The best barbecues 2022

Sum­mer sea­son with­out bar­be­cue — how is this pos­si­ble? We tell you how to choose the best bar­be­cue in 2022 and arrange an unfor­get­table pic­nic for your­self
The best barbecues 2022
The best bra­ziers. Pho­to: pixabay.com

When the weath­er warms up, peo­ple lit­er­al­ly start to get out of town every week­end, and these trips are often asso­ci­at­ed with pic­nics. The main thing is to have some­thing to cook on. We talk about the best bar­be­cues in 2022, which can dec­o­rate any vaca­tion.

A bra­zier is a bra­zier for cook­ing meat, fish or veg­eta­bles, usu­al­ly made in the form of a rec­tan­gu­lar box. The fuel for the bar­be­cue is wood or char­coal.

In the process of burn­ing, fire­wood turns into a thick lay­er of embers over which prod­ucts are placed using a grate or skew­ers. Due to the fact that all the heat remains inside the bra­zier, cook­ing requires less wood and less time when com­pared with the process of cook­ing on an open fire (over a fire).



Man­gals are:

  • sta­tion­ary,
  • portable,
  • fold­ing,
  • col­lapsi­ble.

They are also dif­fer­ent in mate­r­i­al, as there are steel and cast iron mod­els, some of them are addi­tion­al­ly cov­ered with heat-resis­tant enam­el. Each device has its own advan­tages, there­fore, in this rat­ing, we dwelled in detail on the dif­fer­ences between bar­be­cues. It is eas­i­er to choose a good mod­el if you take into account the design fea­tures of each bar­be­cue and study the reviews of pro­fes­sion­al chefs.

Editor’s Choice

Gratar Professional Optima Grill

Gratar Professional Optima Grill.  Photo: yandex.market.ru
Gratar Pro­fes­sion­al Opti­ma Grill. Pho­to: yandex.market.ru

Gratar Pro­fes­sion­al Opti­ma Grill is not just a bar­be­cue, but a whole cook­ing area. The fire cham­ber is com­plete­ly steel, with wall thick­ness (3 mm) opti­mal for pro­tec­tion against defor­ma­tion. The bra­zier is equipped with a retractable ash pan, which helps to reg­u­late the inten­si­ty of heat with min­i­mal cost.

There are tables to the left and right, and con­ve­nient shelves below. The height of the bra­zier is 23 cm, the bra­zier itself is 92 cm, and the width of the work­ing area reach­es 85 cm. For greater sta­bil­i­ty, this sta­tion­ary mod­el is not equipped with wheels.

In terms of safe­ty, the bra­zier has no equal, since here the man­u­fac­tur­er has thought out wind pro­tec­tion and ther­mal­ly insu­lat­ed the stain­less steel front pan­el. Gratar Pro­fes­sion­al Opti­ma Grill is one of the best domes­tic mod­els on the mar­ket.

Main characteristics

Hous­ing mate­r­i­al steel
Fur­nace wall thick­ness 3 mm
Equip­ment tables, fire­wood, inven­to­ry shelf
Dimen­sions (WxDxH) and weight 158.2×39.4×104.1 cm, 46.90 kg
Roast­er Height 23.3 cm

Pros and cons

Steel and thick-walled bra­zier, sta­ble, there are addi­tion­al tables and shelves, com­ple­ment­ed by wind pro­tec­tion
The mod­el is heavy to move, no wheels, the cov­er must be pur­chased sep­a­rate­ly

Top 10 best barbecues of 2022 according to KP

1. Barbecue Grillux Garden

Grillux Garden.  Photo: yandex.market.ru
Gril­lux Gar­den. Pho­to: yandex.market.ru

Sim­ple, but at the same time with every­thing you need, the bar­be­cue mod­el is suit­able for pic­nics with a large com­pa­ny. The body of this device is steel, and the wall thick­ness is 2 mm. On the sides there are spe­cial grooves for skew­ers, a max­i­mum of 10 pieces can be placed. The table and legs are remov­able, which makes the mod­el mobile. The man­u­fac­tur­er took care of the anti-cor­ro­sion coat­ing. A lot of users note that the welds are made neat­ly.

The size of the bra­zier is 70 by 32, and its depth is almost 21 cm, so with prop­er igni­tion, dish­es will cook quick­ly. The height of the assem­bled struc­ture is 83 cm. The lid and oth­er acces­sories are not includ­ed in the kit, but they can be pur­chased sep­a­rate­ly.

