Best LG TVs 2022

The South Kore­an com­pa­ny is one of the lead­ing TV man­u­fac­tur­ers in the world. Which mod­els are worth pay­ing atten­tion to in 2022, KP finds out
Best LG TVs 2022
The best LG TVs. Pho­to: pixabay.com

Top 10 rating according to KP

1. LG OLED65C8

OLED LG OLED65C8. Pho­to: LG

One of the most advanced mod­els in the cur­rent mod­el line of the South Kore­an brand. The huge 65-inch pan­el is made using OLED tech­nol­o­gy, which means the pic­ture here will be very bright, and the black col­or will be real­ly deep. How­ev­er, in place and all the short­com­ings of the screen on organ­ic LEDs — the like­li­hood of burnout and some “acid­i­ty” of col­or repro­duc­tion. The dis­play res­o­lu­tion is 3840×2160 pix­els, the TV can play high-def­i­n­i­tion video and update the pic­ture at an hon­est 100 Hz. Smart TV here runs brand­ed webOS from LG. It is a TV-opti­mized plat­form with a large num­ber of appli­ca­tions. The num­ber of inter­faces and ports will suit any user. The TV for its size weighs a lit­tle — 21 kg, and has a thick­ness of only 47 mm.

Pros and cons

High-qual­i­ty screen with max­i­mum per­for­mance, pro­gres­sive design
Big price

2. LG 55SK8500

LG 55SK8500. Pho­to: LG

55-inch TV with an inter­est­ing screen made using pro­pri­etary LG tech­nol­o­gy. The 55SK8500 has an IPS dis­play, but called Nano Cell. The Kore­ans do not dis­close the details of this tech­nol­o­gy, nam­ing only its advan­tages — improved col­or repro­duc­tion, extend­ed dynam­ic range and a wide view­ing angle. In many ways, the dis­play can com­pete in pic­ture qual­i­ty with OLED. The rest of the TV screen is a 4K matrix with a refresh rate of 100 Hz. There is also webOS smart TV, which means there will be no prob­lems with appli­ca­tions and the Inter­net. By the way, about the last one. Some users com­plain about Wi-Fi fail­ures and slow wired con­nec­tion. And for some unknown rea­son, LG also installed USB 2.0 ports on the mod­ern mod­el.

Pros and cons

The Nano Cell screen deliv­ers a great pic­ture with­out the draw­backs of OLED, the high refresh rate of the pic­ture makes the TV a great solu­tion for gamers
Ques­tions about inter­net con­nec­tion speed

3. LG 32LJ500V

LG 32LJ500V. Pho­to: LG

The 32-inch TV mod­el was intro­duced in 2017, but still remains a great bud­get option. An inex­pen­sive TV has a good Full­HD-matrix with good col­or repro­duc­tion. The device “out of the box” sup­ports the DVB-T2 ter­res­tri­al dig­i­tal tele­vi­sion stan­dard, to which broad­cast­ing has switched in Rus­sia. But not with­out a fly in the oint­ment, which con­sists in a small num­ber of ports and the absence of an audio jack, which is why you can­not con­nect your favorite head­phones direct­ly to the LG 32LJ500V.



Pros and cons

Good screen, ade­quate price for func­tion­al­i­ty
A poor set of inter­faces for con­nec­tions

4. LG 49UK6200

LG 49UK6200. Pho­to: LG

The thin bezel 48.5‑inch TV looks like a bal­anced mod­el for a wide range of buy­ers. The dis­play here is made using IPS tech­nol­o­gy and has a res­o­lu­tion of 3840 × 2160 pix­els. The view­ing angle is 178 degrees, and the pic­ture is updat­ed at a fre­quen­cy of 50 Hz. There was also a smart TV here, for it there is also a 4 GB dri­ve in the TV itself. In the short­com­ings, you can write down the points on which the man­u­fac­tur­er saved. For exam­ple, the LG 49UK6200 does not have a 3.5mm audio jack, and the remote is not a Mag­ic Remote, which means that man­ag­ing smart func­tions will not be easy.

Pros and cons

Low price for size and 4K, smart TV with­out lim­its
Annoy­ing sav­ings on the audio jack and remote con­trol

5. LG 43UK6300

LG 43UK6300. Pho­to: LG

One of the small­est 4K TVs avail­able. 43 inch­es, IPS-matrix and low bright­ness of 200 cd/m2. The webOS oper­at­ing sys­tem has all the advan­tages of the LG shell, and the per­for­mance of the TV is not sat­is­fac­to­ry. How­ev­er, users often com­plain about the exces­sive thick­ness of the case, the clas­sic remote and flim­sy-look­ing legs.

