Kitchen design “budget and tasteful” in 2022: 15 best photos

Most of the ren­o­va­tion costs go to the kitchen. You can’t do with­out high-qual­i­ty fur­ni­ture, appli­ances and acces­sories, so what then to save on? Inte­ri­or design­ers helped us answer this ques­tion
Kitchen design
Kitchen design “bud­get and taste­ful.” Pho­to: pexels/Hakim San­toso

It is a mis­take to assume that a bud­get kitchen is all about old-fash­ioned design and poor qual­i­ty. In fact, mod­ern tech­nolo­gies make it pos­si­ble to cre­ate wear-resis­tant and durable mate­ri­als for dif­fer­ent wal­lets.

Budget Kitchen Design Options in 2022

A bud­get kitchen dif­fers from an expen­sive one, first of all, in fin­ish­ing mate­ri­als. For the man­u­fac­ture of fur­ni­ture, chip­board is most often used. This mate­r­i­al is quite strong and durable, and also not as expen­sive as MDF or sol­id wood.

For the manufacture of furniture, chipboard is most often used.  Photo: pexels/ready made
For the man­u­fac­ture of fur­ni­ture, chip­board is most often used. Pho­to: pexels/ready made

The table­top and apron can be made of lam­i­nat­ed chip­board or plas­tic. The fur­ni­ture man­u­fac­tur­er also mat­ters. Kitchens cre­at­ed by well-known for­eign brands are much more expen­sive than those pro­duced by local com­pa­nies.



The technology market is oversaturated with a proposal for every taste and budget.  Photo: globallookpress
The tech­nol­o­gy mar­ket is over­sat­u­rat­ed with a pro­pos­al for every taste and bud­get. Pho­to: glob­al­look­press

If the bud­get for kitchen ren­o­va­tion is lim­it­ed, you can aban­don the indi­vid­ual pro­duc­tion of the head­set. Ready-made mod­u­lar kitchens can sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduce costs, as they are pro­duced in series. You just need to care­ful­ly con­sid­er how to arrange the fur­ni­ture so that it looks good in the room.

Kitchen Design

60 best pho­tos: styles, col­ors and ideas

Anoth­er aspect that will help save mon­ey is the equip­ment of the kitchen. It is impor­tant to sober­ly assess which equip­ment and acces­sories are real­ly need­ed, and which ones will be a waste of mon­ey.

Ready-made modular kitchens can significantly reduce costs.  Photo: pexels/hakim santoso
Ready-made mod­u­lar kitchens can sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduce costs. Pho­to: pexels/hakim san­toso

For exam­ple, a built-in refrig­er­a­tor is much more expen­sive than a stand-alone one. The same applies to the rest of the appli­ances: microwave, hob and oven.

Budget small kitchen design

In minia­ture rooms, it is bet­ter to use a light col­or palette, as it visu­al­ly expands the space. It is also impor­tant to think care­ful­ly about the func­tion­al­i­ty to ensure max­i­mum com­fort and an attrac­tive look. For exam­ple, the win­dow sill can be expand­ed and “turned” into a din­ing table, there­by sav­ing space.

For a small kitchen, it is better to use a light color palette.  Photo: pexels/charlotte ma
For a small kitchen, it is bet­ter to use a light col­or palette. Pho­to: pexels/charlotte ma

A kitchen set to the ceil­ing is now in trend, but its cost is sev­er­al times high­er than that of stan­dard-height fur­ni­ture. There­fore, if there is no need for a large num­ber of stor­age spaces, you can refuse high upper cab­i­nets.

based on your real needs and tasks.  Photo: globallookpress
based on your real needs and tasks. Pho­to: glob­al­look­press

Budget corner kitchen design

L‑shaped kitchen is con­ve­nience, ergonom­ics and com­pact­ness. In its cor­ner, you can place a lot of dish­es and oth­er kitchen uten­sils, but at a cost this form is more expen­sive than a lin­ear one.

