By installing expen­sive entrance doors, the own­ers of apart­ments and hous­es take care of their own safe­ty and the safe­ty of their prop­er­ty. How­ev­er, one unfor­tu­nate over­sight can negate all efforts, and this is the loss of the key to the front door. Even if the key can be found, pre­cau­tions must be tak­en to pre­vent unau­tho­rized entry by unau­tho­rized per­sons.

Emer­gency door lock replace­ment

If you lose the key, it is not at all nec­es­sary to change the front door — a sim­ple lock replace­ment, which will allow home­own­ers to sleep peace­ful­ly. This pro­ce­dure must be car­ried out as soon as pos­si­ble, prefer­ably with­out delay. So the risk of unau­tho­rized entry of intrud­ers into the apart­ment will tend to zero. The eas­i­est way to quick­ly get rid of the old lock, the key to which is lost, and replace it with a new one, is to con­tact a com­pa­ny of the appro­pri­ate spe­cial­iza­tion, which pro­vides ser­vices for replac­ing locks with a vis­it to your home. You should choose a com­pa­ny with an offi­cial license to engage in such activ­i­ties in order to be sure of the qual­i­ty and pro­fes­sion­al­ism of the work. Turn­ing to pro­fes­sion­als will help you quick­ly replace the lock with a full guar­an­tee of qual­i­ty and effi­cien­cy of work. The mas­ter goes to the call imme­di­ate­ly, and in a short time pro­fes­sion­al­ly per­forms all the nec­es­sary work to open the old lock and replace it with a new, reli­able ana­logue.

Chang­ing the front door lock

If you lose the key to the front door, you can go one of two ways:

  • change the old lock to a new one;

  • replace the lar­va in the lock of the front door.

The first option is appro­pri­ate if the cas­tle was old enough and almost com­plete­ly exhaust­ed its resource. It still need­ed to be changed soon any­way for secu­ri­ty rea­sons, since old­er mod­els can­not pro­vide suf­fi­cient pro­tec­tion against bur­glary. In addi­tion, tech­nol­o­gy does not stand still, and improved mod­els of door locks with advanced secu­ri­ty and bur­glary pro­tec­tion sys­tems are con­stant­ly being released. There­fore, replac­ing an old lock, even if it is still work­ing, can be ful­ly jus­ti­fied from a secu­ri­ty point of view. If the lock was still new and meets the require­ments of the time, then it is wis­er to change the lock cylin­der, which will cost an order of mag­ni­tude cheap­er and com­plete­ly solve the prob­lem of los­ing the key. A per­son who finds a lost key, with all the desire, will not be able to get into an apart­ment whose door lock cylin­der was pru­dent­ly replaced.

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