. Both of them are in our col­lec­tion.

Philips Sonicare CleanCare+ HX3212

Philips has a huge number of models of electric toothbrushes.  And if you think they are exceptionally expensive, they are not.  For example, this Sonicare CleanCare+ HX3212 is one...
Philips has a huge num­ber of mod­els of elec­tric tooth­brush­es. And if you think they are excep­tion­al­ly expen­sive, they are not. For exam­ple, this Soni­care Clean­Care+ HX3212 is one of the most afford­able.

To brush your teeth, mod­ern tech­nol­o­gy is used — plaque is cleaned due to the high fre­quen­cy of sound vibra­tions. More­over, for effec­tive whiten­ing of tooth enam­el and gum care, the noz­zle that comes with the kit is enough. Although it is pos­si­ble to install addi­tion­al Philips heads, which will have to be pur­chased sep­a­rate­ly. The brush has an adap­ta­tion mode that allows the teeth to get used to and is designed for 14 brush­ings — in it the vibra­tions increase grad­u­al­ly with each next brush­ing.

Among the fea­tures of the mod­el, it is worth not­ing the pres­ence of a 2‑minute timer to pre­vent dam­age to the enam­el, a com­fort­able rub­ber­ized han­dle and an attrac­tive design. The bat­tery life of the NiMH bat­tery reach­es 10 days. The vibra­tion fre­quen­cy of the head is 31,000 per minute, the weight is only 300 g, the charge is con­trolled using a spe­cial indi­ca­tor. And among the minus­es there is only a long time for charg­ing the device — up to 24 hours.

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Braun Oral‑B Vitality 3D White D12.513W

An alternative from another well-known manufacturer, Braun.  You can buy such a brush for only 1500 rubles.  It is designed for daily cleaning of plaque on the entire surface of the teeth.
An alter­na­tive from anoth­er well-known man­u­fac­tur­er, Braun. You can buy such a brush for only 1500 rubles. It is designed for dai­ly clean­ing of plaque on the entire sur­face of the teeth.

The bris­tles are col­ored in dif­fer­ent col­ors. Green ones clean the lat­er­al sur­face, blue ones are for inter­den­tal spaces and are an indi­ca­tor of wear. If the col­or of the bris­tles has changed, then it’s time to change the noz­zle. The rub­ber cup of the head pro­vides a pol­ish­ing effect and removes dark spots on the enam­el. A built-in timer for 2 min­utes avoids dam­age to the enam­el due to long brush­ing.

A full charge of the bat­tery is enough for a week of work. Although there is only one noz­zle in the kit, you can addi­tion­al­ly buy almost any heads, includ­ing a spe­cial chil­dren’s one. Of the minus­es — the lack of a charge lev­el indi­ca­tor and a long charg­ing time (16 hours).

Polaris PETB 0101 BL/TC

New from Polaris has 5 dif­fer­ent modes of oper­a­tion. Sen­si­tive is suit­able for dai­ly oral care — it uses a min­i­mum inten­si­ty of pul­sa­tions. Once a week, you can use a more intense Clean. There are also whiten­ing, pol­ish­ing and gum care modes. To switch between modes, you need to press a sin­gle but­ton on the case, and when you turn off the device, the brush remem­bers the choice, and the next time you don’t need to do it.

One charge of the brush should be enough for 1.5–2 months of use. For recharg­ing, a water­proof con­tact­less base is used. The kit also includes a trav­el case with USB charg­ing and 3 inter­change­able ear tips. The brush is IPX7 water-resis­tant, so you can safe­ly wash it under run­ning water.

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Donfeel HSD-008

A model worth 4,000 rubles, developed by the well-known manufacturer of health equipment Donfeel.  It features a high oscillation frequency - 42,000 per minute, and the presence of three modes...
A mod­el worth 4,000 rubles, devel­oped by the well-known man­u­fac­tur­er of health equip­ment Don­feel. It fea­tures a high oscil­la­tion fre­quen­cy — 42,000 per minute, and the pres­ence of three oper­at­ing modes, for dai­ly clean­ing, Whiten for enhanced whiten­ing and Mas­sage for improv­ing blood cir­cu­la­tion in the gums.

In the lat­ter case, the use of a soft rub­ber­ized noz­zle is rec­om­mend­ed. The mod­el also has three noz­zles — stan­dard, inter­den­tal and ultra­vi­o­let dis­in­fec­tor.

