Why do not receive and send SMS from the phone

Prob­lems with the deliv­ery and send­ing of mes­sages can piss any­one off. We under­stand why SMS are not received and sent from the phone and how to fix it
Why do not receive and send SMS from the phone
Why do not receive and send SMS from the phone. Pho­to: glob­al­look­press

Despite the fact that every­one around uses Inter­net mes­sen­gers, some­times you need to send or receive a good old SMS. At least in order to log in to What­sApp or Telegram. It may hap­pen that mes­sages are nev­er deliv­ered to the sub­scriber. We under­stand the rea­sons why SMS do not come and are not sent from the phone.

Why do not SMS come and what to do

The caus­es of prob­lems with SMS deliv­ery can be hid­den both in the mobile phone and in the SIM card. A ser­vice engi­neer for the repair of equip­ment will help us fig­ure out this sim­ple but tricky issue. Artur Tuliganov. Let’s start with com­mon­place things that are easy to fix.

Problems with SMS delivery can be both in the mobile phone and in the SIM card.  Photo: globallookpress
Prob­lems with SMS deliv­ery can be both in the mobile phone and in the SIM card. Pho­to: glob­al­look­press

1. Not enough free space.

Per­haps only own­ers of old push-but­ton phones can face such a prob­lem. The fact is that in these mod­els the amount of free mem­o­ry is lim­it­ed, so new mes­sages sim­ply “do not fit” into the phone. The solu­tion is sim­ple — delete unwant­ed mes­sages from mem­o­ry.



2. Cellular network congestion.

Yes, that can’t be ruled out either. This can hap­pen at the moment when all sub­scribers start using the net­work at the same time. For exam­ple, imme­di­ate­ly after the New Year, every­one is in a hur­ry to con­grat­u­late their loved ones. But it is worth wait­ing 10–20 min­utes and every­thing will return to nor­mal.

3. Problem with the SIM card.

For some rea­son, there may be prob­lems with the con­tact of the SIM card and the phone. To exclude this pos­si­bil­i­ty, insert a known work­ing SIM card into your smart­phone. If the prob­lem with receiv­ing SMS remains on this num­ber - take the device to a ser­vice cen­ter. Most like­ly, the mat­ter here is in the hard­ware of the device.

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4. Messages end up in spam.

Your phone may have an auto­mat­ic fil­ter built into it that blocks received mes­sages as spam. Tem­porar­i­ly turn off the mes­sage fil­ter­ing func­tion in the mes­sage set­tings and check if you receive mes­sages. If yes, then turn off the spam fil­ter per­ma­nent­ly.

Turn off the spam filter.  Photo: Rustem Akhunov
Turn off the spam fil­ter. Pho­to: Rustem Akhunov

5. The interlocutor was in the “black list”.

Tech­ni­cal­ly, the sit­u­a­tion is sim­i­lar to the pre­vi­ous one, only mes­sages from one indi­vid­ual user remain in the block. A con­tact may, for some rea­son, be black­list­ed on your phone and all mes­sages from him will be blocked. Check if there is a sub­scriber from whom you can­not receive mes­sages. If yes — delete this num­ber.

6. Messages are blocked by the installed application.

And again, the soft­ware of the smart­phone will be to blame here. It is like­ly that you have installed some kind of pro­gram designed to pro­tect your smart­phone from crooks. An over­ly aggres­sive fil­ter will block all mes­sages it con­sid­ers sus­pi­cious. The solu­tion to this prob­lem is sim­ple -dis­able or unin­stall all secu­ri­ty apps from your phone.

Why are SMS not sent?

The rea­sons for which SMS may not be sent may be sim­i­lar to those for which SMS are not received. But there are also some dif­fer­ences. Let’s start with the sim­plest again.