Main characteristics

Hous­ing mate­r­i­al steel
Wall thick­ness 2 mm
Equip­ment table
Dimen­sions 95.3*32.4*83cm
The weight 14 kg

Pros and cons

Com­pact, rel­a­tive­ly light for sta­tion­ary bar­be­cues, there are grooves for skew­ers, a remov­able table
Nar­row, paint-coat­ing comes off with time

2. “Vesuvius Dachny”

Vesu­vius Dachny. Pho­to: yandex.market.ru

For those who, in addi­tion to per­for­mance, the appear­ance of the bra­zier is impor­tant, the ele­gant design of Vesu­vius Dachny is suit­able. This unit is equipped with shelves on the front and side, so sauces and uten­sils will always be at hand. The bra­zier is com­plete­ly steel, treat­ed with sil­i­cone enam­el, resis­tant to high tem­per­a­tures. There are 5 slots for skew­ers on the sides of the bra­zier, so this mod­el will cope with a bang with cook­ing for a small fam­i­ly.

Due to the fact that the legs are locat­ed direct­ly under the bra­zier, the bra­zier is very sta­ble. The fire­wood box is con­cise­ly inscribed in the device. The whole struc­ture weighs almost 30 kg, and it reach­es a meter in height when ful­ly assem­bled.



Main characteristics

Hous­ing mate­r­i­al steel
Wall thick­ness 3 mm
Equip­ment bra­zier
Dimen­sions 610*990*925mm
The weight 27 kg

Pros and cons

Heat-resis­tant enam­el coat­ing, con­struc­tion height, shelves attached to the bar­be­cue, built-in fire­wood
Designed for a small por­tion (5 skew­ers)

3. Forester BC-779 (with skewers)

Forester BC-779
Forester BC-779. Pho­to: yandex.market.ru

Inex­pen­sive clas­sic look. Buy­ers note this bra­zier for its dura­bil­i­ty. A nice bonus is that skew­ers are includ­ed. The design is col­lapsi­ble, so it is very con­ve­nient to trans­port. Despite not the largest wall thick­ness, users boast that they have been using this bra­zier for sev­er­al years in a row.

Main characteristics

Type of col­lapsi­ble
Hous­ing mate­r­i­al steel
Fur­nace wall thick­ness 0.8mm
Dimen­sions (WxDxH) 31x51x50.5 cm
The weight 4 kg

Pros and cons

Light­weight, portable and very attrac­tive price
The wall thick­ness is less than a mil­lime­ter — this means that a long ser­vice life is not worth wait­ing for
The best elec­tric bar­be­cue grills

We are talk­ing about elec­tric bar­be­cue grills, in which the meat will turn out great

4. Doorz MSK with cauldron

Doorz MSK with cauldron
Doorz MSK with a caul­dron. Pho­to: yandex.market.ru

Fans of pilaf in a caul­dron will be inter­est­ed in a mod­el where a 4.5 liter caul­dron is includ­ed in the pack­age, as well as all the details nec­es­sary for its fas­ten­ing. The entire struc­ture is made of heat-resis­tant steel with a wall thick­ness of 2 mm. Forged ele­ments and a box made on a spe­cial press do not allow the struc­ture to deform when exposed to tem­per­a­tures.

Here you will not find gaps between the walls of the bra­zier, and there­fore the prod­uct will serve for a long time. For con­ve­nience, there is one remov­able and one built-in shelves for uten­sils.

The bra­zier belongs to col­lapsi­ble, so it is easy to bring it with you to a pic­nic. Please note that only coals can be used in this design, not fire­wood.

Main characteristics

Type of col­lapsi­ble
Hous­ing mate­r­i­al steel
Fur­nace wall thick­ness 2 mm
Dimen­sions (WxDxH) 59x92x93 cm
The weight 23 kg

Pros and cons

Caul­dron includ­ed, easy to assem­ble and dis­as­sem­ble, heat-resis­tant steel with extra. coat­ed
Fire­wood can­not be used, a sim­ple swiv­el mech­a­nism is made for the caul­dron

5. Grillver Pecheneg

Grillver Pecheneg
Gril­lver Pech­eneg. Pho­to: yandex.market.ru

Who does­n’t love the idea of ​​con­vert­ing a bra­zier from a small suit­case into a sta­ble struc­ture in 15 sec­onds? At the same time, due to the thick­ness of the bot­tom met­al (2 mm) and addi­tion­al rein­force­ment of parts with spe­cial sides, the bra­zier will last for many years.

The design pro­vides for a damper and a blow­er so that the igni­tion is quick and the heat con­sump­tion is effi­cient. It is extreme­ly easy to take care of the bra­zier, because the char­coal con­tain­er is removed for clean­ing from coals and ash in one sim­ple move­ment.

