Kitchen furniture - which is better to choose?

Kitchen furniture - which is better to choose?Low­er cab­i­nets, upper cab­i­nets… Or maybe just draw­ers or ceil­ing lights… And anoth­er dilem­ma — to order kitchen fur­ni­ture from the car­pen­ter in the show­room or buy a ready-made set? Choos­ing kitchen fur­ni­ture is not easy.

How to buy kitchen furniture?

We replace kitchen fur­ni­ture no more than once every 10 years, and some­times even 20 years. Main­ly because it is a very expen­sive pur­chase. The sec­ond ques­tion is that replac­ing kitchen fur­ni­ture most often involves repair­ing and dis­or­ga­niz­ing the func­tion­ing of the house for at least a few days. It should be not­ed that if you want to buy a kitchen sofa in Moscow, we rec­om­mend vis­it­ing this site.

There­fore, the choice of cab­i­nets should be tak­en care­ful­ly and it is best to look at at least a few offers from dif­fer­ent man­u­fac­tur­ers.

Kitchen furniture — where to start looking?

The basis for buy­ing kitchen fur­ni­ture, as with any oth­er pur­chase, is plan­ning. Cal­cu­late the space and set the basic expec­ta­tions as well as the pos­si­bil­i­ties of the kitchen (bevels, curves, low ceil­ings…)

Kitchen fur­ni­ture should also form a beau­ti­ful and func­tion­al whole with appli­ances, a kitchen table and kitchen chairs if you have room for a din­ing area. If your cab­i­nets are only slight­ly dam­aged, some­times it’s a good idea to repair them and extend their lifes­pan.

When it comes to new kitchen fur­ni­ture, you have two options:

  • ready-made kits are usu­al­ly avail­able imme­di­ate­ly in the store;
  • cus­tom-made fur­ni­ture.

The lat­ter are some­times the only solu­tion for a room with an unusu­al shape or size.

Kitchen furniture by size

Bespoke fur­ni­ture is the per­fect solu­tion for many. They are per­fect for a small kitchen, where every cen­time­ter counts, and ready-made cab­i­nets are dif­fi­cult to assem­ble so that they fit where we planned the line of the kitchen. Pre­vi­ous­ly, only good car­pen­ters spe­cial­iz­ing in this type of fur­ni­ture and kitchen fur­ni­ture ate­liers could offer such lux­u­ry.

Now it is enough to come, for exam­ple, to a fur­ni­ture store or a DIY super­mar­ket, indi­cate the exact dimen­sions of your kitchen and show a sketch of a room with marked win­dows, plumb­ing, sew­er­age and gas, and the design­er work­ing there will offer 2–3 options for kitchen fur­ni­ture with the line of kitchen fur­ni­ture cho­sen by the client. He will choose the col­or of the coun­ter­top and even the light­ing. It is impor­tant to note that the ser­vices of a design­er are usu­al­ly free.