1. Wrong number dialed.

We send SMS not so often, so be sure to check the cor­rect dial­ing of the num­bers of the num­ber. The sub­scriber num­ber in Rus­sia can begin with the num­ber “8” or the char­ac­ter set “+7”. Next comes the three-dig­it oper­a­tor code and the sev­en-dig­it sub­scriber num­ber.

2. SMS is not sent after changing the SIM card.

It often hap­pens that after chang­ing a SIM card or an oper­a­tor, users notice odd­i­ties in the oper­a­tion of SMS. And it’s not just that. The sys­tem delib­er­ate­ly blocks received and sent mes­sages so that crim­i­nals can­not imme­di­ate­ly access impor­tant infor­ma­tion, even if they man­aged to “hijack” the num­ber. Usu­al­ly the unit turns off a day after oper­a­tions with a SIM card.

3. SMS are not sent due to lack of money on the account.

It often hap­pens that after pay­ing the basic tar­iff, there are no funds left on the sub­scriber’s account to pay for send­ing SMS. Check the bal­ance in the oper­a­tor’s appli­ca­tion or code “*100#”. If there are not enough funds, then pay the required amount or con­nect an unlim­it­ed SMS pack­age.

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4. The number for sending SMS is not configured.

Before being sent to anoth­er sub­scriber, the SMS enters a spe­cial “gate­way” of the oper­a­tor, the num­ber of which is auto­mat­i­cal­ly con­fig­ured when the SIM card is reg­is­tered on the net­work. Some­times the num­ber of the SMS cen­ter can be filled with an error and because of this, SMS are not sent.



You can view the SMS cen­ter data in the mes­sage set­tings menu. Each oper­a­tor has a dif­fer­ent num­ber, so it will be eas­i­est for you to find the one you need by search­ing the Inter­net — “SMS cen­ter num­ber + name of your mobile oper­a­tor”. If you find out that the num­ber of the SMS cen­ter in the phone does not match the one indi­cat­ed on the web­site of the oper­a­tor, call the sup­port ser­vice. By the way, the same applies to MMS set­tings and mobile Inter­net. They auto­mat­i­cal­ly reg­is­ter the address­es of APN access points. Some­times these set­tings can “fly off”.

The SMS center data can be found in the message settings menu.  Photo: Rustem Akhunov
The SMS cen­ter data can be found in the mes­sage set­tings menu. Pho­to: Rustem Akhunov

5. You are in the “black list” of the subscriber.

Alas, mes­sages from your num­ber can be blocked (on pur­pose or acci­den­tal­ly). You can­not do any­thing with this. It remains only to ask the per­son to whom your SMS does not reach, check the “black list” and remove your num­ber from there if nec­es­sary.

6. Operator blocks SMS.

Due to the fact that through mes­sages you can access finances, most oper­a­tors can block the func­tion of send­ing SMS to short num­bers at the request of the sub­scriber. Also, sim­i­lar restric­tions are found in some cor­po­rate cel­lu­lar tar­iffs.

To make sure your mes­sages are not blocked at the oper­a­tor lev­el, con­tact cus­tomer sup­port.

Popular questions and answers

Can I get a virus on my phone via SMS?
You can’t use the SMS itself, but you can use the link in it. Scam­mers can send you the address of a dan­ger­ous site under the guise of some­thing use­ful. For exam­ple, dis­counts and coupons to the store. There­fore, nev­er click on links from such ques­tion­able mes­sages. The same applies to the “pranks” from What­sApp chats.
Is it pos­si­ble to block the receipt of SMS from a spe­cif­ic sub­scriber?
It is pos­si­ble, and at least in two ways — through the phone soft­ware and through the oper­a­tor. In the first case, you add the num­ber of the blocked sub­scriber to the “black list” of your phone. In the sec­ond case, you do it through your car­ri­er. Block­ing via smart­phone remains prefer­able — it’s eas­i­er to set up and it’s always free.
Never click on links from such questionable messages.  Photo: Rustem Akhunov
Nev­er click on links from such ques­tion­able mes­sages. Pho­to: Rustem Akhunov