If you want to take the bra­zier on a trip or a hike, be sure to use the fold­ed design car­ry­ing han­dle. You need to have 7 skew­ers with you, because there is a groove in the device for each.

Main characteristics

Mate­r­i­al steel
Wall/bottom thick­ness 1.5 mm /2 mm
Dimen­sions (WxDxH) 31.5x46x29 cm
The weight 8 kg

Pros and cons

Fold­ing, light weight, there is a han­dle and a car­ry­ing case, parts for igni­tion are includ­ed
Walls thin­ner than the bot­tom 1.5 mm vs 2 mm, only suit­able for char­coal, not for fire­wood

6. TONAR (collapsible)

TONAR. Pho­to: yandex.market.ru

The man­u­fac­tur­ers of this bra­zier have devel­oped a spe­cial bonus for the buy­er. We are talk­ing about a bag in which you can car­ry the com­po­nents of this design. It is con­ve­nient to assem­ble and dis­as­sem­ble. The reli­a­bil­i­ty of the mate­ri­als is also good — this is the most impor­tant thing when buy­ing such things.

Main characteristics

Type of col­lapsi­ble
Hous­ing mate­r­i­al steel
Fur­nace wall thick­ness 1.5 mm
Dimen­sions (WxDxH) 29x47x37 cm
The weight 4.50 kg
Pack­ing dimen­sions (WxDxH) 29x47x37 cm

Pros and cons

It is con­ve­nient to assem­ble, dis­as­sem­ble and trans­port the bra­zier even in hands
No notch­es for skew­ers on the “long” side

7. Gratar MAN 304, 133.5x69.4x196.1 cm, for 15 skewers

Gratar MAN 304. Photo: yandex.market.ru
Gratar MAN 304. Pho­to: yandex.market.ru

If you are look­ing for a mobile yet sta­ble struc­ture, con­sid­er the Gratar mobile grill. With the help of two wheels, you can eas­i­ly move the grill to the right place. The bra­zier is equipped with shelves, tables and a roof. The weight of the entire struc­ture is almost 43 kg, and the height is about two meters.

There are 13 grooves for skew­ers, so one igni­tion is enough for dish­es for a large com­pa­ny. The body is made of steel, and the thick­ness of each sheet is 3 mm.



If nec­es­sary, the struc­ture can be dis­as­sem­bled or moved on wheels by lift­ing two legs.

Main characteristics

Mate­r­i­al steel
Fur­nace wall thick­ness 3 mm
Dimen­sions (WxDxH) 69x133x196 cm
The weight 43 kg

Pros and cons

Wheels for move­ment, there is a roof, 13 slots for skew­ers
Not a cheap design

8. “Country Season Sadko MNSAD‑4–16”

“Coun­try Sea­son Sad­ko MNSAD‑4–16”. Pho­to: yandex.market.ru

Bra­zier, which will please with its equip­ment. Here is a pok­er, and a scoop, and a stand for a caul­dron. There is also a table and fire­wood. The bra­zier is very large and you can cook sev­er­al types of dish­es at the same time. The mod­el is col­lapsi­ble, so it is easy to trans­port.

Main characteristics

Type of col­lapsi­ble
Hous­ing mate­r­i­al steel
Fur­nace wall thick­ness 2 mm
Dimen­sions (WxDxH) 37x160x80 cm
Roast­er Height 17 cm
Pack­ing dimen­sions (WxDxH) 68x35 cm

Pros and cons

Easy to trans­port, you can cook large por­tions at once
The paint­work peels off quick­ly

9. Brazier BOYSCOUT 61239

BOYSCOUT 61239. Photo: yandex.market.ru
BOYSCOUT 61239. Pho­to: yandex.market.ru

Bra­zier BOYSCOUT steel, refers to sta­tion­ary mod­els. Legs are high enough for stand­ing up cook­ing. The walls of the fur­nace with a thick­ness of 2 mm, like the bot­tom, do not burn through. The design pro­vides a shelf, but there is no fire­wood.

It is rec­om­mend­ed to install the struc­ture so that you do not often have to move 11 kilo­grams of bar­be­cue. Please note that there are no caul­dron mounts for this mod­el.

Main characteristics

Mate­r­i­al steel
Wall thick­ness 3 mm
Dimen­sions (WxDxH) 37x64x65 cm
The weight 11 kg

Pros and cons

Nar­row and long fire­box, there is a shelf, a bud­get option, 9 grooves for skew­ers
No fire­wood

10. Koncept MS‑5

Koncept MS-5
Kon­cept MS‑5. Pho­to: yandex.market.ru

The Russ­ian man­u­fac­tur­er of bra­ziers Kon­cept Gar­den pre­sent­ed a very unusu­al design of the bra­zier. There is also a domed roof, and wind pro­tec­tion, and fixed tables made of pine. The steel bra­zier is made of sheets 3 mm thick, and the dome is made of 1.5 mm. The kit includes an option for installing a caul­dron, although in oth­er devices it has to be pur­chased sep­a­rate­ly.