Among the addi­tion­al fea­tures of the device are a com­plete set with a trav­el case and a charg­ing stand, a 2‑minute timer and a min­i­mum weight of only 107 g with a noz­zle. The cost of addi­tion­al heads is also low. And among the minus­es, it is worth high­light­ing the splash­ing of tooth­paste dur­ing oper­a­tion, the rel­a­tive­ly low auton­o­my of 40 min­utes in a row and the out­dat­ed miniUSB con­nec­tor on the case.

Sencor SOC3311BK

Relatively inexpensive toothbrush with IPX7 water protection and 4 brushing programs: Regular brushing, Gum massage, Polishing, Tartar removal.  One of her features...
Rel­a­tive­ly inex­pen­sive tooth­brush with IPX7 water pro­tec­tion and 4 brush­ing pro­grams: Reg­u­lar brush­ing, Gum mas­sage, Pol­ish­ing, Tar­tar removal. One of its dis­tin­guish­ing fea­tures is a case with a built-in UV lamp that ensures the dis­in­fec­tion of the clean­ing heads. The case fits the brush itself, 2 noz­zles or 1 noz­zle and tooth­paste.

As in oth­er mod­els, a timer is installed here, which helps to con­trol the clean­ing of dif­fer­ent areas. It fires every 30 sec­onds. The clean­ing cycle is lim­it­ed to 2 min­utes.

The auton­o­my of the brush is quite high: 180 min­utes. If you brush your teeth twice a day, the charge will last for a month and a half. Since charg­ing takes place in a con­tact­less way, it takes quite a long time: about 15 hours.

Emmi-dent 6 Professional

A unique ultrasonic brush that guarantees effective plaque removal and no damage to the enamel, a therapeutic effect on caries and bleeding gums.  Availability of special...
A unique ultra­son­ic brush that guar­an­tees effec­tive plaque removal and no dam­age to the enam­el, a ther­a­peu­tic effect on caries and bleed­ing gums. The pres­ence of a spe­cial patent­ed tech­nol­o­gy and an elec­tron­ic chip in each head allows this mod­el to last longer and main­tain its char­ac­ter­is­tics through­out its entire ser­vice life.

Such man­u­fac­tura­bil­i­ty also affect­ed the price: a brush costs about 14,000 rubles. The man­u­fac­tur­er empha­sizes that it is suit­able not only for peo­ple with sen­si­tive teeth and gums, but also for own­ers of crowns, den­tal bridges, crowns, implants and braces. When clean­ing, ultra­son­ic tech­nol­o­gy is used, that is, the brush does not vibrate and does not make annoy­ing sounds. But it only works with a spe­cial non-abra­sive paste. The descrip­tion states that clean­ing also pro­vides an antibac­te­r­i­al effect on the gums to a depth of 12 mm. True, we could not imag­ine this.

The bat­tery capac­i­ty is suf­fi­cient for 17 days of oper­a­tion.

Xiaomi Mijia T100

And here is the representative of Xiaomi.  In fact, this model appeared towards the end of 2019.  Further, its modifications came out, however, the brand's greatest popularity in the field of electric ...
And here is the rep­re­sen­ta­tive of Xiao­mi. In fact, this mod­el appeared towards the end of 2019. Fur­ther, its mod­i­fi­ca­tions came out, but it was she who brought the great­est pop­u­lar­i­ty to the brand in the field of elec­tric tooth­brush­es.

Bat­tery life is about a month. These are very impres­sive fig­ures, because Xiao­mi Mijia T100 is equipped with a 700 mAh bat­tery. True, it will be charged up to 100% for at least 12 hours. But this is not such a big prob­lem if you look at the total bat­tery life. The T100 line is pre­sent­ed in three col­ors: pink, white and blue.

As soon as it falls into your hands, it will give the impres­sion that you are hold­ing a toy. The small weight of Xiao­mi Mijia T100, name­ly 42 g, makes it easy to use it in the oral cav­i­ty. The aver­age price for this mod­el rarely exceeds 1000 rubles. If you want an inex­pen­sive but high-qual­i­ty elec­tric brush, then feel free to buy Xiao­mi Mijia T100.

