Soundproof fire doors

Soundproof fire doorsFor instal­la­tion in shop­ping cen­ters, indus­tri­al and office build­ings, man­u­fac­tur­ers offer to buy fire doors in Chelyabin­sk. Addi­tion­al pro­tec­tion not only against the spread of fire, but also against noise is pro­vid­ed by sound­proof doors.

Prod­ucts are made from qual­i­ty mate­ri­als in accor­dance with the require­ments of stan­dards. Dur­ing the man­u­fac­tur­ing process, they are assigned a cer­tain fire resis­tance class, which shows how much the door leaf can with­stand and main­tain its integri­ty under the influ­ence of fire and ele­vat­ed tem­per­a­tures.

Features and Specifications

Fire doors, as well as alu­minum win­dows in Chelyabin­sk, are installed in rooms with high traf­fic. The most pop­u­lar mod­els include doors with a fire pro­tec­tion class of EI 60.

The main areas of appli­ca­tion of the door:

  • Offices and busi­ness cen­ter;
  • Shop­ping and enter­tain­ment com­plex­es;
  • Indus­tri­al and indus­tri­al premis­es with a high lev­el of noise;
  • ele­va­tor halls;
  • Rooms for nego­ti­a­tions;
  • Con­fer­ence rooms.

Doors with noise pro­tec­tion pro­vide reli­able pro­tec­tion against the spread of tox­ic prod­ucts of com­bus­tion, they pre­vent the rapid spread of fire, as well as block extra­ne­ous noise.

Depend­ing on the size of the open­ing, dif­fer­ent types of doors are installed — sin­gle-leaf, dou­ble-leaf and one and a half. For door­ways of large sizes, can­vas­es with inserts on the sides and top are used.

Fire doors are designed to last for a long time. To do this, they are made of stain­less steel, coat­ed with a wear-resis­tant coat­ing or anti-van­dal coat­ing. The pack­age also includes fire­proof lock­ing mech­a­nisms.

For sound­proof­ing the door leaf, spe­cial sound­proof­ing mate­ri­als are used, which include:

  • Basalt wool — has good sound absorp­tion prop­er­ties;
  • Ther­mal­ly active tape and seal­ing con­tour — ensures a snug fit of the leaf to the door­way.

The price of alu­minum entrance groups and fire doors depends on their dimen­sions, design and sound­proof para­me­ters.

Anti-noise over­lays for fire­proof alu­minum doors cre­ate an addi­tion­al con­tour that acts as a bar­ri­er to sound waves. On sale are var­i­ous options for the design of doors with sound pro­tec­tion of 60 dB, among which you can choose the desired option.