A back­hoe loader can be found at any con­struc­tion site. These are machines, which are a com­bi­na­tion of an exca­va­tor and a loader, designed to per­form exca­va­tion and load­ing oper­a­tions.

The front equip­ment of the machine is used to per­form load­ing and unload­ing oper­a­tions with soil, sur­face plan­ning and oth­er tasks. The exca­va­tor part per­forms earth­mov­ing tasks, digs trench­es, extracts and loads soil. In addi­tion, thanks to the exca­va­tor part, the back­hoe loader does not roll over dur­ing car­go trans­porta­tion. The load­ing part works with the soil above the lev­el of the park­ing lot, and the exca­va­tor part works below.

What are back­hoe load­ers

Accord­ing to the type of chas­sis, back­hoe load­ers are divid­ed into two types:

  • Cater­pil­lar — more spe­cial­ized, used in dif­fi­cult road con­di­tions for earth­mov­ing and load­ing oper­a­tions. Such vehi­cles move at a speed of no more than 5 km / h

  • Wheeled — uni­ver­sal mod­els, reach speeds of up to 50 km / h, are often used on small con­struc­tion sites.

How to choose a back­hoe loader

When choos­ing back­hoe load­ers, it is nec­es­sary to pay atten­tion to the pow­er and car­ry­ing capac­i­ty of the machine, the type of con­trol, the type of equip­ment and chas­sis.

The pow­er of back­hoe load­ers varies quite a lot: from 65 to 110 horse­pow­er (or 47–81 kW). How­ev­er, the car­ry­ing capac­i­ty of the machine depends not only on it, but also on oth­er fac­tors. By pow­er and car­ry­ing capac­i­ty, back­hoe load­ers can be divid­ed into:

  • Light­weight and com­pact for work­ing in tight spaces

  • Medi­um and heavy for road works and com­mu­ni­ca­tions

  • Heavy-duty for large con­struc­tion sites with a large amount of earth­works.

The main parts of the back­hoe loader are the load­ing and exca­vat­ing buck­ets. The load­ing buck­et can be option­al­ly equipped with clamshell jaws, allow­ing you to addi­tion­al­ly per­form the func­tions of a grab, scraper and lift. The exca­va­tor part can be con­nect­ed to the base using a fixed (cheap­er option) or a mov­ing car­riage (more expen­sive, but more con­ve­nient to use).

Addi­tion­al equip­ment for back­hoe loader:

  • grips

  • Fork equip­ment

  • hydraulic ham­mer

  • Devices for mov­ing fibrous or bulky goods.

Source: TopClimat.ru