The height of the struc­ture cor­re­sponds to the aver­age height of a per­son, that is, 175 cm, tak­ing into account the roof. It must be under­stood that the bra­zier is volu­mi­nous and is not sub­ject to fre­quent move­ment. The weight of the assem­bled bra­zier exceeds 60 kg.

Main characteristics

Hous­ing mate­r­i­al steel
Fur­nace wall thick­ness 3 mm
Dimen­sions (WxDxH) 1750x1420x640 mm
Fire­box size (WxD) 400x720 mm
The weight 62 kg
Vol­ume 1.4m³

Pros and cons

Unusu­al design, dense walls of the bra­zier, there is a roof with wind pro­tec­tion
The design is not mobile, the table­top is not remov­able

How to choose a brazier

To choose a bra­zier that will last a long time, you need to remem­ber four sim­ple steps:

  1. It is impor­tant to decide whether you are look­ing for a camp­ing option or a sta­tion­ary mod­el for instal­la­tion in the court­yard of a coun­try house. The choice of mod­els is great, and it is impor­tant to under­stand what weight is accept­able for you, is it impor­tant to move with the help of wheels. Or maybe you are look­ing for a fold­able com­pact mod­el for long-dis­tance trav­el?
  2. Fur­ther — eas­i­er. We fil­ter out a mod­el with too thin walls and a bot­tom, as this is obvi­ous­ly short-lived equip­ment. Remem­ber that we are start­ing from 1.5 mm thick­ness of the wall sheet, and at least 2 mm from the bot­tom.
  3. We pro­ceed to the assess­ment of the con­fig­u­ra­tion: what shelves are there, is the fire­wood rack thought out, is it pos­si­ble to pur­chase a mount for a caul­dron (if nec­es­sary).
  4. Do not look for mod­els with skew­ers and oth­er includ­ed. It is often much cheap­er to pur­chase addi­tion­al equip­ment sep­a­rate­ly. And most impor­tant­ly, here you can also choose bet­ter options than those that are includ­ed in the kit.

Popular questions and answers

Chef Vladimir Yakovlev answered the fre­quent­ly asked ques­tions of KP read­ers about the choice of bra­zier.

What material and wall thickness is optimal for a barbecue?

The mate­r­i­al of the bra­zier must be made of heat-resis­tant met­al, steel is most often used. Cast iron is the more expen­sive ver­sion. It is desir­able that the wall thick­ness of the bra­zier is at least 3 mm. This thick­ness will extend the life of the bra­zier itself. In addi­tion, rein­force­ment will not be super­flu­ous — addi­tion­al cor­ners on the welds, then it looks very reli­able.

How to choose the right size grill?

You need to know what exact­ly you want from the grill. The length and width depends on your pref­er­ence — on what size por­tion you are going to cook. The main thing is to pay atten­tion to the depth of the bar­be­cue, as the prod­ucts should be at a height of 10–15 cm from the coals.

What additional functions of the brazier should I pay attention to?

Very impor­tant for bar­be­cue blow­ing. In almost all fac­to­ry mod­els, the blow­er is side. Great help in cook­ing grooves for skew­ers. Pres­ence legs - also an impor­tant fac­tor for the bar­be­cue. Their height is dif­fer­ent, so you need to select the bra­zier accord­ing to your height. Best of all, they fold for easy stor­age. Also good to have wood burn­ing com­part­ment and stand for caul­dron. Lid for the bra­zier itself, it is nec­es­sary that the ash from it does not scat­ter over the site.
The best gas grills

Grilling is a very pop­u­lar leisure activ­i­ty in our coun­try.

Chicken wings on the grill. Recipe from Vladimir Yakovlev




  • chick­en wings 1 kg;
  • smoked papri­ka 1 tbsp;
  • gar­lic gran­ules. 1 tsp;
  • a mix­ture of pep­pers 0.5 tsp;
  • salt 1 tsp;
  • olive oil or veg­etable 1 tbsp.


  1. Rinse the wings under water and dry with paper tow­els.
  2. We cut off the last pha­langes, as they can burn (lovers of the bones can leave it). Driz­zle with olive oil.
  3. Put the wings on a tray and sprin­kle with the spice mix­ture on all sides. Leave to mar­i­nate for 20–60 min­utes.
  4. We spread the wings on the grill, if the grill allows, or we put them on a skew­er. Roast on coals until cooked.