Gas meter replacement in 2022

The home­own­er is oblig­ed to mon­i­tor the meter­ing devices in the apart­ment and house. We are talk­ing about the rules for replac­ing a gas meter in 2022, terms and doc­u­ments
Gas meter replacement in 2022
Gas meter replace­ment. Pho­to: Oleg Zolo­to

In 2022, gas meters should be installed in all hous­es and apart­ments that are heat­ed using “blue” fuel. If desired, you can even put coun­ters on a gas stove, but this is not at all nec­es­sary. In addi­tion, not every­one in the kitchen has such an oppor­tu­ni­ty. Anoth­er coun­ter­ar­gu­ment is that the cost of the device and instal­la­tion in the case of a con­ven­tion­al stove will pay off for a long time. It is ratio­nal to do this only if a lot of peo­ple are reg­is­tered in the apart­ment.

But the own­ers of gas boil­ers can­not do with­out meters — the law oblig­es. But some­times the device breaks down or gets old. Togeth­er with an expert, we will fig­ure out how the gas meter is replaced, where to go and how much the device costs.

Gas meter replacement rules


The gas meter replace­ment peri­od has come when:



  1. The ser­vice life spec­i­fied in the prod­uct data sheet has expired.
  2. The counter is bro­ken.
  3. The ver­i­fi­ca­tion result­ed in a neg­a­tive result. For exam­ple, the device has mechan­i­cal dam­age, seals are bro­ken, indi­ca­tors are not read­able, or the per­mis­si­ble error thresh­old has been exceed­ed.

The term for replac­ing a gas meter in a pri­vate house and in an apart­ment is no more than 30 days after the device fails.


- With the last two points, every­thing is clear — change and imme­di­ate­ly. What about the ser­vice life? Most meters are extreme­ly reli­able and are designed to last 20 years. There are mod­els that work less — 10–12 years. The esti­mat­ed ser­vice life is always indi­cat­ed in the tech­ni­cal pass­port for the meter. It must be remem­bered that the count­down of this peri­od begins from the date of man­u­fac­ture of the device, and not from the moment it was installed, explains Fris­quet Tech­ni­cal Direc­tor Roman Glad­kikh.

The law says that the own­er him­self mon­i­tors the sched­ule for replac­ing and check­ing the meter. Oth­er­wise, penal­ties may apply. Find the doc­u­ments for your device and see what its cal­i­bra­tion inter­val and ser­vice life are.

The documents

To replace the counter, you will need a list of doc­u­ments:

  • pass­port of the home­own­er who will con­clude an agree­ment to replace the meter;
  • reg­is­tra­tion cer­tifi­cate of the old meter indi­cat­ing the date of its instal­la­tion and ver­i­fi­ca­tion marks;
  • title doc­u­ments for a house or apart­ment — a cer­tifi­cate of own­er­ship, an extract from the USRN, a con­tract for the sale of hous­ing, etc. — one to choose from;
  • tech­ni­cal plan of the premis­es — issued at the BTI or MFC;
  • approved gasi­fi­ca­tion project (for own­ers of pri­vate hous­es);
  • free form state­ment.
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Where to go to replace the gas meter

There are two options.

  1. To the gas ser­vice that serves your area of ​​res­i­dence.
  2. to a cer­ti­fied orga­ni­za­tion. These may be com­pa­nies that install gas boil­ers. Make sure the com­pa­ny is cer­ti­fied. If the instal­la­tion is per­formed by a mas­ter with­out a license, in the future the counter will be refused to be sealed.

How is a gas meter replaced?

Selecting a contractor and concluding a contract

Where to go to replace equip­ment, we wrote above. When you decide on a com­pa­ny, call the mas­ter. Do not for­get to con­clude a con­tract in order to avoid dis­putes in the future.