Hapica Kids

If you are a connoisseur of Japanese quality, then here is a reliable representative of such brushes.  As the manufacturer's motto says: Made in Japan for the Japanese.  Japanese law imposes high...
If you are a con­nois­seur of Japan­ese qual­i­ty, then here is a reli­able rep­re­sen­ta­tive of such brush­es. As the man­u­fac­tur­er’s mot­to says: “Made in Japan for the Japan­ese.” Japan­ese leg­is­la­tion impos­es high require­ments on prod­ucts belong­ing to the cat­e­go­ry “Health”. That is why you can safe­ly trust the cho­sen prod­uct.

Basi­cal­ly, it’s a kid’s ver­sion. More­over, if we ana­lyze all the offers for chil­dren, then Hapi­ca Kids is the best elec­tric tooth­brush in terms of price-qual­i­ty ratio. In Japan, many asso­ci­a­tions rec­om­mend this par­tic­u­lar mod­el. Why? First, it is durable. Sec­ond, it’s safe. The bris­tles are made of del­i­cate nylon, which under no cir­cum­stances will be able to hurt the gums. The man­u­fac­tur­er claims that the bat­tery lasts for 300 min­utes of bat­tery life. It turns out that if you brush your teeth in the morn­ing and in the evening, then in this mode it will last at least 3 months.

The price is big. How­ev­er, there is a price to pay here. When you buy a Hapi­ca Kids brush, you get a reli­able device that your child will use for about 3–4 years.

Hapica Ultrafine

You liked the previous brush, but you need an adult version?  Here, it's just about this model.  Hapica Ultra-fine is one of the most popular electric toothbrushes in Japan.  Prev...
You liked the pre­vi­ous brush, but you need an adult ver­sion? Here, it’s just about this mod­el. Hapi­ca Ultra-fine is one of the most pop­u­lar elec­tric tooth­brush­es in Japan. A rep­re­sen­ta­tive of this line has been sold more than 20 mil­lion times in the coun­try!

If you’ve ever held an elec­tric tooth­brush in your hands, you know that they all expand a lot towards the base. So Hapi­ca Ultra-fine is dis­tin­guished by this very para­me­ter — the grip area is very wide, which is very con­ve­nient. You only need to hold it once to be con­vinced of this. In gen­er­al, the char­ac­ter­is­tics coin­cide in many ways with Hapi­ca Kids: the bat­tery life is the same, and the safe­ty of use is at the same lev­el. The ser­vice life of such brush­es is about 5 years. Only noz­zles and fin­ger (AA) bat­ter­ies change.

Feel free to buy this brush if you want to get a qual­i­ty prod­uct for your mon­ey. Tens of mil­lions of peo­ple who have cho­sen Hapi­ca Ultra-fine can­not be wrong.

Oral‑B Genius 9000 Braun

This can be said to be the flagship in the field of electric toothbrushes.  Not surprising, because this is a collaboration of two giants in the field of daily care devices.  Oral B Geni...
This can be said to be the flag­ship in the field of elec­tric tooth­brush­es. Not sur­pris­ing, because this is a col­lab­o­ra­tion of two giants in the field of dai­ly care devices. The Oral‑B Genius 9000 is one of the most reli­able and effi­cient tooth­brush­es on the mar­ket.

The kit comes with 4 noz­zles. Time of con­tin­u­ous work from a charge of the accu­mu­la­tor — 48 min­utes. The Genius 9000 brush can be con­nect­ed to a smart­phone via Blue­tooth. The appli­ca­tion will cre­ate an indi­vid­ual plan for the care of the oral cav­i­ty and will enter­tain you in every pos­si­ble way in the process of brush­ing your teeth. How­ev­er, most are scared away by the price, which ranges from 8,000 to 10,000 rubles. Believe me, there is some­thing to pay for here, and lit­er­al­ly in the first week of using it, you your­self will under­stand this. Also Oral‑B Genius 9000, Braun can be a very use­ful birth­day present.

Our top elec­tric tooth­brush­es are sat­u­rat­ed with rep­re­sen­ta­tives of dif­fer­ent price cat­e­gories. How­ev­er, they have one thing in com­mon: they are the best brush­es, if you look at the val­ue for mon­ey. We hope you enjoy your cho­sen device and enjoy what used to be a chore for years to come. But brush­ing your teeth can be real­ly fun!

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