Pros and cons

4K res­o­lu­tion and high pix­el den­si­ty at a small diag­o­nal, smart TV and Inter­net access
Low dis­play bright­ness, flim­sy legs for place­ment on a hor­i­zon­tal sur­face


LG OLED55B8S. Pho­to: LG

A kind of “entrance tick­et” to the world of OLED from LG. The price is rather high, but for such matri­ces this is the low­er price range. It has a 55-inch OLED screen with a res­o­lu­tion of 3840x2160 pix­els with a refresh rate of 100Hz. There is a fast smart TV on webOS, a scat­ter­ing of ports and wire­less inter­faces. Of the inter­est­ing — the “mul­ti-screen” func­tion, when pic­tures from sev­er­al tele­vi­sion chan­nels are dis­played on one screen, and voice con­trol. There is not much to say about the short­com­ings of the mod­el, unless work­ing with files on con­nect­ed stor­age media may seem con­fus­ing.

Pros and cons

All the advan­tages of a mod­ern OLED matrix, great oppor­tu­ni­ties for work­ing with inter­faces
“Pix­eliza­tion” may appear in dynam­ic scenes

7. LG 32LK6190

LG 32LK6190. Pho­to: LG

32-inch TV with a dis­play res­o­lu­tion of 1920x1080. It uses an IPS-matrix capa­ble of work­ing with the HDR10 high dynam­ic range video stan­dard. As expect­ed from the 2018 mod­el year, the LG 32LK6190 has a brand­ed smart TV. By the way, the TV out of the box can play video in the H.265 codec, which means there is a good mar­gin for the future in work­ing with stream­ing con­tent. How­ev­er, there are also prob­lems with audio. In inex­pen­sive mod­els, LG fun­da­men­tal­ly “does not report” an audio jack, and this par­tic­u­lar mod­el, in addi­tion, has weak 10 W speak­ers. And yet, the thick bezels around the dis­play will upset the per­fec­tion­ist.

Pros and cons

Rea­son­able price, com­pact and light
Ques­tions about the sound com­po­nent, not the most advanced design

8. LG 55UK6450

LG 55UK6450. Pho­to: LG

A TV for those who need a 55-inch diag­o­nal, but are not ready to over­pay for cut­ting-edge tech­nol­o­gy. The matrix in the device is made using IPS tech­nol­o­gy and has a res­o­lu­tion of 4K. The bright­ness is not a record — only 250 cd / m2, but the view­ing angle is 178 °. Smart TV and Inter­net access are includ­ed. By the way, in the LG 55UK6450, an AV tulip was added to the scat­ter­ing of mod­ern inter­faces, which auto­mat­i­cal­ly means com­pat­i­bil­i­ty, for exam­ple, with old video set-top box­es. Also, the TV has good sound.

Pros and cons

Good val­ue for mon­ey, 4K res­o­lu­tion
Not every­one will like the thick­ness of this mod­el

9. LG 49UK7500

LG 49UK7500. Pho­to: LG

One of the most afford­able mod­els with LG Nano Cell pro­pri­etary dis­play. The advan­tages of this IPS matrix are extend­ed col­or gamut and dynam­ic range. The 49-inch screen has a res­o­lu­tion of 3840×2160 pix­els and can play con­tent in the HDR10 stan­dard. Need­less to say about webOS, many inter­faces and wire­less Inter­net access. But, of course, the TV stands out with its light­weight design and ele­gant stand. Per­haps it is pre­cise­ly because of the thin case that there is a prob­lem that some buy­ers of the LG 49UK7500 are talk­ing about — the bot­tom of the TV with a back­light mod­ule heats up notice­ably dur­ing long bright scenes.

Pros and cons

Advanced LG Nano Cell Matrix, Fast Smart TV Per­for­mance
May over­heat at high bright­ness

10. LG 22MT49VF

LG 22MT49VF. Pho­to: LG

Afford­able and com­pact, but not bud­get-friend­ly 22-inch TV. The main advan­tage of this mod­el is a good Full­HD screen made using IPS tech­nol­o­gy. Inter­est­ing­ly, such an inex­pen­sive mod­el can receive DVB-T2 dig­i­tal tele­vi­sion with­out any set-top box­es. Smart TV is not here, but LG 22MT49VF under­stands var­i­ous audio and video for­mats. There is, in fact, noth­ing to com­plain about in this TV, but the sound of the built-in speak­ers could be loud­er.