A corner kitchen is more expensive than a linear one.  Photo: pexels/houzlook
A cor­ner kitchen is more expen­sive than a lin­ear one. Pho­to: pexels/houzlook

If installing a cor­ner kitchen is the only right deci­sion, and the ren­o­va­tion bud­get is lim­it­ed, you will have to save mon­ey on some­thing else.

Kitchen in mod­ern style

Best design pho­tos and ideas

For exam­ple, “smart” door open­ing mech­a­nisms are quite expen­sive when the doors swing open up and not to the side. By replac­ing such a sys­tem with famil­iar hinges, you can sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduce the cost of the kitchen.

To save money, you can order regular drawers instead of those equipped with a hidden drawer system.  Photo: globallookpress
To save mon­ey, you can order reg­u­lar draw­ers instead of those equipped with a hid­den draw­er sys­tem. Pho­to: glob­al­look­press

It is also pos­si­ble to order reg­u­lar draw­ers instead of those equipped with a hid­den draw­er sys­tem. High-qual­i­ty fur­ni­ture han­dles are anoth­er sig­nif­i­cant cost item that can be eas­i­ly aban­doned. Facades that open with a light touch can now be found in almost any fur­ni­ture show­room.

The most expensive part of the kitchen set is the facades.  Photo: globallookpress
The most expen­sive part of the kitchen set is the facades. Pho­to: glob­al­look­press

Budget design of the kitchen-living room

In most cas­es, the kitchen-liv­ing room is a spa­cious room, so many inter­est­ing ideas can be real­ized on it. For exam­ple, install a kitchen island, but such a deci­sion will lead to a sig­nif­i­cant increase in the cost of the project. To get an addi­tion­al work sur­face, it is bet­ter to put a small bar counter. It will cost a lot less.



The lighting inside the kitchen cabinets looks spectacular.  Photo: globallookpress
The light­ing inside the kitchen cab­i­nets looks spec­tac­u­lar. Pho­to: glob­al­look­press

Illu­mi­na­tion inside kitchen cab­i­nets also looks spec­tac­u­lar, but if you are on a lim­it­ed bud­get, you can do with­out it. If you still want to fill your kitchen with var­i­ous gad­gets, you can pre­pare a place for them, and buy and install them lat­er.

Modern design is inexorably moving towards minimalism.  Photo: globallookpress
Mod­ern design is inex­orably mov­ing towards min­i­mal­ism. Pho­to: glob­al­look­press

Budget kitchen studio design

The stu­dio is a kitchen, liv­ing room, bed­room and oth­er rooms com­bined into one space. Here, all func­tion­al areas inter­sect with each oth­er, so cre­at­ing a cozy and eye-pleas­ing inte­ri­or is much more dif­fi­cult than in a tra­di­tion­al apart­ment. To make the room look har­mo­nious, you need to dec­o­rate the stu­dio in one styl­is­tic direc­tion.

To look spectacular, the studio needs to be designed in one stylistic direction.  Photo: pexels/vecislavas popa
To look spec­tac­u­lar, the stu­dio needs to be designed in one styl­is­tic direc­tion. Pho­to: pexels/vecislavas popa

If the ren­o­va­tion bud­get is lim­it­ed, it is bet­ter to dec­o­rate the inte­ri­or in a Scan­di­na­vian, min­i­mal­ist or eco style. They do not imply expen­sive fin­ish­es and active decor, unlike, for exam­ple, the clas­sics. You can aban­don the upper part of the kitchen set, replac­ing them with open shelves.

budget kitchen design with sofa

The sofa in the kitchen can per­form two func­tions: to be a place to eat or to relax. In any case, it adds cozi­ness and com­fort to the space. There are many ways to install a sofa in the kitchen. In an elon­gat­ed room, it can become a con­tin­u­a­tion of the kitchen set, and in a square room, it can be locat­ed in the cor­ner. Also, the sofa looks good by the win­dow.

