How to connect phone to TV

The most trou­ble-free ways to con­nect your phone to your TV when you have a USB cable at hand, and also if you need to get by with wire­less tech­nolo­gies
How to connect phone to TV
How to con­nect phone to TV. Pho­to: pixabay.com

Mod­ern Smart TVs become for the user a guide to the world of all plea­sures at once: such a device can be con­nect­ed to the Inter­net and turned into a home the­ater, watch your favorite TV shows, videos from YouTube on the big screen, look at pho­tos from Google Dri­ve and choose tick­ets togeth­er with a large com­pa­ny for the next vaca­tion. The good news is that all the same can be done if there is one smart­phone from smart tech­nol­o­gy at home, and the avail­able TV boasts a screen diag­o­nal, but not a fill­ing.

Connection options

Our tips on how to con­nect your phone to a TV will help you make friends with each oth­er. It does­n’t mat­ter if you have an iPhone or an Android smart­phone. We offer detailed step-by-step instruc­tions for con­nect­ing via a USB cable, HDMI or using wire­less net­works and soft­ware pair­ing.

Connection via cable

Connecting with a USB cable

So, you have returned from vaca­tion, your best friends have gath­ered at the table with good­ies brought from the trip and you want to share your impres­sions and pho­tos with them as soon as pos­si­ble, and you need to show each of them in great detail. Here are just a pho­to — in the phone, and a large-screen TV — on the wall. The eas­i­est option is to con­nect your phone to your TV using a USB cable. In this case, the smart­phone will turn into a flash dri­ve, that is, it will be pos­si­ble to run files only through the USB inter­face of the TV itself.



For such a con­nec­tion, you will need: a mobile phone with the Android oper­at­ing sys­tem, a cord (for exam­ple, from charg­ing), and the TV itself with a work­ing USB input — most mod­ern mod­els have it.

1. Wire TV and smart­phone. Turn on the TV.

2. Select “Use as a stor­age device (as USB)” on the smart­phone screen in the noti­fi­ca­tion win­dow that appears.

3. From the TV remote in the list of sources, select — USB (most often the Source but­ton allows you to do this).

4. Use the arrows on the remote con­trol to select the desired fold­ers and open files. Thus, you can view image files, as well as run a movie pre­vi­ous­ly down­loaded to a USB flash dri­ve.

What to do if the TV does not see a smartphone connected via USB?

Check the cable is good. Also, the wires that come with charg­ers can only be used for charg­ing. Make sure you are using the cable that came with your phone to con­nect your device to your com­put­er.

If the cable is work­ing, check that you have select­ed the desired item on the smart­phone screen. Try dis­con­nect­ing it and con­nect­ing it to the TV again by select­ing the cor­rect item (not “Charg­ing only”).

What can be done?

Use your smart­phone as a flash dri­ve.

If these meth­ods do not work, your phone and TV may not be com­pat­i­ble for USB con­nec­tion. Try the oth­er options below.

Connecting with an HDMI cable

This method of con­nect­ing the phone to the TV allows you to turn the smart­phone-TV bun­dle into a sin­gle com­put­er and run all the files from the phone on the big screen. Some gad­gets imme­di­ate­ly have a mini-HDMI con­nec­tor, but this is a rar­i­ty. If your smart­phone does not have this, you need to buy an adapter: this can be a USB Type‑C to HDMI cable for more expen­sive smart­phones, a Light­ning to HDMI adapter for iPhone and iPad, and micro-USB-HDMI (with MHL inter­face).



Con­nect­ing your phone to a TV is easy: con­nect the devices with a cable, select the port to which the smart­phone is con­nect­ed as the sig­nal source. Enjoy dis­play­ing your phone screen on your TV dis­play.

Via USB Type‑C connector

This adapter will help con­nect new smart­phones to TV, flag­ship mod­els with a mod­ern con­nec­tor for fast charg­ing. It is best to choose a uni­ver­sal adapter that can be con­nect­ed to a TV with HDMI, VGA, DVI or MiniDP. Cost: 900‑1000 rubles.

Via Lightning

This adapter allows you to con­nect Apple devices (iPhone or iPad) to your TV. The device can also be uni­ver­sal and fit any TV. It is cheap­er to buy a sim­ple adapter, it costs from 1500 rubles.


This is a way to con­nect an old­er or cheap­er device to the TV. If the smart­phone has a microUSB con­nec­tor, then the MHL adapter allows you to con­nect it to HDMI. Mobile High-Def­i­n­i­tion Link tech­nol­o­gy must be sup­port­ed by a smart­phone and TV. To check if your smart­phone sup­ports this fea­ture, down­load and run the MHL Check­er app. The TV should have the inscrip­tion MHL next to the HDMI con­nec­tor. Cost: from 600 rubles.

Via Slim Port

This method is suit­able if your smart­phone does not sup­port the pre­vi­ous method. This is most often the case for old­er devices. They should also have a microUSB input.

What can be done?

Use your TV as an exter­nal dis­play for play­ing games and watch­ing movies. The TV screen dis­plays the full screen of the smart­phone.