Pros and cons

Demo­c­ra­t­ic price, IPS screen
Some­one may not have enough ports

How to choose an LG TV

LG Cor­po­ra­tion pro­duces TVs for every taste and bud­get, with a vari­ety of char­ac­ter­is­tics. Which mod­el is right for you and how to choose it? Let’s talk about the para­me­ters that the best LG TVs 2022 have.


The best LG TVs 2022 can be bought for both 9 thou­sand rubles and 600 thou­sand rubles. Every­thing depends on your require­ments. For exam­ple, in the price range of 13–30 thou­sand rubles, mod­els with a dis­play diag­o­nal of 32 inch­es are com­mon. 4K res­o­lu­tions are not to be found here, but they have good LCD-matri­ces with HD and Full­HD res­o­lu­tions. In the seg­ment of 30–70 thou­sand rubles, mod­els of var­i­ous sizes rule the show, there are already 4K, and smart TV with a Mag­ic Remote con­trol, and even screens with fash­ion­able Nano Cell tech­nol­o­gy. From 80 thou­sand rubles, the largest mod­els are sold, many of which have high-tech OLED matri­ces.

The best smart TVs

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LG pro­duces TVs of almost all com­mon diag­o­nals: 22, 32, 43, 49, 55, 60, 65, 75, 77 and 86 inch­es. The first two are most often made using LCD tech­nol­o­gy and have HD and Full­HD res­o­lu­tions. Among the best 43–55-inch LG TVs of 2021 are already 4K res­o­lu­tions. Matri­ces can be made using IPS, Nano Cell and OLED tech­nolo­gies. More­over, the lat­ter have 3840 × 2160 pix­els. TVs from 60 inch­es in size are almost all screens with 4K res­o­lu­tion, but there is a choice of Nano Cell or OLED. The most advanced TVs have a refresh rate of 100 Hz, which elim­i­nates blur­ring. Those who are going to con­nect con­soles or a com­put­er to the pan­el need to pay atten­tion to the pix­el response time — the low­er it is, the bet­ter dur­ing the game.



Smart TV

LG TVs use only pro­pri­etary smart TV tech­nol­o­gy called webOS. Such uni­fi­ca­tion allows you to achieve fast oper­a­tion of appli­ca­tions on a vari­ety of mod­els, because the man­u­fac­tur­er takes care of their opti­miza­tion. In fact, when talk­ing about “smart TV” in the best LG TVs of 2022, the user has no choice. But more expen­sive mod­els have an expand­ed num­ber of ports and inter­faces. By the way, if you are going to watch stream­ing video in high qual­i­ty, pay atten­tion to the Inter­net speed that the TV is able to digest. So, many LG mod­els will not reach speeds above 100 Mbps when down­load­ing data.

In 2020, LG at CES 2020 announced an update to the webOS plat­form to ver­sion 5.0. In fact, the fifth ver­sion of smart TV has two new fea­tures — Film­mak­er Mode and Dol­by Vision IQ tech­nol­o­gy. In Cin­e­matog­ra­ph­er Mode, the TV turns off motion smooth­ing and image enhance­ment, and the movie is played back at its orig­i­nal col­or, frame rate, and aspect ratio. Dol­by Vision IQ is LG’s take on the HDR stan­dard. It uses the TV’s built-in light sen­sors to auto­mat­i­cal­ly cal­i­brate the screen image based on the amount of light in the room. Inter­est­ing­ly, the Kore­ans do not plan to update webOS on TVs intro­duced before 2020.

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The man­u­fac­tur­er LG is most often gen­er­ous with ports and inter­faces, but there are some nuances. For exam­ple, many mod­ern mod­els still have an AV port (aka “tulip”), but there is no 3.5 mm audio port. The last lim­i­ta­tion makes many peo­ple aban­don wired acoustics in favor of sound­bars con­nect­ed via Blue­tooth. The lat­est tech­nol­o­gy will help when con­nect­ing key­boards, joy­sticks and oth­er wire­less periph­er­als. Pay atten­tion to the num­ber and loca­tion of the HDMI and USB ports.