The sofa in the kitchen adds coziness and comfort to the space.  Photo: globallookpress
The sofa in the kitchen adds cozi­ness and com­fort to the space. Pho­to: glob­al­look­press

The mate­r­i­al for the kitchen sofa should not be eas­i­ly soiled or even water­proof. Per­fect for leather mod­els. A more bud­get option is eco-leather. And to make it easy to sit down at the table and leave it, it is bet­ter to put a sofa with­out arm­rests in the kitchen.

Do not give up on a variety of lighting.  Photo: pexels/gustavo galeano
Mod­ern design is mov­ing inex­orably towards min­i­mal­ism. Pho­to: pexels/gustavo galeano
The main function of the kitchen here is the heating of food.  Photo: globallookpress
With the help of light, you can cre­ate dif­fer­ent moods in the same room. Pho­to: glob­al­look­press

Popular questions and answers

What com­po­nents should not be dis­card­ed when mak­ing a bud­get design?
Mihaila Kalyani, inte­ri­or design­er:

“First of all, you need to answer the ques­tion: “Why do you need a kitchen?”. Per­haps you are a per­son who choos­es cof­fee and toast for break­fast, does not dine at home, and in the evening after work has din­ner at a cafe near work. In this case, you do not need a large kitchen with spa­cious stor­age sys­tems. It is enough to have a 2‑burner hob, a small refrig­er­a­tor, a ket­tle or a cof­fee machine.

Per­haps you are a house­wife. You have a big fam­i­ly and you cook a lot. Then, to imple­ment all your needs, you will need a large num­ber of appli­ances, stor­age sys­tems, a refrig­er­a­tor with a large freez­er, and a com­fort­able wear-resis­tant work sur­face.

Or maybe you, fol­low­ing mod­ern trends, are an adher­ent of “ready” food deliv­ery ser­vices or use the “sports nutri­tion rations” ser­vice that sup­plies you with food for sev­er­al days. The main func­tion of the kitchen here is the heat­ing of food. In this case, you need a good roomy fridge and microwave.”

Anna Moska­to­va, inte­ri­or design­er:

“Don’t give up on a vari­ety of light­ing. With the help of light, you can cre­ate dif­fer­ent moods in the same room. For exam­ple, place a small pen­dant light direct­ly above the din­ing table. Its soft and warm light will cre­ate cozi­ness dur­ing fam­i­ly din­ners in the evenings.

Be sure to add LED light­ing above the coun­ter­top. First, cook­ing is much more com­fort­able on a well-lit sur­face. Sec­ond­ly, if you turn off the rest of the light, such a back­light will cre­ate a dec­o­ra­tive effect. It will look beau­ti­ful both at a roman­tic can­dlelit evening and with friend­ly gath­er­ings in the kitchen.
If you like to have a lot of light in the room at any time of the day, add a row of spot­lights along the kitchen unit and along the walls.

What should you focus on first when the bud­get is tight?
Mihaila Kalyani, inte­ri­or design­er:

“Based on your lifestyle, decide what you can def­i­nite­ly give up. Why do you need extra appli­ances or a stor­age sys­tem in the form of hang­ing cab­i­nets. Mod­ern design is inex­orably mov­ing towards min­i­mal­ism. There­fore, act on the basis of your real needs and tasks.

What to do if you decide not to hire an inte­ri­or design­er? The scheme is as sim­ple as pos­si­ble: make your­self mea­sure the room with a tape mea­sure. It is impor­tant to indi­cate the exist­ing water and elec­tri­cal out­lets and indi­cate the heights of their loca­tion on the plan. Search the Inter­net for kitchen options that best reflect your wish­es. Con­tact the man­ag­er in a spe­cial­ized kitchen fur­ni­ture show­room, or vis­it the Kitchen depart­ment in a build­ing hyper­mar­ket. There you can get acquaint­ed with the choice of mate­ri­als, con­tact a spe­cial­ist who will col­lect the most suit­able option for you and cal­cu­late its cost.

