What to do if the phone does not turn on

Even if the screen of the smart­phone went out at the most inop­por­tune moment and does not respond to touch, you should not despair. We will ana­lyze the most com­mon rea­sons why the phone does not turn on, and tell you what to do on your own and where to go if noth­ing helped
What to do if the phone does not turn on
What to do if the phone does not turn on. Pho­to: pixabay.com

A smart­phone that sud­den­ly stops work­ing can seri­ous­ly ruin your mood. It seems that half an hour ago every­thing was in order, but now the phone does not turn on, does not want to respond to any key­strokes. And to under­stand what to do and where to turn is not so easy. Whether it was ear­li­er, at the dawn of the era of mobile phones: you could also remove the bat­tery, recharge it in the “frog” (an exter­nal bat­tery charg­er), press the keys to under­stand exact­ly what the prob­lem was. Yes, and it was much eas­i­er to dis­as­sem­ble the device — you arm your­self with a sim­ple Phillips screw­driv­er and get to work. Now every­thing is more com­pli­cat­ed: a mod­ern smart­phone that has turned into a “brick” sim­ply plunges the own­er into a stu­por. What hap­pened? Maybe the sen­sor is not work­ing? Dead bat­tery? How to get to it if the phone cov­er can­not be opened? And some­times the smart­phone starts to vibrate with a black screen, thinks at the time of load­ing and shows a brand­ed apple or android for a long time.

There is good news: in some cas­es, the prob­lem can real­ly be dealt with with­out con­tact­ing spe­cial­ists. It is not worth bury­ing a phone that does not turn on right away. In this arti­cle, we will explain why this hap­pens and explain how to deal with the prob­lem your­self, at home and with­out com­pli­cat­ed tools.

Check if liquid has entered the smartphone

If the smart­phone screen is dark, it does not respond to the pow­er but­ton, but starts to vibrate, water may have got inside the device. If you have giv­en your phone to some­one else, check if it has been dropped in liq­uid or exposed to rain. If this was the case, then it is bet­ter to turn off the phone and dry it. How to do this, you can read here. Do not try to turn on a flood­ed phone or put it on charge. Water is an excel­lent con­duc­tor of elec­tric cur­rent, going the wrong way, it can burn the con­tacts of the micro­cir­cuits.



Check charging and battery

The phone is dead and will not turn on any­more, even after you “feed” it with elec­tric­i­ty. The sit­u­a­tion is quite com­mon. There are sev­er­al options here. First, it’s the charg­er. Per­haps you are using the wrong charg­er, or the wire has frayed some­where. It hap­pens that the sock­et does not work. There­fore, the first thing to do is to exclude seem­ing­ly obvi­ous options: try to charge the phone from anoth­er charg­er, con­nect to anoth­er pow­er source. Wait­ed an hour and noth­ing helped? The prob­lem may be in the bat­tery. For exam­ple, the phone is too dis­charged (you tried to turn it on sev­er­al times after being dis­charged, the device was left dis­charged for too long, it was in extreme cold or heat). Some­times in such cas­es, the smart­phone will not charge from a reg­u­lar out­let. In this case, you need to either remove the bat­tery and use an exter­nal charg­er to revive it, or try to charge the phone from a pow­er bank.

Obvi­ous advice: don’t rush to turn on your phone and pan­ic. If the bat­tery is almost emp­ty, the device will take some time to start work­ing. It is bet­ter to leave the phone alone for a cou­ple of hours.

Remove the memory card and SIM card, and try to turn on the phone without them

Some­times the rea­son that the phone does not turn on can be a “failed” mem­o­ry card or SIM card, or rather, the con­tacts that con­nect them to the phone. To dis­miss this option, you need to remove them and then try to start the phone again. If in this case the phone boots up, then you need to try to exchange the SIM card with the oper­a­tor, change the flash dri­ve. If the prob­lem per­sists, you will have to con­tact the ser­vice cen­ter to under­stand where the catch lies.

Let the smartphone cool down and try turning it on after 2–3 hours

Anoth­er pos­si­ble rea­son why the smart­phone may remain deaf to your calls is that it has over­heat­ed due to long work or being in the sun / frost. In this case, you need to leave the phone at rest for 2–3 hours and then try again to con­nect it to charg­ing or press the pow­er but­ton. Dur­ing this time, all the details will cool down and, per­haps, the phone will return to life.

