Vital — these are words that quite accu­rate­ly describe the impor­tance of using bicy­cle lights. Any­one who goes on a night ride with­out lights installed on the bike runs the risk of injur­ing them­selves and harm­ing some­one else. But ser­i­al bicy­cle lights, when checked by every­day life, often turn out to be too weak to prop­er­ly illu­mi­nate the road­way.

CHIP tests LED lights and presents the best mod­els in the cor­re­spond­ing rat­ing. You will find valu­able tips on the right choice when buy­ing a bicy­cle head­light in the arti­cle “How to choose a bicy­cle head­light”

Velofar test: what happens in practice?

Bikelight test: how well do you light your path?
Bike­light test: how well do you light your path?

The first thing that speaks about the qual­i­ties of a bicy­cle head­light is the max­i­mum illu­mi­na­tion spec­i­fied by the man­u­fac­tur­er. The high­er the num­ber in front of the “lux” des­ig­na­tion, the brighter the head­light shines.

As a rule, this also means a faster deple­tion of the bat­tery’s ener­gy reserves. In addi­tion, brighter LED “spot­lights” are usu­al­ly more expen­sive than ordi­nary weak bike lights.

But the data indi­cat­ed by the man­u­fac­tur­er, even if impres­sive, does not guar­an­tee that the bicy­cle lamp will work well in prac­tice. It hap­pens that expen­sive mod­els with a large num­ber of declared suites dur­ing a traf­fic test do not work as expect­ed from them.

The results of our bicy­cle head test­ing will help you make a choice. You will not find halo­gen lamps in the report, as they are cur­rent­ly only found in cheap kits with a dynamo — our testers focused on LED head­lights.

Bicycle headlight test: only two models were rated “very good”

CHIP test­ed 15 bike lights from dif­fer­ent man­u­fac­tur­ers for fea­tures, per­for­mance, bat­tery life, and more. How­ev­er, only two copies received an over­all rat­ing of “very good” — IQ Pre­mi­um Speed ​​​​and IQ Pre­mi­um, both from Busch & Müller. Infor­ma­tion about the results of test­ing these and oth­er mod­els can be found in the fol­low­ing table. And you can see pic­tures demon­strat­ing the oper­a­tion of the head­lights in our pho­to gallery.

Bike lights. All test results
Busch & Müller Ixon IQ Premium Speed

1. Busch & Müller Ixon IQ Pre­mi­um Speed

Over­all score: 97.4
Val­ue for mon­ey: 76

Busch & Müller Ixon IQ Premium

2. Busch & Müller Ixon IQ Pre­mi­um

Over­all score: 92.7
Val­ue for mon­ey: 100
Busch & Müller Ixon Fyre

3. Busch & Müller Ixon Fyre

Over­all score: 78.5
Val­ue for mon­ey: 75
Trelock LS 750

4 Tre­lock LS 750

Over­all score: 74.5
Val­ue for mon­ey: 73

Trelock LS 750 ION

5. Tre­lock LS 750 ION

Over­all score: 73.5
Val­ue for mon­ey: 63

Sigma Sport Lightster

6Sigma Sport Light­ster

Over­all score: 71.8
Val­ue for mon­ey: 67
Sigma Sport Speedster

7Sigma Sport Speed­ster

Over­all score: 68.9
Val­ue for mon­ey: 46
Ultrasport Front Bike Light

8. Ultra­sport Front Bike Light

Over­all score: 68.9
Val­ue for mon­ey: 64

Sigma Sport Sportster

9Sigma Sport Sport­ster

Over­all score: 64.7
Val­ue for mon­ey: 53
RCP PowerPro

10. RCP Pow­er Pro

Over­all score: 62
Val­ue for mon­ey: 54
Owleye Highlux.30

11. Owl­eye Highlux.30

Over­all score: 60.1
Val­ue for mon­ey: 45
Sigma Sport Roadster USB

12. Sig­ma Sport Road­ster USB

Over­all rat­ing: 59
Val­ue for mon­ey: 49

Trelock LS 350

13 Tre­lock LS 350

Over­all score: 52.3
Val­ue for mon­ey: 39
Cat Eye Econom RC (HL-EL 340RCG)

14. Cat Eye Econom RC (HL-EL 340RCG)

Over­all score: 46.7
Val­ue for mon­ey: 29
Cat Eye Econom Hybrid (HL-EL 030G)

15. Cat Eye Econom Hybrid (HL-EL 030G)

Over­all score: 42.3
Val­ue for mon­ey: 22

Bike lights. All test results