The most expen­sive part of the kitchen set is the facades. Accord­ing­ly, the small­er the area of ​​the facades in the kitchen, the low­er the cost. Anoth­er sig­nif­i­cant con­sum­able is work sur­face mate­ri­als and an apron. Their choice is very large, as well as the range of prices. If you do not want to spend extra mon­ey on the kitchen, think about opti­miz­ing this par­tic­u­lar posi­tion.

Draw­ers, closers, ele­va­tor mech­a­nisms will also lead to an increase in the bill. Con­ve­nience or the need to fit into the bud­get — the choice is yours. The tech­nol­o­gy mar­ket is also over­sat­u­rat­ed with a pro­pos­al for every taste and bud­get. I advise you to choose the mid­dle price seg­ment in order to get away from the sur­pris­es that you may encounter when choos­ing cheap equip­ment.

Anna Moska­to­va, inte­ri­or design­er:

“It is worth focus­ing on qual­i­ty mate­ri­als for kitchen fronts. There are many fac­tors in the kitchen that can quick­ly turn a new, beau­ti­ful kitchen into an untidy and shab­by one.

Mois­ture con­stant­ly accu­mu­lates in the sink area. Steam is released dur­ing cook­ing. Hot air comes out from the stove and oven. So that this impact does not affect kitchen fur­ni­ture, you need to choose trust­ed man­u­fac­tur­ers based on the feed­back and expe­ri­ence of friends. The most bud­getary facade mate­r­i­al is chip­board lam­i­nat­ed with film. But even such mate­r­i­al can last for many years if the choice of the man­u­fac­tur­er is made cor­rect­ly.

The same goes for kitchen coun­ter­tops. You should not save and take thin coun­ter­tops, which will quick­ly swell from mois­ture and become chipped. It is bet­ter to take a mois­ture-resis­tant durable coun­ter­top made of 38 mm chip­board, which will retain its orig­i­nal appear­ance for a long time.

Is it pos­si­ble to lim­it our­selves to only cos­met­ic mea­sures, with­out resort­ing to alter­ing the premis­es?
Mihaila Kalyani, inte­ri­or design­er:

“If you bought a “sec­ondary” build­ing with a four-meter kitchen, but dream of a spa­cious kitchen-liv­ing room, you won’t do with­out sig­nif­i­cant alter­ations. It is impor­tant to con­tact qual­i­fied pro­fes­sion­als in order to get a good result. Yes, there will be a lot of redo­ing, and in addi­tion to cos­met­ic repairs, a rede­vel­op­ment approval project will be required. But isn’t the dream worth the effort?

As for the rest of the cas­es, then trans­fer­ring the water out­lets and bring­ing out the sock­ets in suf­fi­cient quan­ti­ties will be inex­pen­sive. It is impor­tant to think through all the details of the project well before start­ing repair work. And then the spent forces, mon­ey and time will be jus­ti­fied. You will sure­ly be pleased with the result.”

Anna Moska­to­va, inte­ri­or design­er:

“Of course, you can get by with cos­met­ic mea­sures. For exam­ple, change indi­vid­ual ele­ments: replace the tiles on the apron, instead of out­dat­ed cur­tains with pat­terns, hang more mod­ern plain ones. Even if you change the fur­ni­ture han­dles to more ele­gant ones, you can sig­nif­i­cant­ly improve the over­all look of the kitchen — the style lies in the details.

Recent­ly, in one inte­ri­or pub­lic, I saw a great exam­ple of this approach: an old kitchen with red­dish-brown wood-like facades and green shab­by walls from Sovi­et times was trans­formed beyond recog­ni­tion. The walls were paint­ed light gray, and the green tiles were replaced with gray-white mar­ble tex­tured pan­els. At the same time, the kitchen facades, which seemed out­dat­ed, seem to have also changed: on a neu­tral light gray back­ground, they began to look more con­trast­ing and noble.