Force your smartphone to reboot

If your phone worked nor­mal­ly for a day, and then showed the screen of death or does not respond to touch at all, you can force a reboot. This will get rid of the error that has occurred, which pre­vents the soft­ware from load­ing.

How to restart an iPhone that won’t turn on

For the new iPhone X mod­el, you need to quick­ly press and release the vol­ume up but­ton, then do the same with the vol­ume down but­ton. After that, keep the pow­er but­ton pressed.

On iPhone 8 and 8 Plus mod­els, sim­ply hold and release the vol­ume up key, then do the same with the vol­ume up but­ton. Then press and hold the side but­ton until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

For mod­els 7 and 7 Plus, you need to press the side but­ton and the one that reduces the vol­ume togeth­er, also until the apple logo appears. On old­er mod­els, press the Home but­ton and the top but­ton togeth­er.

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How to restart your Android phone

In order for a phone that does not want to turn on to enter recov­ery mode, you must hold down the pow­er but­ton and the vol­ume down key at the same time. Hold them for 10–25 sec­onds. In most new­er Android sys­tems, the device will start reboot­ing into recov­ery mode and prompt the user to choose what they want to do: reboot or go into recov­ery mode. Choose a forced reboot (hard reset).

Connect your phone to your computer or laptop

Some­times, in order to revive a frozen phone, it is enough to con­nect it with a USB cable to a com­put­er. Then the soft­ware will find the device and send its com­mands to it, which can revive the device.



Reset your phone to factory settings

If the phone behaves strange­ly, vibrates, the screen lights up and goes blank, you can per­form a fac­to­ry reset. This will help if the error is due to a mis­be­hav­ing appli­ca­tion, mem­o­ry over­load. Atten­tion, in this case, all data that is on the phone’s disk will be lost: con­tacts, pho­tos, mes­sages, pass­words, and so on. If you did­n’t cre­ate a back­up, this could be a poten­tial prob­lem. But if oth­er options still did not help, it is bet­ter to lose some infor­ma­tion than devices. In any case, we rec­om­mend back­ing up your device more fre­quent­ly, at least once every two weeks.

A modern smartphone turned into a “brick” simply plunges the owner into a stupor
A mod­ern smart­phone that has turned into a “brick” sim­ply plunges the own­er into a stu­por. Pho­to: pixabay.com

How to reset iPhone to factory settings

To solve the prob­lem, you will need a cable, a com­put­er with iTunes installed. The device must be con­nect­ed to the com­put­er and press the but­tons to force reboot. When you press the final com­bi­na­tion, you need to wait until the recov­ery mode appears on the screen and fol­low the prompts of the pro­gram. In the future, the com­put­er will offer to restore the set­tings from the back­up that you saved ear­li­er.

How to reset settings on Android

Sev­er­al key com­bi­na­tions can be used to force reset an unpow­ered phone. These are “vol­ume up and pow­er”, “vol­ume down and pow­er”, “vol­ume keys — pow­er — home” — most often the last com­bi­na­tion is used for tablets. An inscrip­tion will appear on the screen stat­ing that it is enter­ing Recov­ery mode, after which you need to select the fac­to­ry reset item (fac­to­ry reset). The smart­phone will reboot and can start work­ing.

Update the firmware of the phone or vice versa roll back to the old OS

If the phone does not turn on, then the firmware will have to be down­loaded from the Inter­net on the com­put­er. Then pro­ceed as in the pre­vi­ous para­graph. For iPhone firmware can be down­loaded direct­ly from iTunes. At the very begin­ning of work, you need to select the “update” item and spec­i­fy the path to the down­loaded firmware. For the phone, you need to down­load the firmware in advance, con­nect the device to the com­put­er with a cable and fol­low the instruc­tions that appear.

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Contact the service center

If none of the tips helped bring the device back to life, con­tact a ser­vice cen­ter for diag­nos­tics. Here they can check whether the pow­er reach­es all the ele­ments on the moth­er­board and in which ele­ments the prob­lem has occurred. It may help to replace the screen (if the prob­lem is due to the fact that the matrix or sen­sor does not work), the bat­tery or its con­tacts.