First specialist visit

He will exam­ine the old counter. Only a pro­fes­sion­al can tell if a device real­ly needs to be replaced. It may be enough to replace the bat­ter­ies or make an inex­pen­sive repair. Some­times a spe­cial­ist imme­di­ate­ly goes to the site with a new device, if you warned the oper­a­tor about this when you left the appli­ca­tion.



Purchase of a gas meter and preparation for work

The home­own­er pur­chas­es the device and pre­pares for the sec­ond vis­it of a spe­cial­ist. It is nec­es­sary that doc­u­ments for a new counter be at hand. In addi­tion, you need to free up space for instal­la­tion.


The spe­cial­ist mounts the meter, be sure to fill out an act of work per­formed and issue a doc­u­ment to the own­er of the home on the launch of the device. All this must be saved, as well as the reg­is­tra­tion cer­tifi­cate for the new meter.

Counter sealing

The right to car­ry out this pro­ce­dure, accord­ing to the law, is vest­ed in employ­ees of sub­scriber depart­ments. Accord­ing­ly, an appli­ca­tion is writ­ten to the sub­scriber depart­ment at the place of res­i­dence indi­cat­ing:

  • Full name and pass­port details of the own­er of the prop­er­ty;
  • date of com­mence­ment of use of the meter;
  • brand and ser­i­al num­ber of the device;
  • indi­ca­tors of gas con­sump­tion before replac­ing the meter;
  • date of the next ver­i­fi­ca­tion.

If the instal­la­tion was car­ried out by the gas ser­vice, the reg­is­tra­tion cer­tifi­cate of the new flow meter, the instal­la­tion cer­tifi­cate and the com­mis­sion­ing doc­u­ment are attached to the appli­ca­tion. When the meter is installed by licensed orga­ni­za­tions accred­it­ed for this type of work, their license should be attached. A copy is usu­al­ly left by the con­trac­tor.

The seal is installed with­in five work­ing days from the date of the appli­ca­tion.

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How to check the man­age­ment com­pa­ny that serves you

How much does it cost to replace a gas meter

- The meter is replaced at the rates of the orga­ni­za­tion con­tact­ed by the home­own­er. They vary from region to region. On aver­age, this is 1000–6000 rubles. depend­ing on whether weld­ing is car­ried out or not. In addi­tion, the own­er needs to pay for the gas meter itself — 2000–7000 rubles, — says Roman Glad­kikh.

In total, the cost of replac­ing a meter depends on:

  • flow meter mod­els (the more accu­rate and reli­able the “stuff­ing” — the more expen­sive);
  • the com­plex­i­ty of the replace­ment work;
  • replace­ment rate;
  • num­ber of gas con­sump­tion points.

Popular questions and answers

Do gas meters need to be replaced?
Need. First­ly, because if a mal­func­tion of the device is detect­ed dur­ing the next ver­i­fi­ca­tion, the own­er can be fined. Sec­ond­ly, a faulty meter very often starts to give read­ings in baboutthe left side. And the own­er of even eco­nom­i­cal equip­ment can notice this, — answers Roman Glad­kikh.
Can gas meters be replaced for free?
Yes, but only if you live in pub­lic hous­ing — an apart­ment, a house owned by a city or town. Then the munic­i­pal­i­ty itself pays for the replace­ment of meters. At the same time, in the regions there may be local ben­e­fits for the replace­ment of gas meters for vet­er­ans of the Great Patri­ot­ic War, low-income pen­sion­ers and large fam­i­lies. The exact infor­ma­tion must be clar­i­fied in the social secu­ri­ty at the place of res­i­dence. In this case, the meter is first changed at their own expense, and then they apply for reim­burse­ment of expens­es.
How are charges made from the date of fail­ure to the replace­ment of the gas meter?
In 2022, each region of Rus­sia has its own gas con­sump­tion stan­dards for the pop­u­la­tion. Until the meter is replaced, they will use this stan­dard and send pay­ments based on it.
Can I replace the gas meter myself?
No. This can only be done by a spe­cial­ist who has a per­mit to work with gas-using equip­ment, the expert answers.