The main attrib­ut­es of any house are the walls, floor and ceil­ing. No mat­ter what fur­ni­ture you place in your house, no mat­ter how you dec­o­rate it, if the walls look bare and unpre­sentable, you will not achieve true com­fort.

The walls should have “clothes”, and these clothes should be styl­ish. Wood­en wall pan­els are styl­ish, eco-friend­ly and sim­ply beau­ti­ful.

The question arises, how to place everything you need in the house?

Flat walls are bor­ing

The worst ene­my of good style has long been known — it’s bore­dom! Design­ers know, do as you like, the main thing is that it should not be per­ceived as bor­ing and dull. There­fore, walls are always dec­o­rat­ed — a huge, even, uni­form space is per­ceived by the eye as a void that needs to be filled with some­thing. It can be a pic­ture, shelves, a niche, even a clock. But all this becomes com­plete­ly option­al if the walls are dressed in wood pan­el­ing.

Why are wood­en wall pan­els so pop­u­lar — were, are and will be? Every­thing is sim­ple. Wood will nev­er go out of fash­ion, it is a nat­ur­al mate­r­i­al. Yes, it’s expen­sive, but it’s an invest­ment in your home that adds val­ue pro­por­tion­ate­ly to hav­ing wood fin­ish­es. Wood­en pan­els to order can be made exact­ly to your taste, and cou­pled with inte­ri­or doors, they will allow you to have a real sophis­ti­cat­ed ensem­ble in the inte­ri­or.

The tree is dis­tin­guished by excel­lent dura­bil­i­ty, does not lose its appear­ance over time — on the con­trary, like a good cognac, over the years it only improves its appear­ance. Wood­en walls seem to bring us back to nature, to an envi­ron­ment that is friend­ly and com­fort­able. It is pleas­ant to lean against them both in the heat and in the cold. Wood­en pan­els will allow you to become the own­er of a “cot­tage” right in a city apart­ment.

Wood and fresh air

Every­one knows that a tree not only dec­o­rates, but also puri­fies the air. In a house where there are a lot of nat­ur­al wood­en prod­ucts, it is always eas­i­er to breathe. This is because the tree itself “breathes”. And good ven­ti­la­tion is the key to the health of the inhab­i­tants of the house. In poor­ly ven­ti­lat­ed rooms, not only the well-being of a per­son wors­ens, but also his men­tal activ­i­ty, there is a break­down, dirt accu­mu­lates faster.

Fresh air is need­ed in the house, and in suf­fi­cient quan­ti­ties. And wood wall pan­els are a good helper for that. What is impor­tant — the tree has a pos­i­tive effect not only on the fresh­ness of the air, but also on its humid­i­ty, nat­u­ral­ly reg­u­lat­ing it with­in small lim­its. Mean­while, insuf­fi­cient or exces­sive air humid­i­ty can also adverse­ly affect health and well-being.

In gen­er­al, wood pan­els have many advan­tages. There are, of course, and minus­es — as with­out them — but they are def­i­nite­ly less than plus­es. Help the house get good walls and the house will help you live hap­pi­ly ever after.

Source: TopClimat.ru