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Wireless connections from a smartphone to a TV

Connecting with Wi-Fi

This method is suit­able for TVs equipped with a Wi-Fi mod­ule. You can find out if it is on your TV by look­ing at the instruc­tions or the descrip­tion on the Inter­net. It is also worth check­ing if your smart­phone is mod­ern enough: noth­ing will work with phones equipped with Android OS below the fourth ver­sion or iPhone below 4s. Every­thing will work out if there is an item “Wi-Fi Direct” in the smart­phone in the “Wire­less net­works” sec­tion. Usu­al­ly, you can find it in the set­tings sub-item (behind the three dots in the right cor­ner). It needs to be active.

Then, on the TV to which you want to con­nect your phone via Wi-Fi, you need to find the “Net­work” sec­tion in the menu. Here we also select Wi-Fi Direct. In the list of avail­able devices that appears, select your phone — most like­ly it will be the only one here. The con­nec­tion request will fly to the smart­phone — con­firm it in the pop-up win­dow that opens.

What can be done?

View images from your smart­phone. Infor­ma­tion trans­fer rate is low.

Connecting with DLNA

This method is suit­able for Android smart­phones and DLNA-enabled TVs. To trans­fer files, you need to con­nect your phone and TV to your home Inter­net net­work (you can use var­i­ous meth­ods), then turn on the DLNA func­tion on the TV in the set­tings. After that, select a movie, pic­ture or music, click on the file name and in the set­tings press: “Menu — select play­er”. Find your TV in the list.



What can be done?

View files from your smart­phone. For advanced set­tings and view­ing files not only from the gallery, you will need to install any appli­ca­tion for DLNA from Google Play.

By connecting the TV to a smartphone, you can watch movies, photos, make presentations and much more on a large and convenient screen.
By con­nect­ing the TV to a smart­phone, you can watch movies, pho­tos, make pre­sen­ta­tions and much more on a large and con­ve­nient screen. Pho­to: pixabay.com

Connecting with Miracast

This func­tion allows you to mir­ror the screen of a mobile phone on a TV dis­play. To do this, you need a SMART TV with sup­port for the Mira­cast func­tion or a spe­cial adapter (costs from 900 rubles) if your device does not sup­port this func­tion.

How to connect a TV with built-in Miracast?

Enable the func­tion in the net­work set­tings on the TV. Select the “Wire­less Mon­i­tor” func­tion on your smart­phone, it is locat­ed in the dis­play set­tings. Find your TV in the list of found devices, enjoy the image from your smart­phone on the big screen.

How to connect the adapter to TV?

A spe­cial adapter is con­nect­ed via HDMI-con­nec­tor. Then, in the list of sources on TV, you need to select this par­tic­u­lar chan­nel. A QR code will appear on the screen, point your smart­phone at it and down­load a spe­cial appli­ca­tion. You can also try to find your TV with­out installing addi­tion­al pro­grams by turn­ing on the “Wire­less Mon­i­tor” func­tion in the screen set­tings.

What can be done?

Broad­cast, expand the smart­phone screen on TV, watch pic­tures and videos.

Connecting with Chromecast

Google’s pro­pri­etary tech­nol­o­gy works in a sim­i­lar way. To be suc­cess­ful, you will need a spe­cial set-top box Chrome­cast, Android phone or iPhone. The set-top box con­nects to the TV via an HDMI con­nec­tor, and it is also equipped with USB for charg­ing.

It’s easy enough to con­nect. You need to select the HDMI port of the set-top box on the TV, con­nect it to the WI-FI net­work. On your smart­phone, open the Google Home app, sign in with your Google Home account, and then launch con­tent in any app by select­ing the broad­cast icon and then your TV device from the list.

What can be done?

Watch videos from the gallery and appli­ca­tions (for exam­ple, YouTube), make pre­sen­ta­tions from the phone to the audi­ence, play, show pho­tos on the big screen. Set-top box­es exist both with sup­port for Full HD and 4K.

Connecting a Smartphone to a Samsung TV Using the Software

If you use equip­ment from the man­u­fac­tur­er Sam­sung (both a smart­phone and a TV), then using the USB con­nec­tion of the phone to the TV, you can dupli­cate the screen of the smart­phone on the TV. The addi­tion­al Screen Mir­ror­ing soft­ware will help to do this. The func­tion must be enabled in the set­tings of the smart­phone and TV at the same time.

Connect iPhone and iPad with AirPlay

If you have an iPhone and Apple TV at your dis­pos­al, the task is sim­pli­fied, because man­u­fac­tur­ers have thought about all the sub­tleties. The pro­pri­etary Air­Play func­tion will help you achieve your goal.



To con­nect to a TV with an Apple TV set-top box, you must first con­nect both devices to the Inter­net, then on your smart­phone, go to Con­trol Cen­ter and select the Screen Mir­ror­ing line. Apple TV will be in the list of devices.

What can be done?

Watch pho­tos, videos, lis­ten to music, make pre­sen­ta­tions, play from your phone, using TV as a big screen.

What is the best way to connect the phone to the TV

For iPhone

The best way is to use native soft­ware. Air­Play will pro­vide full func­tion­al­i­ty for com­bin­ing TV and smart­phone with­out errors. The only down­side is the price. Mira­cast tech­nol­o­gy is also suit­able for the iPhone.

For Android

The Mira­cast wire­less func­tion is the most acces­si­ble and pro­vides full func­tion­al­i­ty with­out restric­tions. It is impor­tant that any TV can be turned into a device that sup­ports the smart­phone func­tion. Not the most expen­sive adapter will help. USB-cable is suit­able for extreme cas­es when the phone is used as a flash dri­ve.