Gmail blocking: how to save data from mail to computer

Even such giants as Google can be blocked in the Russ­ian Fed­er­a­tion due to vio­la­tions of the law. We explain how you can save data from Gmail after block­ing
Gmail blocking: how to save data from mail to computer
Gmail block­ing: how to save data from mail to com­put­er. Pho­to: globallookpress.com

In today’s real­i­ties, events are devel­op­ing very quick­ly. Until recent­ly, it seemed that Meta retains a sta­ble lead­er­ship posi­tion in the Russ­ian mar­ket, but now the com­pa­ny has become the object of block­ing and lit­i­ga­tion. In our mate­r­i­al, we will tell you how to pre­pare for a pos­si­ble ban on Google ser­vices. In par­tic­u­lar, what to do with a pos­si­ble shut­down of Gmail in Rus­sia.

Can Gmail be disabled or blocked in Russia

Fol­low­ing the exam­ple of Meta, we see that absolute­ly any ser­vice, includ­ing mail from Google, can be blocked for vio­lat­ing the law. In the case of Meta, their plat­forms were blocked after Face­book was allowed to place ads with con­tent pro­hib­it­ed in Rus­sia. Of course, Google is not inter­est­ed in such a devel­op­ment. Because of this, the com­pa­ny, at the request of Roskom­nad­zor, com­plete­ly turned off all adver­tis­ing in its ser­vices.

How­ev­er, the adver­tis­ing exam­ple is just one of many. For exam­ple, Google has the Google News news ser­vice and the Google Dis­cov­er rec­om­mender sys­tem. On March 24, the first ser­vice was blocked in Rus­sia due to the pub­li­ca­tion of false infor­ma­tion about the armed forces of the Russ­ian Fed­er­a­tion.



The threat of block­ing Google ser­vices for users from Rus­sia is quite real. Accord­ing to the Wall Street Jour­nalone, in May 2022, Google began to take its employ­ees out of Rus­sia. This alleged­ly hap­pened due to the fact that in Rus­sia they blocked the account of the Russ­ian rep­re­sen­ta­tive office of Google, and the com­pa­ny could not pay for the work of its employ­ees. The account was seized due to late pay­ment of a turnover fine of 7.2 bil­lion for post­ing pro­hib­it­ed con­tent. Also, the Russ­ian “daugh­ter” of Google has been ask­ing to declare itself bank­rupt since May 182.

In fact, now in Rus­sia it is impos­si­ble to make any finan­cial trans­ac­tions with Google. For exam­ple, order adver­tis­ing or pro­mo­tion on Youtube. At the same time, rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the Amer­i­can com­pa­ny say that the free func­tions of their ser­vices will con­tin­ue to oper­ate in the Russ­ian Fed­er­a­tion.

The sit­u­a­tion becomes more com­pli­cat­ed due to the Russ­ian law on the land­ing of IT com­pa­nies. From 2022, online ser­vices with a dai­ly audi­ence of more than 500,000 peo­ple are required to open their rep­re­sen­ta­tive offices in Rus­sia. Sanc­tions for vio­la­tion of this rule are dif­fer­ent — from a ban on the sale of adver­tis­ing to com­plete block­ing. The­o­ret­i­cal­ly, after the clo­sure of the Russ­ian office, Google becomes ille­gal.

Because of these pre­req­ui­sites, we rec­om­mend that Russ­ian Google users take our advice and pre­pare in advance for pos­si­ble prob­lems with access­ing Gmail.

Step by step guide to save data from Gmail to computer

A lot of impor­tant infor­ma­tion can be stored in an elec­tron­ic mail­box — work doc­u­ments, per­son­al pho­tos and oth­er use­ful files. Los­ing them would be very sad.

For­tu­nate­ly, Google has long con­sid­ered the issue of stor­ing per­son­al data, includ­ing mail. To do this, it would be most log­i­cal to use Google’s own Take­out ser­vice.3.

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Tips and instruc­tions on how to save con­tent before the ser­vice is blocked

Saving data in normal mode

Let’s con­sid­er a sit­u­a­tion where you want to save all emails from mail before Gmail was blocked in Rus­sia. In this case, every­thing is sim­ple and you just need to wait a bit to save the infor­ma­tion.

  • First of all, we go to the Google Archiv­er web­site (or Google Take­out in Eng­lish) and log in using our user­name and pass­word from our Google account.
  • In the “Cre­ate Export” menu, select the “Mail” item — it will be approx­i­mate­ly in the mid­dle of a long list of ser­vices for archiv­ing.
Select email to archive.  Screenshot of the author
Select email to archive. Screen­shot of the author
  • Then select the export set­tings. In the “Method of obtain­ing” we leave the option “By link”, in the “Fre­quen­cy” — “One-time export”, the file type is ZIP. Click the Cre­ate Export but­ton.
  • After some time, an email with a link to the saved data in .mbox for­mat will be sent to the account from which you left the appli­ca­tion.
Download mail.  Screenshot of the author
Down­load mail. Screen­shot of the author

You can open this file through any mod­ern email client. For exam­ple, share­ware (a tri­al peri­od of 30 days is giv­en) The Bat. You need to install the pro­gram and in the main select the “Tools” item, then “Import let­ters” and click from “From a unix box”. After select­ing the .mbox file, the syn­chro­niza­tion process will begin. If there are a lot of let­ters, it may take a long time.



Instruc­tions for import­ing an .mbox file for oth­er email pro­grams can be found online.

Import to The Bat.  Screenshot of the author
Import to The Bat. Screen­shot of the author

How to save important information in advance

In manual mode

If you receive a lot of impor­tant emails every day, and you get the infor­ma­tion that Gmail is down, then it’s smart to save .mbox copies of emails sev­er­al times a week. It will also not be super­flu­ous to save all files and doc­u­ments from mail on your com­put­er.

In automatic mode

Gmail has an auto­mat­ic data archiv­ing fea­ture. How­ev­er, the min­i­mum auto­mat­ic reten­tion peri­od is a full two months. This func­tion can be enabled in the export cre­ation menu in Google Take­out — you must select the “Reg­u­lar export every 2 months” item. After such set­tings, the saved copies of the mail­box will come to the mail six times a year.

Automatic saving.  Screenshot of the author
Auto­mat­ic sav­ing. Screen­shot of the author

It is also pos­si­ble to for­ward mail from Gmail to anoth­er address. It would be best to choose a box of Russ­ian providers mail.ru or yandex.ru.

You can do this in your mail set­tings.four in the For­ward­ing and POP/IMAP menu. Select “Add for­ward­ing address” and enter the required data. After that, you will need to con­firm the action from the mail that you spec­i­fied for for­ward­ing. Then, in the “For­ward­ing and POP / IMAP” set­tings, check the box next to the con­firmed mail. From now on, all new emails will be dupli­cat­ed to a secure postal address.